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Project Cost Redistribution (PCR) Pablo Valin CITS/PCR Coordinator Professional Services Office (305) 470-5285.

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1 Project Cost Redistribution (PCR) Pablo Valin CITS/PCR Coordinator Professional Services Office (305) 470-5285

2 The project cost initiative involves the improvement of project cost reporting by capturing detailed project information for the purpose of providing better data for decisions, managing resources and forecasting at the project and program levels. It is mandated by Tallahassee. INTRODUCTION

3 Project Cost Redistribution (PCR) files are required on phase 22, 32, 62 & 72 Professional Services District Wide and General Engineering contracts. MUST BEFORE Files MUST be successfully submitted by the Consultant BEFORE the Departments Project Manager will approve the invoice. REQUIREMENTS

4 Method of Compensation (MOC) PCR requirements can be found in section 3.1 of the MOC, noted in the footer of the MOC and flagged in CITS.


6 EXCEL SPREADSHEET ectCostingInitiative.shtm

7 Enter From Project Id. Do not enter spaces or dashes, spreadsheet will format automatically with dashes when you move to another field! Number should be a valid FM # which is included in the contract in CITS. To view all Valid From Project IDs Log into CITS, go to your contract, and select projects.

8 Enter valid To Project Id (This number must be provided to you by your FDOT Project Manager.) Do not enter spaces/dashes, spreadsheet automatically formats with dashes after you move to the next field! From Project id is formatted automatically.

9 Close the file and you are now ready to send an email to sure to attach this file. NOTE: If your signature block contains a logo that is an image file, be sure to delete this as the system will assume you have submitted two attachments, thus making an invalid transfer.

10 To email id Subject Line FDOT PCR FILE C8443584 Attachment C8443584.txt (7 kb) Send email. If there are any errors, you will receive a response back from with an error description.

11 DOs E-mail PCR files to Submit the PCR file concurrently with every Invoice. Submit only one attachment per e-mail. (PCR files may include multiple projects redistribution). Copy your Project Manager for their review of project number redistribution. Department Project Managers have been instructed NOT to approve invoices without a successful PCR file. Always ask your Project Manager for the To Project Id information. Be proactive and download the latest Missing or Failed PCR Report from our website.

12 DONTs Do not assume that your To Project Id is the District Wide Project Id. Always ask your Project Manager for this information. Do not enter spaces/dashes while entering information in the Spreadsheet. The Spreadsheet will automatically format it. Do not include spaces between end of file name attachment and.TXT extension. Do not leave any blank rows before creating the file in the Spreadsheet. Do not include any images within e-mail body (including any graphical logos in your e-mail signature).


14 MISSING/FAILED FILES REPORT Download the latest Missing or Failed PCR Files Report (updated once/twice a week).

15 DO NOT Save the file first on your computer. DO NOT attempt to open it (will not open). MISSING/FAILED FILES REPORT

16 Excel file will open displaying all PCR files that are missing or failed on contracts where the invoice has been submitted.

17 BEFORE If you would like to review the status of your PCR file BEFORE you submit your invoice, please log in to CITS, click on the contract of interest, click on Invoices, then click View all Invoices, the last column you should see in the table is titledDistribution Status. After you submit a Distribution file, you can periodically check this column to see the status of your submittal. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

18 Distribution Status

19 DISTRIBUTION STATUS QUESTION: What does this status mean?


21 Presentation available at: Located under: Professional Services PCR Presentation

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