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Catch them young Unit 5 · Straightforward Main objectives of the unit: 1.Comparative & superlative forms of adjectives 2.Reading comprehension: The effect.

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1 Catch them young Unit 5 · Straightforward Main objectives of the unit: 1.Comparative & superlative forms of adjectives 2.Reading comprehension: The effect of advertising on children & teenagers 3.Listening comprehension: Supersize me! 4.Speaking & Vocabulary: Office stereotypes 5.Speaking: Phone call: ordering supplies

2 Catch them young Unit 5 ·Grammar: Comparative & Superlative Straightforward COMPARISON OF ADJECTIVES - FORMING THE COMPARATIVE AND SUPERLATIVE Number of syllables Comparative Superlative one syllable + -er + -est tall taller tallest one syllable with the spelling consonant + single vowel + consonant: double the final consonant: fat fatter fattest big bigger biggest sad sadder saddest Number of syllablesComparative Superlativetwo syllables+ -er OR more + adj+ -est OR most + adj ending in: -y, -ly, -ow ending in: -le, -er or -ure these common adjectives - handsome, polite, pleasant, common, quiet happy happier/ more happy happiest/ most happy yellow yellower/ more yellow yellowest/ most yellow If you are not sure, use MORE + OR MOST + Note: Adjectives ending in '-y' like happy, pretty, busy, sunny, lucky etc:. replace the -y with - ier or -iest in the comparative and superlative form busy busier busiest Number of syllablesComparative Superlativethree syllables or moremore + adjmost + adjimportant more important most important expensive more expensive most expensive Examples: a. A cat is fast, a tiger is faster but a cheetah is the fastest b. A car is heavy, a truck is heavier, but a train is the heaviest c. A park bench is comfortable, a resta, a restaurant chair is more comfortable, but a sofa is the most comfortable

3 Catch them young Unit 5 Page 46. · Reading comprehension Straightforward Brand managers are increasingly exploring advergaming (or in-game advertising) as a medium to attract young gamers while adding a new stream of revenue. Consider this. Anil Ambani-owned Reliance Entertainments gaming subsidiary Zapak alone has executed advergaming campaigns for over 300 brands across online casual game and mobile gaming genres.) Sample this: The AXE deodorant brand talks to young males, and hence Zapak has made an advergaming campaign for it. With a fresh lingo and bright colours, the theme of this advergame itself is all about getting the girlfriend of my choice. A young brand has made a youthful advergame, targeted mainly at the younger set of Indian male audience. However, the way the advergame is built attracts men of all ages from India by simply highlighting the fact that they are never too old for a quick game, says Arun Mehra, chief marketing officer of Zapak. 1.Read the text and answer the questions: a) Do you see any relationship between the article above and the one you read on page 46 of your book? b) How many different ways of catching childrens attention are mentioned in the text? c) Is it right to advertise young children? Why? Why not?

4 Catch them young Unit 5 ·. Listening comprehension Straightforward All of the following statements are FALSE correct the statements giving the correct information: 1.50% of the adult population is obese. 2.Currently the third fattest state in the US is Mississipi. 3.The reporter remembers eating out quite often as a child. 4.Nowadays more people die of obesity than of smoking. 5.In 2002 a large number of Americans took legal action against fast food companies. 6.Most of the people didnt know this food is unhealthy. 7.Mc Donalds alone operates in just under 100 countries. 8.Mc Donalds feeds the equivalent to all the inhabitants of Spain each week. 9.Mc Donalds are not allowed to be located in hospitals. 10.Mc Donalds lawyers find the lawsuit threatening. 11.The judge thinks that they will definitely not prosper in their claim. Super Size Me!

5 Catch them young Unit 5 · Speaking & Vocabulary Straightforward THE Office: DISCUSSIONS STARTERS 1. Have you ever worked in an office? 2. What is daily life like in an office? 3. What kind of relationships do people have in offices? 4. Name three things you find in every office 5. Now name three things that are not connected with work that you will find in almost every office, e.g. dirty coffee cups. 6. What are some typical everyday tasks in an office? 7. What are some good/bad things about working in an office LANGUAGE NOTES: OFFICE STEREOTYPES A trainee is someone who is learning to do a job. The stress is on the last syllable. The word collocates with job titles, e.g. a trainee manager, a trainee recepcionist, etc, in which case the stress shifts to the first syllable! A flirt is someone who pretends to be romantically interested in someone else, although it is (usually) only playful rather than serious. A flirt may get physically closer to the other person than normal, use romantic intonation patterns, make comments that show interest in the other person, etc. Flirt is also a verb, i.e. you can flirt with someone. The adjective for someone who flirts a lot is flirtatious. A workaholic is addicted to work, in the same way that an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol. A workaholic probably works long hours, takes work home with him/her, mainly talks about work and cancels holidays to continue work, etc. He/She behaves as if work is more important than family or social life.

6 Catch them young Unit 5 ·Speaking. On the phone Straightforward Caller Activity Sheet Sample Conversation: Can I Take a Message A= Parent (Receiver) B=Caller A: Hello. B: Hello. Is John there please? A: No, he s not here right now. B: This is Mark, John s classmate from university. A: Oh. Hi, Mark. B: Do you happen to know where he went? A: He said he was going downtown to do some shopping. B: Do you know when he ll be back? A: He told me he would be back by 4 o clock. Can I take a message? B: Yes. Please tell him there s a party tonight. And could you tell him to call me when he gets in? A: Sure. Does he know how to get a hold of you? B: I m at Harold s Department Store right now. My number is 250-684-3234. A: I ll right. I ll tell him you called. B: Thanks a lot. Bye. *Fill in the table with the underlined information You will be given a role card with a list of friends to call up and invite somewhere. When you call, they will not be home, so leave a message with their roommate. NameLocationActivityExpected Return Time JohnDowntownShopping4:00

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