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Grants Banner Refresher

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1 Grants Banner Refresher
November 14, 2013 By: Tracy Morkunas, CPA Controller’s Office

2 Refresher Topics Banner Basics - (3)
Frequently Used Banner Buttons - (4) Primary Grant Review Screens - (6) Grant Inception to Date (FRIGITD) - (7) Grant [CCRI] Year to Date (FGIBDST) - (10) Open Encumbrances (FGIBDST/FGIOENC) -(12) Expense Detail (FRIGITD/FGIBDST/FAIINVE) (16) Personnel Detail (NHIDIST) - (20) Exporting Data into Excel - (26) Requesting a Budget Modification - (27) Completing Mid-Yr Budget Projection - (29)

3 Type Code here (FGIBDST) The dark line separates the “Blocks”
Banner Basics How to go to a Banner screen (i.e. FGIBDST) “Blocks” Type Code here (FGIBDST) Block #1 The dark line separates the “Blocks” Block #2

4 Frequently Used Banner Buttons
Rollback – bring user back to the 1st Block Previous Block – bring user back one Block Next Block – bring user to the next Block Enter Query – lets user look for specific info Execute Query – click after entered your query parameters Cancel Query – cancel query Print Screen – caution: might only print 1 Block

5 Frequently Used Banner Buttons
If you don’t like using the buttons, you can go through the drop down menus at the top For example, if you need to perform a Next Block, go up to the drop down for “Block” and select Next

6 Primary Grant Review Screens
Grant Inception to Date Budget & Expenses FRIGITD – shows you a summary of all activity that has ever hit your grant Grant Year to Date Budget & Expenses FGIBDST – shows a summary of all activity during the current (CCRI) fiscal year Personnel Paid on your Grant NHIDIST – shows the people, amounts of wages & benefits paid on the grant for a specified timeframe

7 Grant Inception to Date - FRIGITD
Use this screen if your grant is multi-year or covers multiple CCRI Fiscal Years (Can take a long time to load)

8 Grant Inception to Date - FRIGITD
2 Enter Grant’s Fund# in the Fund field, then tab/click into another field i.e. 22E012 or 25S001 1 Enter C 3 Click Next Block 4 Wait for data to show. Can take a while!

9 Grant Inception to Date - FRIGITD
Once data populates, scroll to bottom for full Net Total

10 Grant (CCRI) Year to Date - FGIBDST
Use this screen to view your grant’s activity for one (CCRI) fiscal year at a time (July 1 – June 30) 1 4 Enter C Enter Fund# in the Fund field, then tab/click into another field i.e. 25S001 2 Enter 2 digit Yr i.e. 14 3 UNclick Incl. Rev. 5 Click Next Block (top)

11 Grant (CCRI) Year to Date - FGIBDST
Data populates quickly via this screen. No need to scroll down for full totals.

12 Open Encumbrances (Commitments)
If you want to view a summary of the grant’s outstanding Commitments, it would include all open Purchase Orders or Requisitions (depending upon what stage they are in) Can view outstanding Commitments in 2 ways: From: FGIBDST Or From: FGIOENC

13 Open Encumbrances (Commitments)
To view from FGIBDST, populate the grant’s data (slide 11) then Go to Options, then… Select: Organization Encumbrance [FGIOENC]

14 Open Encumbrances (Commitments)
This will display the list of PO’s & Requisitions on the grant w/ the Vendors Must look up the account description

15 Open Encumbrances (Commitments)
Can go directly to the FGIOENC screen 1 3 Enter C Enter Grant’s Fund # 2 2-digit FY 4 Click Next Block

16 Viewing Expense Detail
Can view the individual expenses (invoices) from either FRIGITD or FGIBDST Click within the YTD Activity column for the line you want the detail on – Go up to Options, select: FGIBDST: Transaction Detail Info. FRIGITD: Grant Detail Info.

17 Viewing Expense Detail
To view the invoice detail (what did I buy?), have cursor in the Account field of the line, go to Options, then select Query Document [By Type]

18 Viewing Expense Detail
This will bring you to the Invoice Query Screen FAIINVE. Click Next Block (usually twice), until you see the Commodity Detail If you know the invoice # you want to look up, you can go directly to FAIINVE to view it.

