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Arrival and Departure All staff working on level 9 at the Alinta Plaza office need to be familiar with the safety systems and processes in the office.

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1 Arrival and Departure All staff working on level 9 at the Alinta Plaza office need to be familiar with the safety systems and processes in the office. Visitors should report to reception at level 6 where they will sign in the visitors log and be given a visitors card. All visitors must be accompanied by a fully inducted Alinta employee at all times.

2 Welcome to the Alinta Plaza Induction The following screens will explain the safety systems in place at Alinta Energy and will ask some questions about the learning material presented during the session. This is an untimed exercise and is open book. You are free to consult any additional material you see fit. If you answer a question incorrectly the program will direct you back to the relevant part of the presentation material to improve your knowledge. Note that if no activity detected on the screen the system will time out after 20 mins and you will have to repeat the induction. To avoid this please work through the exercise in a timely manner and allow 45-60 mins without an interruption in a suitable environment. It is essential for your own safety that you understand the hazard and the controls which Alinta Energy use to minimise the risk to your personal safety.

3 Objective Familiarise the Visitor with: An overview of legislated responsibilities and duties; The site EHS Policy and Standards OSH Policy Cardinal Rules of the company Just Culture Smoking Policy Harassment Policy Vehicles PPE The office Emergency Procedures; Raising the alarm Emergency contact Evacuation plan First aid amenities Hazard Identification and Reporting.

4 Legislated Responsibilities - Worker Duty of Care – Individual All visitors that come on site must: Take care to ensure that they do not place themselves or other people at risk Comply with all instructions, procedures and directions Uses PPE as directed Make sure they dont interfere with items provided in the interests of Health & Safety Report any hazards and incidents immediately.

5 Alinta Energy is obligated to: Identifying all foreseeable workplace hazards and implementing practical control measures to ensure a healthy & safe workplace. In particular Provide work places which are not exposed to hazards Provide information, instruction, training, supervision so that work can be done without exposure to hazards Consult H&S representatives regarding safety and health at the work place Provide personal protective clothing and equipment where required Ensure maintenance and handling of substances do not expose workers to hazards Provide adequate training Legislated Responsibilities - Employer

6 OSH Policy


8 The actions tabled below (while not an exhaustive list) are completely unacceptable and prohibited on Alinta Energy facilities, and where breaches are appropriately validated, will be subject to effective performance management which may include removal from site and / or dismissal. Actions or decisions involving a significant and reckless disregard toward the safety of people, the community, the environment, or significant economic harm to the company Unauthorised possession offensive weapons on site (e.g.firearms) Failure to report significant safety incidents (or significant identified near misses or hazards) as required by procedures, policy, and / or legislation Sabotage of equipment or operations Cardinal Rules

9 Reckless failure to implement critical hazard controls (e.g.wilful failure to isolate in breach of procedures), or action recklessly taken to defeat critical hazard controls (e.g.unauthorised removal of danger tags and / or locks) Possession, distribution or consumption of illegal drugs at work Wilful, repeated failure to comply with safety requirements safe operating procedures Unauthorised possession or consumption of alcohol at work Premeditated or intentional acts of violence or harassment against people At work affected by alcohol or illegal drugs in breach of the facilitys or business units drug and alcohol policy Cardinal Rules (…\cont)

10 Just Culture is about understanding and effectively applying the understanding of human factors, and clearly delineating the boundaries of acceptable and culpable behaviours to ensure … Incidents that result from honest mistakes and failures in human reliability are not punished, but rather acknowledged as failures in the organisations defences. Reckless actions and violations are not tolerated and are treated appropriately. The development and ongoing support of healthy reporting, learning, and informed cultures which are the foundation blocks of a healthy safety culture and the continuous improvement journey of realising and sustaining our Zero Harm objective. Just Culture

