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IU Kokomo Office of Student Activities Policies and Procedures Leadership Summit.

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1 IU Kokomo Office of Student Activities Policies and Procedures Leadership Summit

2 Student Organization Registration Each year, organization officers must register their group with the Office of Student Activities Complete the Student Organization Registration FormStudent Organization Registration Form Provide the names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses of the officers and advisor Provide an updated constitution if applicable. We need constitutions electronically please!updated constitution

3 Making Purchases Always have prior approval from the staff of the Activities Office before making any purchases (NO EXCEPTIONS) IU has significantly changed its purchasing guidelines. All purchases must be discussed with the Activities Staff. Know your budget Keep track of your clubs spending

4 Making Purchases (cont.) Purchase orders Club member makes the purchase Student Activities Makes the Purchase with Departmental Credit Card Purchases over $1000

5 Making Purchases (cont.) Purchase Orders IU preferred means of purchasing Must use a contracted IU vendor, if one is available If there is not a current contracted vendor, please provide us with your preferred vendor Must allow a MINIMUM of two weeks for processing Your club needs to provide our office with detailed information of what needs to be ordered. Be prepared to sit down with a staff member for 30 minutes to complete this process

6 Making Purchases (cont.) Club Member Makes the Purchase Rare occurrence--Only an option if vendor does not take a purchase order Obtain a Tax Exempt form from our office Pay with cash, check or credit card Turn in your itemized receipt (must show items purchased) Be reimbursed within 10 days of giving the receipt

7 Making Purchases (cont.) Student Activities Makes the Purchase with Departmental Credit Card Rare occurrence--Only an option if vendor does not take a purchase order Give office 2 weeks notice of needed item Provide needed ordering information on Purchase Requisition Form (online) Be aware, not all items may be purchased with departmental credit card and staff may not have time to leave office to make purchase. Also, make sure vendor accepts Visa.

8 Making Purchases (cont.) Purchases Over $1000 Must be put out for bid, meaning we comparison shop among different vendors to get the most competitive price Requires an additional two-weeks for processing Provide the names and addresses of three vendors who can supply the item Allow an additional three to five days for shipping when your vendor is located outside of the area

9 IU Name and Logo Must be approved by Student Activities staff Must meet university trademark and licensing requirements Must be printed by a licensed vendor (we can provide you with contact info for these vendors) Remember, even the words Indiana University are trademarked.

10 Ordering Food You must use IU Kokomo Food Services for all on-campus catering Exceptions: Pizza from Pizza Hut may be ordered for call-out meetings. This must be done by Office of Student Activities Pre-packaged food (e.g. from Kroger) may be used for call-out meetings Pre-packaged food can be paid for by a member and you can get reimbursed, but stay within budget & keep tax free All food orders through IU Kokomo Food Services must be placed through the Office of Student Activities (email detailed description to departmental secretary, Bev Ringeisen, Allow 2 weeks to Absolutely NO home prepared food can be served

11 Office Services Duplicating Documents must be camera-ready and a Copy Request Form filled out Assortment of colorful 8 1/2" x 11" paper is available 99 or fewer copies may be completed by the Office of Student Activities (allow 24 hours minimum) Copy requests exceeding 100 pieces will be sent to the Office of Mailing and Duplicating (allow 48 hours minimum) Groups will be charged for any duplicating requests over 30 sheets Limited color printing is available, we charge $.25 per sheet

12 Office Services (cont.) Mailing Must be related to the organization Office of Student Activities can provide supplies, information, and assistance for outgoing mailings. Organizations will be charged for any mailings over 20 pieces On-Campus mailings and mailings to other IU campuses should be placed in Inter-Campus Mail Envelopes. These can be obtained from the Office of Student Activities.

13 Office Services (cont.) Poster Printing & Laminating Allow 24 hour minimum notice Complete the Poster Request or Laminating Request Form Groups will be charged for the services and supplies Poster machine can transform your 8 1/2" x 11", black-and-white, camera-ready copy of your flyer into a larger poster

14 Office Services (cont.) Mailboxes All student groups and several student leaders have mailboxes in Student Activities Check your mailbox frequently You may distribute information to other groups through these mailboxes

15 Event Scheduling Utilize the Event Scheduling form on the Student Activities web site for scheduling all meetings, events and information tables. Schedule your events early. Space is limited and is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Cancel the room request if you re-schedule or no longer need the room.