19 Viewing Expense Detail

20 Personnel Detail - NHIDIST
Shows the people paid, wages & benefits The dates are based upon DATE PAID HR Payroll schedules at:

21 Personnel Detail - NHIDIST
Various ways to use this screen If you know the Feed# that you want to view, you search that way Can view either one specific payroll period or a range of time Once you’ve populated the data, you can query for: Specific person Payroll type (Biweekly vs. Lecturer’s Payroll Pay/Benefits hitting a specific line You can export this data into excel for easier viewing and use

22 Personnel Detail - NHIDIST
Note: Dates correspond to when the employees are paid. To view payroll BW19, ending 9/7/13, use 9/13/13 in From & To Date 3 1 Enter C Enter Fund# Enter Date Range 2 4 5 Click Execute Query Click Next Block

23 Personnel Detail - NHIDIST
To view all pay/benefits on the grant since inception, do not specify any date range If you know the Feed you want to view, enter the Feed # in Finance Document Number, do not specify any dates, but do enter your fund# If you just want to query for a specific person: After clicking Next Block, but BEFORE clicking Execute Query, enter the person’s First OR Last Name OR ID#, then click Execute Query If you can’t remember exactly how to spell their name, use a wild card % Cruise vs. Cruz? Just put in Cru%, then execute query

24 Personnel Detail - NHIDIST
How to view ONLY Biweekly employees After clicking Next Block, tab/scroll to the right until in the field to the right of Payroll Event Enter BW (this stands for Biweekly), execute query

25 Personnel Detail - NHIDIST
How to view ONLY Monthly/Lecturer employees After clicking Next Block, tab/scroll to the right until in the field to the right of Payroll Event Enter MN (this stands for Monthly), execute query

26 Exporting Data into Excel
From most screens, you can export to excel Go up to Help Hold down Ctrl key Click: Extract Data No Key Pop-up will appear w/ info in Excel Note: Pop-up Blocker must be turned off

27 Requesting a Budget Modification
If an account line has a negative available balance, or you are requested to perform a budget mod. to clear a requisition from NSF: Determine if you can do a budget mod. w/o funding source approval. If so, Controller’s Office (usually Tracy, Sharon Picard in absence) and include: Account lines you are transferring between, the amounts & if you need funding source approval Please transfer $1,000 from Office Exp (714030) to Ed Supplies (714221) and $500 from Mileage (714290) to Out of State Travel (716000). I do not need funding source approval for this modification.

28 Requesting a Budget Modification
If Funding Source authorization is necessary to perform the budget mod., then ensure that Institutional Advancement (OIA) is involved as they are the dept. that communicates with the Funding Source. OIA includes Larry Shumate and Marjorie Briody For budget mod’s needing Funding Source approval, please provide OIA 2 weeks notice so that all paperwork can be completed successfully

29 Mid-Yr Budget Projections
Mid-Year Budget Projections are usually due to the during the 2nd week of January The objective is to project how much your grant will spend during THE CCRI FISCAL YEAR These figures are compiled by the Controller’s Office in three categories, Federal Funded, State Funded, & Private Funded Your grant is never specifically identified The information is given to the Business Office who then reviews it and provides it to the State 2013’s Projection Presentation is on the Brown Bag website: then click on Budget Projections

30 Mid-Yr Budget Projections
You will be ed the Budget Projection file with brief instructions. Prepare an excel file for EACH grant under you There are two columns for you to fill in What’s in Banner NOW Your guess through 6/30/14

31 Mid-Yr Budget Projections
To fill in the 1st column, go to FGIBDST for your grant, then copy the YTD Activity for each line This column just needs what has ACTUALLY been paid so far

32 Mid-Yr Budget Projections
For the 2nd column, estimate the expenses for the rest of the Fiscal Year (thru 6/30/14) For Salary/Fringe: Figure out cost of each pay period for each line Go to NHIDIST for 1 payroll period Find out what pay period was last posted in Banner Figure out how many pay periods left for Fiscal Yr. In FY14, 6/30 is a Monday. If Biweekly payroll posted thru BW25 (11/30), then 15.1 pay periods left. If thru BW26 (12/14), then 14.1 pay periods. If Monthly payroll posted thru MN11 (October’s hours paid in Nov.), then 8 months/pay per. left

33 Mid-Yr Budget Projections
Salary/Fringe, continued: (Cost per pay period) x (# pay periods left) = Amount for each salary/fringe line If Biweekly salary is $4,500 per pay period & Banner is posted thru BW25 (11/30/13), then 15.1 pay periods left Column 2 Biweekly Salary = 4,500*15.1 = 67,950 If Monthly wages approx. $8,000 per month & Banner is posted thru MN12 (Nov. 2013), then 7 pay per.’s left Column 2 Monthly Salary = 8,000*7 = 56,000 FICA Lecturers is 7.65% of the Lecturer’s payroll

34 Mid-Yr Budget Projections
For Operating type accounts (i.e. Office Exp, Travel, Miscellaneous), enter whatever you estimate will be spent during FY14 that HAS NOT already been paid for. If your grant has an indirect and/or audit fee, do your best to calculate it or contact the Controller’s Office for assistance. Make sure that your estimate DOES NOT EXCEED what you have left to spend! Go to FRIGITD for the grant, and look at the Available Balance – this # should NOT be bigger than the total of column 2, estimated left to spend

35 Time for Q&A! Useful links: HR Payroll Schedules:
Brown Bag Presentations:

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