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United States-Mexico Border Technical Cooperation Maria Teresa Cerqueira, MS, PhD Chief of the United States-Mexico Border Office PAHO/WHO

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1 United States-Mexico Border Technical Cooperation Maria Teresa Cerqueira, MS, PhD Chief of the United States-Mexico Border Office PAHO/WHO

2 PAHO Presence in the Americas since 1902 Headquarters Field and Country Offices WHO 1948 The PAHO U.S. Mexico Border Office was established in 1942 to provide technical cooperation and support cross border collaboration among local, state and federal health authorities to promote health and prevent diseases.

3 10 estados 48 condados EEUU 80 municipios mexicanos 15 pares de ciudades hermanas 13 millones población

4 MISSION To lead strategic collaborative efforts to promote equity in health, combat disease, and improve the quality of, and lengthen, the lives of people on the U.S. Mexico Border. VISION Be the major catalyst for ensuring that all the peoples of the U.S. Mexico Border enjoy optimal health and contribute to the well being of their families and communities. VALUES Equity- fairness and justice, eliminating unnecessary and avoidable disparities. Excellence- achieve the highest quality Solidarity- share responsibilities, enable collective actions to achieve common goals. Respect- embrace dignity and diversity of individuals, groups and communities. Integrity- assuring transparent, ethical, and accountable performance.

5 Health in THE AMERICAS 2007 Chapter on Health along the U.S. Mexico Border

6 Guías para la Cooperación Técnica OMS Programa Global de Trabajo OPS Plan Estratégico 2007-2013 Declaración de los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio OMS Comisión de los Determinantes Sociales de la Salud (Informe 2008) La Agenda de Salud para las Américas 2008-2017 Prioridades de Salud de los Programas Nacionales: Healthy People 2010 y Programa Nacional de Salud de México 2007- 2013 Frontera Saludable 2010 Programa Ambiental de la Frontera 2012

7 PAHO/WHO U.S. Mexico Border Office Biennial Work Plan 2010-2011 Oficina de OPS/OMS en la Frontera México - Estados Unidos Plan de Trabajo Bienal 2010 – 2011

8 Technical cooperation in health along the border the PAHO/WHO U.S. Mexico Border Office Biennial Work Plan 2010-2011 1.Health analysis and surveillance for disease prevention and control 2.Promoting health with the family and community 3.Preventing and managing chronic diseases 4.Environmental health and sustainable development 5.Knowledge management, communication and research

9 Elimination of Congenital Syphilis, prevent vertical transmission of HIV Guidelines for borders and ground crossing Project 1: Health Analysis and Surveillance for Disease Prevention and Control

10 NATIONAL AVERAGE CALIFORNIA ARIZONA NEW MEXICO TEXAS Technical Report of Tuberculosis along the Border Communities

11 VACCINES: Comparison Tool Vaccination week in the Americas Project 2: Health Promotion with the Family and Community on the Border


13 USA

14 USA

15 A peer-to-peer safety program for young drivers

16 Prevalence study Diabetes trainings health professionals and promotores Community Partners Forums Policy Briefs Capacity building with 11 clinics U.S.- Mexico Border Diabetes Prevention and Control Project 3: Prevention of Chronic Diseases

17 Centro de Excelencia para la Prevención de las Enfermedades Crónicas en la Frontera México Estados Unidos

18 Chamizal, El Paso Obesity Prevention with Children and Youth Policy, environmental and systems changes –Broad partnership –Proclamation –Resolution –Policy dialogue –Advocacy Community participation, youth leadership and development Multi-media campaign in healthy eating and active living Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities

19 Border Partners Forum Strengthen collaboration among border stakeholders, public and private partnerships to prevent and control chronic diseases and promote healthy lifestyles. Mobilize civil society Advocate for policy and environmental changes to invest

20 Project 4: Environmental health and sustainable development Improving health with the Colonias on Texas Mexico Border


22 Violence and Injury Prevention Network of VIP observatories (Juárez, Tijuana and Reynosa) Project to strengthen mental health (USAID)

23 Observatory Information System Components Map Web server Collaboration site Website

24 CD-ROMs FULL-TEXT PUBLICATIONS Project 5: Knowledge Management, Communication and Research

25 U.S. Mexico Border Web Bulletin

26 DISASTER PREPAREDNESS SAFE HOSPITALS Workshops H1N1: –Lessons learned –Teacher training –Maps with cases RISK COMMUNICATION Lessons learned floods Climate change

27 Partnerships and resource mobilization Health: CDC, HRSA, INSP, APHA, INSP, SSA, INN, SMSP, USAID, Health Sector local, state and federal Environmental Health: EPA, SEMARNAT, BECC Academia: COLEF, UABC, UCSD, SDSU, UACJ, UACH, UTEP, TTI, UA, ASU, COLSON, UANL, Consortium of HSHS, UAT, UT-PanAm, Texas A&M, Foundations: Paso del Norte Health Foundation, ICF, California Endowment, PAHEF, RWJF, UH-CDI, FUNSALUD Community: NGOs, Voces indigenas, Rotary, Kiwanis, Campesinos Unidos, Blood banks, Red Cross, Teens in the Drivers Seat, CIJ,

28 Objetivos de Frontera Saludable 2010 1.Acceso a servicios de salud 2.Cáncer 3.Diabetes 4.Salud ambiental 5.VIH/SIDA 6.Inmunizaciones y enfermedades infecciosas 7.Prevención de lesiones 8.Salud materna e infantil 9.Salud mental 10.Salud oral 11.Enfermedades respiratorias 1.Reducir contaminación del agua 2.Reducir contaminación del aire 3.Reducir contaminación del suelo 4.Mejorar la salud ambiental 5.Reducir exposición a químicos y contaminación con químicos y actos de terrorismo 6.Mejorar desempeño ambiental, reforzar cumplimiento de en la prevención de la contaminación y el liderazgo en la protección del ambiente Programa Ambiental de la Frontera 2012


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