16 Promoting Your Organization Review the Campus Sign Policy (available on our web site) BLUE TAPE IS AVAILABLE IN OUR OFFICE! Booking your room through the SAO website allows us to track all events and publicize. The newspaper will assist in promoting events with advance notice (

17 Promoting Your Organization (cont.) Facebook Pages Registered student groups may create fan pages on Facebook The Universitys name should not be used in the name of the organization. Organization Name at IU Kokomo is ok. Remember that your organization is responsible for all content on the page, so monitor it on a regular basis. Other ways to publicize: Bulletin Boards Display Cases Digital SignsE-mail Bev a brief description ( Direct mailings (labels based on major may be requested from the Office of Student Activities)

18 Travel Conferences and overnight trips Prior approval from Office of Student Activities is required. ALL travelers must meet with Student Activities Staff to complete online travel forms PRIOR to booking ANYTHING for trip Allow sufficient time for paperwork to be processed, reservations to be made, and pre-payment to be processed and received. Allow a minimum of 1 month. Liability waivers MUST be required of all travelers. When traveling out of the state of Indiana, you must be accompanied by your advisor.

19 Travel (cont.) University Vehicles and Enterprise The University van and Enterprise Rent-A-Car vehicles are available if you are attending a university-related event or doing university-related work. Your organization will be charged for mileage when using the University van. Your organization will be charged a daily rate and the cost of gas when using an Enterprise vehicle.

20 Travel (cont.) University Bus Available to use at a rate of 56 cents per mile and distance traveled is restricted. Plus the bus drivers wages Must use driver approved by IU Kokomo Human Resources. Very limited scheduling. See Student Activities Staff for additional information.

21 Travel (cont.) Driving Must obtain approval of the Office of Student Activities, and then complete the Authorization Form for Motor Vehicle Records CheckAuthorization Form for Motor Vehicle Records Check Office of Student Activities must have a copy of the drivers license Student driver and club advisor must complete and return to the Office of Student Activities the Request for the Release of Vehicle to Student Driver FormRequest for the Release of Vehicle to Student Driver Form

22 Travel (cont.) Personal Vehicles Obtain permission from the Student Activities Office in order to ensure mileage reimbursement Must provide proof of a valid drivers license Must carry the following insurance coverage, as a minimum: $50,000 for personal injury to, or death of, one person, $100,000 for injury to, or death of, two or more persons in one accident, and $25,000 for property damage.

23 Hiring Presenters/Speakers Obtain prior approval from the staff of Student Activities Office of Student Activities must send a letter of confirmation or contract to the person, and other forms necessary to process payment. Payment must be in the clubs budget. Communicate the appropriate information to the office at least four weeks prior to the desired services Check is mailed directly to the individual approx. one week following performance of the services.

24 Funding for Student Groups To receive funding from student activity fee, groups must be registered with the Office of Student Activities IUK SGA Senate is responsible for developing the annual budget for the activity fee Registered groups are funded through either the November and/or March budget bill Student organizations must follow the budget allocations that were approved for the current fiscal year. Any changes in these allocations must be approved by the IU Kokomo Student Government Association Senate.IU Kokomo Student Government Association Senate Refer to Title X of IU Kokomo Student Government Association Bylaws for details and budget informationTitle X of IU Kokomo Student Government Association Bylaws Budget information is available on our web site November Budget Bill requests DUE October 8, 2010 by 4 pm

25 Soliciting Donations Submit a Solicitation Request Form to the Office of Student ActivitiesSolicitation Request Form Receive approval from the Office of External Relations prior to any solicitation Once donations have been collected, a Gift-In- Kind Form must be completed and returned to the Office of Student Activities.Gift-In- Kind Form

26 Additional Guidelines Student activity fee monies cannot be used to make charitable contributions Student activity fee monies cannot be used for the purchase of alcohol. Student activity fee monies cannot be used for gifts of any kind, to any individual, whether or not they are university personnel Student organizations may use their designated monies for the purchase of food for annual call-out meetings and receptions. These funds are not to be used to purchase refreshments or meals for general meeting purposes, or graduation meals or receptions.

27 Additional Guidelines (cont.) Groups cannot get change or a bank from the Office of the Bursar for benefit-type events. Change will have to be provided by the benefited organization or the members of the club.

28 Things to Remember All expenditures must be cleared with the Student Activities staff prior to the purchase Groups receiving student activity funding must have the following two statements: (1) If you have a disability and need assistance, special arrangements can be made to accommodate most needs. Please contact the Office of Career Services at 765-455-9301 for assistance, and (2) Funded in full (or in part) by IU Kokomo Student Activity fees. For many services, allow at least a two-week request period Have all information and prepare the forms needed to complete requests and vouchers Please contact us at the Office of Student Activities if you have any questions. (Thats why were here!)

29 Connecting With Our Office Contact us if you have questions Our number – (765) 455-9203 Location – Kelley Student Center, 210 We want to give you the best service possible, so please schedule appointments so that we can give you undivided attention. The staff Bev Ringeisen, Kathryn Stremiecki, Sarah Sarber, Sarah McClurg, Student Staff,

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