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Warm-up: Read the comic about school. Translate as much as possible.

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1 Warm-up: Read the comic about school. Translate as much as possible

2 French verb groups In French there are 5 verb groups -er (You already know how to conjugate) -ir -re Stem-changing (verbs that have regular endings, but spelling changes to the stem) Irregular ( you know some of the most common, like etre, aller, faire, and avoir)

3 Notes on –re verbs Remember: You already are familiar with the 1 st verb group, -er verbs. You know how to conjugate regular –er verbs by removing the er. Next, you take the stem, and add the endings e, es, e, ons, ez, ent Example: je regardenous regardons tu regardesvous regardez il, elle, on regardeils, elles regardent

4 -re verbs cont. Now we are going to add a second type of regular verb group (the smallest group), verbs ending in –re. Just like with –er verbs, you are going to take off the last 2 letters, and then add endings. However, the pattern of endings are different, s, s, nothing, ons, ez, ent

5 Example –re verb attendre- to wait for Take of the ending: attendre, stem= attend J attendsnous attendons Tu attendsvous attendez Il, elle, on attendils, elles attendent

6 Other –re verbs conjugated the same way Entendre- to hear Perdre- to lose Vendre- to sell Rendre- to return, to give back (like in English render) Répondre (à)- to answer, to answer to (like in English respond) Rendre visite à- to visit (someone) – Note: you can use the verb visiter to say youre visiting a place, but to say your visiting a person, you have to use rendre visite à. So, vous visitez Paris, but vous rendez visite à votre grand-mère

7 Practice Use the same pattern we used to conjugate attendre to conjugate perdre- to lose Stem= Je Nous Tu Vous Il, elle on ils, elles


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