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Yahoo Mail to Microsoft Exchange Beginning March 1- 2, 2014

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1 Yahoo Mail to Microsoft Exchange Beginning March 1- 2, 2014
OTA Transition Yahoo Mail to Microsoft Exchange Beginning March 1- 2, 2014 Assembled by: OTA IT Department and Metrica Support

2 Who Will be Affected? Any user, advisor or assistant, that currently has an active address The transition will take place between Saturday, March 1, 2014 at midnight and Sunday, March 2, * No s will arrive in the new inbox until the transition.* The system will be unavailable during the transition. Starting on Sunday, March 1,at 6 PM ALL NEW S will be delivered to the new system. Users will still be able to access their old Yahoo! accounts but new s will not be available in Yahoo! interface. To see new messages users MUST log into the new system at

3 Advantages A more secure and convenient email program
Stable settings User friendly set up and transition 50 GBs of User Storage Accessible on Windows, Macs*, and Smart Devices* *Standard support will be provided for all OTA and Metrica owned computer systems and peripherals. Private equipment such as: Macs, smart phones, or personally owned PCs will receive minimal support or instructions provided along with a referral to their computer technical support.

4 Format Changes The username will change from: to however users will continue to receive s sent to both addresses. Automatic forwarding is prohibited. Compliance with the new security standards is mandatory. programs such as: Microsoft Live OTA IT Department will now have access to reset passwords and unlock accounts There will be no POP3 Mail or IMAP setup- The only protocol Exchange supports is Outlook Anywhere

5 Mac Support Links

6 Users will receive an email message complete with links to set up and access their email.
Users will click on Your Username and Password will be provided in the message.

7 These are the login pages that will appear.
The first is the initial login page during set up. The second is the Webmail Portal link. Either page is accessible for user.

8 This is a set up page for the new system
This is a set up page for the new system. Users can select their preferred language and time zone. This page show up only once – upon the first login.

9 This is initial layout of the web application, which can be adjusted to user preferences.
New messages will appear in the in Inbox.

10 Users can click on the cog in the upper right corner to adjust the 365 settings.
Users can change their passwords under Office 365 Settings.

11 MS Office Outlook Setup
As seen through Office 2010

12 Click on the File Tab Account Settings and choose Account Settings from the drop down list

13 Click on New on the Email Tab

14 Enter user information for the: Name, Email Address, Password and confirmation
Click “Next” Manual configuration may needed if the automatic setup fails

15 Choose Internet E-Mail
Click Next

16 The settings should automatically configure
No additional mail settings should be needed

17 Users will be prompted initially for their password when accessing the new account for the first time in Outlook The new account will appear in Outlook The user can move any messages from the old Inbox to the new one or follow the steps on this link:

18 NOTES: The transition for the users that solely use Yahoo Mail will require the users to give us direct access to their so we can manually setup and move the information to their new mailbox This is the most convenient way to access their information and insure none of their old messages will be lost. Outlook Users will be able to transfer their saved messages to the new account by copying and dragging the information. The best way to notify your contacts of the new address is to create a mail message and blind copy or BCC all of your contact. All messages will from your old address will continue to be sent to the new address after March 1 and 2, 2014. The steps will be listed on the OTA Webpage under Administrative- Support- Setting up account

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