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Understanding Transloading Multi-modal Transportation.

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1 Understanding Transloading Multi-modal Transportation

2 What is Transloading? Mixing of transportation modalities Utilize the railroad over the long distance Use trucking for the short haul/local delivery Rail to truck and truck to rail

3 Why Transload? Cost cutting/increase revenue Reduce/eliminate the need to establish a private rail siding Increase reliability and flexibility

4 Transloading Makes Sense Supplement existing rail capacity without increasing capital expense Enjoy the benefits of rail service without the hassle of maintaining your own industrial tracks Expanding your market reach with minimal capital investment

5 How To: Transload Unload: The contents of the railcar are removed safely and efficiently. Store: Sometimes, the Transload will store product on-site. Short and long term agreements are available. Transload: The product is transloaded to short-haul trucks for the final leg of the journey. Ship: A railcar is shipped from its origin to the transload site. Receive: After receipt by the host railroad, the railcar is placed at the transload.

6 Get Involved Dave Blount Director of Business Development Office: (610) 384-5082 Cell: (610) 213-6725 Greg Cheshier VP of Transportation Office: (585) 343-5398 Mike Fitzsimmons Transload Manager Office: (585) 343-2977 Dont get left behind…

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