11 The purpose of this Standard is to ensure that Alinta Energy employees and any other persons on our sites are not exposed to the risk of illness arising from the effects of smoking. This will be achieved by: Prohibiting smoking by employees or persons engaged to work on behalf of, or at the direction of Alinta Energy: On Alinta Energy worksites if they are under any roof or inside any structure, where this may result in a passive smoking risk to any other person, or presents any fire risk; and In any Alinta Energy vehicle; and In other restricted areas or during specified activities as determined by facility and regional management; Ensuring the right of non-smokers to be free from the effects of smoking at work; Encouraging employees to quit smoking; Providing assistance to employees who wish to quit smoking; Prohibiting the sale of cigarettes on Alinta Energy sites. Where a site is not wholly smoke free, smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas as specified by facility management. Smoking Standard

12 You are entitled by law to be free of discrimination and harassment. Alinta Energy commits to an equal employment workplace: free from discrimination. Any person who is subjected to job harassment or intimidation by a fellow worker should report the issue to their supervisor or a Power Station staff member. All complaints will be treated confidentially and will be investigated promptly. Any person who violates this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action which may include termination of contract. Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

13 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) PPE for Non Hazardous Areas and Perth based Office Workers The minimum PPE requirements for non-hazardous areas are smart business wear: Covered in Footwear. Short sleeve shirts and shorts/dress. This applies to delivery personnel, sales people and cleaning staff where they only venture into non hazardous areas.

14 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - on site PPE requirements for hazardous areas are: Safety Footwear complying with AS2210 or equivalent. Long-sleeve Shirts and Pants of 100% Cotton (synthetic materials not accepted) Safety Glasses with side shields Hard Hat Visitors must at all times meet these requirements. Other PPE may be required depending upon the activities being undertaken and identified through the Job Safety Analysis process. This PPE must be supplied and worn if instructed by Power Station staff member.

15 Work Place Etiquette & Protocols ALINTA ENERGY WORKPLACE ETIQUETTE & PROTOCOLS Working in an open plan office requires the exercise of respect and tolerance by all. These protocols are supportive of a working environment incorporating courtesy, consideration and sensitivity to others. Teamwork across boundaries helps us to more effectively meet our customer needs. Safety Individuals are responsible for their own safety, the safety of colleagues, and that of all hosted visitors. Health or safety risks should be immediately advised to a Manager or a member of the Safety Committee. Hosts should not leave the building while their guests remain – without clearly transferring the hosting role to a colleague. Workstations Secure confidential information when your desk is unattended, including locking your PC with the screen saver. Use appropriate phone ring tones and volumes and make teleconference and speaker phone calls from meeting/quiet rooms. Be aware of your own noise levels and behaviours – a bit of fun is ok, ongoing high noise is disruptive to others. Lengthy, sensitive, confidential or personal conversations should be taken away from the open plan area and into a quiet room. Utilise offsite storage where necessary.

16 Work Place Etiquette & Protocols (…./cont) Meeting and Quiet Rooms Meeting rooms on level 9 can be booked using the Outlook calendar booking system. Meeting rooms on level 6 can be booked by phoning Westnet corporate reception on 08 6213 7000. Please ensure meetings start and finish on time, and if the meeting runs over time, leave promptly when the next person arrives. Use quiet rooms for short or impromptu meetings and conversations that should be taken away from the desk and open plan area. Quiet rooms are not able to be booked. Select and book the most appropriate meeting room based on the number of participants expected and facilities required. Clean up after the meeting – leave the room clean and tidy for others. If the meeting is cancelled, update the booking system. Participation and discussion in meetings should be courteous and respectful of others. Staff Breakout and Tea Preparation Rooms The staff breakout room is a good place to take your lunch break, socialise with other colleagues and to take a break from work. Please leave all shared areas clean and tidy after use. Remove any food items after you have finished with them and place dishes in the dishwashers provided.

17 Work Place Etiquette & Protocols (…./cont) Utility and Print Rooms All printing should be collected from the utility and print rooms as soon as it is printed. Uncollected faxes and print outs should be placed in the relevant trays ready for collection. Any equipment in the utility rooms which is not working effectively should be reported to a PA. Recycling Please contribute to a green office environment by recycling toners, cans, bottles and paper using the various bins provided. Thank you for your consideration and cooperation!

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