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Cloud Computing- Productivity Application Overviews of Office 365

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1 Cloud Computing- Productivity Application Overviews of Office 365 And Google Business Apps

2 Cloud Productivity Applications Objectives
List the top Cloud Productivity Suites Define Microsoft Office 365. List the 8 applications that come with the Office 365 Small Business Premium subscription List the top 7 benefits that Office 365 can provide for your organization List the Pros/Cons of Office 365

3 Cloud Productivity Applications Objectives(cont.)
Define Google Apps List at least 8 applications that come with Google Business Apps List the top 6 benefits that Google Business Apps can provide for your organization List the Pros/Cons of Google Apps

4 Some of the more popular Cloud Productivity Software
In the previous chapter we did an overview on what the Cloud is and what its capabilities are. In this chapter we will be looking more closely at two of the larger Cloud Application Suites. We will be looking at both Microsoft 365 and Google. We will explore their benefits and we will also look at the pros and cons of each application. Which one is better and which one is worse? We will let you decide. Both of these applications are changing the way we work on our own and how we collaborate with others. These applications continue to help us work with others whether they are at the next desk over from us or a continent away with the same ease.

5 Office 365-What is it? Office 365 is Microsoft’s jump into cloud computing and also their step into subscription software. With Office 365 you are able to essentially do everything you can in the Office Suites like Office 2007 and Office 2010 and so much more.

6 Office 365 Basics Video Video Overview- Microsoft Office 365

7 What Applications Are Included in Office 365
Desktop and web versions of Applications included with Office 365 Small Business Premium include: Word- Word Processing Software Excel- Spreadsheet Software PowerPoint- Presentation Software Outlook- Software SkyDrive- Online Storage Space Access- Database Software Publisher-Desktop Publishing Software Lync- Instant Messaging Client

8 What are the Benefits of Office365?
Add more power to the Office you rely on Create a website that builds your brand Extend your reach with Office Web Apps Work better together with file sharing Conferencing made easy Security and privacy

9 Office 365 Security Video Video: The Office 365 Trust Center

10 Pros and Cons of the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud (Reed)
Some of the benefits of moving to the Microsoft cloud include the following: Outsourcing the hassle of installing, managing, patching, and upgrading extremely complex software systems. Having predictable and known costs associated with adoption. Keeping the lights blinking green and the software up-to-date and secure falls on Microsoft and is backed by service guarantee. Reducing cost in not only immediate monetary value but also in efficiency and resource reallocation benefits.

11 Pros and Cons of the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud(cont.)
Some of the benefits of moving to the Microsoft cloud include the following: Backing up and securing your data. After all, Microsoft may not be perfect, but its teams of engineers are extremely specialized and are experts at hosting the software that their colleagues have developed. Using the software over the Internet — simply sign up and you’re ready to go. Without the cloud, a SharePoint deployment could take months. In addition, when you sign up for enterprise licensing of Office 365, you also gain licensing rights to On Premise deployments. This capability makes it possible to store extremely sensitive data or user portals on site.

12 Pros and Cons of the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud(cont.)
Some of the cons that come along with adopting a cloud solution in general include the following: Relying on network and bandwidth. If your Internet provider goes down, then you haven’t any access to your enterprise software and data. Microsoft does not control how you access the Internet and, therefore, cannot account for any failures. Having data controlled by someone other than your employees. Your data is hosted in Microsoft’s data center. That can be both a benefit and a detriment. If you feel uncomfortable with your data out there somewhere, then you can either research the Microsoft data centers further or keep your data and applications locally in your own controlled data center.

13 Google Business Apps-What is it?
Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. It's simple to setup, use and manage, allowing you to work smarter and focus on what really matters.

14 Google Business Apps Video
Video Overview- Google Apps for Small Business Overview webinar

15 What Applications Are Included in Google Business Apps
The online applications that can come with the Google Business Apps are: Gmail- Calendar-Calendar Drive- Online Storage Space Docs- Word Processing Software Sheets- Spreadsheet Software Slides- Presentation Software Site-Shared Workspaces for your team Google Talk-Instant Messaging Software

16 What are the Benefits of Google Business Apps?
Security first Stay connected from anywhere Work better together Get stuff done faster Invisible IT that just works Go Green

17 The Pros & Cons of Google Apps
Ease of Use One advantage of Google Apps is the self-contained nature of the software suite. Users need only a single login to access the entire Apps catalog, and the programs automatically share information between users in the same workgroup. In addition, because Google designed the applications to work together, Apps eliminates possible compatibility problems between programs. Although it can be a time-consuming task to import documents into the system, once your data is in Google Apps, it is easy to transfer it between programs and utilize it in many ways.

18 The Pros & Cons of Google Apps
Cost The basic Apps package is free for up to 10 users, and provides , calendar, office and shared website applications for each member. Expanding to the “Apps for Business” package costs $5 per user per month, but upgrades storage to 25 gigabytes per user, adds video and workgroup applications, and includes an uptime service guarantee. Google also offers special packages for educational, government and non-profit clients, and flexible pricing schemes. Compared with the cost of implementing this kind of office software suite internally, Google’s programs can be a bargain to certain types of organizations.

19 The Pros & Cons of Google Apps
Connectivity Required One of the biggest downsides of using Google Apps for office services is the fact that the system requires Internet connectivity to function. If anything happens to your connection to the internet, you lose access to important business software. In addition, if you use high-bandwidth applications such as videoconferencing for internal use, the fact that multiple video streams have to pass from Google’s servers to individual users in the organization can overwhelm the bandwidth of even the fastest business Internet connection.

20 The Pros & Cons of Google Apps
Single Source Although the single-source nature of Google Apps has its advantages, it also represents a weakness in the system. If Google suffers a server outage, or a third party manages to compromise the service in any way, it can affect all of your documents and business information. Likewise, the service is reliant on the support of Google as a company, and should anything happen to the business it could affect your ability to access important data.

21 Conclusion As technology and connectivity march on we continue to reap the benefits. When you step back and look at what we can do with these tools, it is amazing. You can be sharing a document online with either of the products we discussed above and be able to have multiple people working on the document, spreadsheet or presentation at the same time. You can share a file on your computer and have it also show up on multiple devices that you have setup or with multiple people that you have decided to share that folder with. Managing the IT infrastructure is also getting easier and less costly as time goes along. It will be interesting as you have gone through this chapter which of the two software suites you ended up preferring over the other.

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