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Foreign Per Diem Rates Office of Allowances - Bureau of Administration

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1 Foreign Per Diem Rates Office of Allowances - Bureau of Administration

2 On Tap for today… Role of the State Department
Official Travel – Does the Embassy Know? What to Know Before You Go Foreign Area Per Diem How Is It Different? Who Sets & Updates the Rates? What About Special Events? What About New Locations? How Do I Request a Rate Review?

3 Role of the state department
Mission: Advance freedom for the benefit of the American people and the international community by helping to build and sustain a more democratic, secure, and prosperous world composed of well-governed states that respond to the needs of their people, reduce widespread poverty, and act responsibly within the international system. The Department of State and Agency for International Development (USAID) Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2007 to 2012

4 Role of the State Department
First Federal Agency – July 1789 Lead U.S. Foreign Affairs Agency Leads Interagency Coordination in Developing and Implementing U.S. Foreign Policy Key Component of National Security Decision Making with DOD, Intelligence Community Bureau of Consular Affairs: Passports, Visas, Protection of American Citizens Abroad

5 Role of the State Department
Foreign Service Officers: 6,554 Foreign Service Specialists: 4,848 Civil Service Personnel: 9,172 FS & CS Forward Deployed: 7,803 FS & CS Domestic: 12,771 FSNs: 37,089 268 Missions Diplomatic Relations With 189 Countries

6 Official travel: does the embassy know?
The Ambassador Is the President’s Personal Representative to the Foreign Country International Law (Vienna Convention) Any Official USG Business – With Host Government, NGOs, IOs – Contact the Embassy First to Obtain Country Clearance Exception: U.S. Military Under Regional Military Commander…sometimes! Consult the DAO! Contractors: If on Official USG Business

7 What to know before you go

8 What to know before you go
Official or Personal Travel -- One-Stop Shop Country Information & Travel Warnings Passport and Visa Requirements Health & Medical Information Online Registration with the Embassy or Consulate

9 Foreign area per diem
Updates Published and Effective First Day of Each Month Published Rates in U.S. Dollars Exchange Rate Adjusted Internet Look-Up & Excel Formats Left-Side Menu: “Foreign Per Diem Rates”


11 How is it different? TDYs: Generally Same as Domestic Travel
Exceptions: Lodging Tax: DoS Includes Taxes and Fees in Published Per Diem Rates See FTR § – Not Separately Reimbursable Laundry / Dry Cleaning: DoS Includes in Foreign Area M&IE Rates See FTR § – Claims Not Allowed

12 Who Sets & updates the rates?
Based on Survey Data – Worldwide Missions & Other Agencies Collect, Certify & Submit Data Department of State Posts – eAllowances Application Other Agency Overseas Locations – In Concert with DoState Post Data Analysis at Office of Allowances Monthly Exchange Rate Analysis

13 Screen Shots of eallowances

14 What about special events?
Beijing 2008, POTUS Travel, G8 & NATO Summits, Etc. Coordinate With DoState Mission Contact Office of Allowances: ( ) (Tel) (Fax) Special Rates Not Always Needed! Don‘t Forget FTR Subpart D: Actual Expense

15 What about new locations?
Must Demonstrate USG Traveler Need Work With Agency Travel Representatives Work With U.S. Diplomatic Mission Recent Examples: New U.S. Military Locations: via DAO & Embassy Management Counselor G8 Summit 2008 Locations: via local U.S. Consulate Updated Locations for DOE Personnel

16 How do I Request a Rate Review?
Work With Agency Travel Representatives Detail the Justification – Example: Bogota Office of Allowances – Liaisons with All Federal Agencies Liaison Offices May Request Review Forward Questions to the Office of Allowances

17 State department Internet Resources
Department of State State Department Home Page Consular Affairs Office of Allowances Career Opportunities

18 How to contact allowances
Phone: Fax: or R. Carl Paschall – Director Audrey E. Thurman – Supervisor (Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Western Hemisphere) Joyce McNeil – Supervisor (Near East, South Asia, East Asia/Pacific, Western Europe) Marco Cuniberti – Policy & Regulations Specialist

19 Questions?

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