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How To: Insert Headers and Footers

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1 How To: Insert Headers and Footers
Presented by: Allie Spaay English 393 December 8, 2009

2 Description Insert a header or footer for author information, document titles, date, or page numbers Students or new users of Office 2007 who need to write a formal paper and who are comfortable using a computer This is for Microsoft Office 2007

3 For the Same Header & Footer on Each Page
1. At the top of the page, click on the Insert tab. 2. Click on the Header or Footer drop- down tab.

4 Next… 3. In the menu, Click the Header or Footer Design pattern that you prefer. The Header or Footer will be inserted on every page of the document. TIP: You must insert a Header and a Footer separately, so if you need both of these, you must repeat these 2 steps for both the Header and the Footer.

5 4. Click where it says [Type Text] and begin typing your Header or Footer.
This Header or Footer box will appear on your document

6 Finally… 5. Click on the Home tab to edit your Header or Footer by clicking different alignment tabs or font tabs. 6. When you are finished, click the Close Header and Footer tab at the top, and this will bring you back to the home screen.

7 To Edit Header or Footer
If you need to edit these later, Double Click on the space where the Header or Footer is, and type in the space provided.

8 For a Different First Page
If you have a title page or you do not want the information on the first page 1. Double Click on the space where your Header or Footer is 2. Click the Different First Page box and you can type what you want in the space or leave it blank. Other pages will stay the same.

9 If you have a problem If this does not work, there could be something wrong with your program. Microsoft has an online help option that you can google or call a number and talk to a representative of Microsoft Office.

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