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OFFICE AND ADMINISTRATION BUILDING SOLUTION. Nomadic work practices and the constant pursuit of optimized productivity are influencing the design of office.

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2 Nomadic work practices and the constant pursuit of optimized productivity are influencing the design of office buildings An adaptable and flexible technical infrastructure is needed.

3 Flush Floor Box Emergency Lighting Luminare VDI Fast Connection Emergency EXIT Mini-columns Occupancy Sensor Aluminum Trunking PVC TRUNKING Access control Power and data sockets Automatic Switch Multimedia control panel Wire Mesh Cable Tray Automatic Switch Main Distribution Board Skirting Light

4 Depending on whether it is intended for desk-bound or mobile workers, each workstation requires equipment that is suited for the specific needs of each user and application type. Using the 6 case studies, discover some different configuration possibilities for office areas, workstation equipment and distribution solutions for power and data.


6 Lan Connector PoP Up BOX Switch & Socket




10 Lighting Management System Easiest method of adding occupancy detection Replaces existing toggle switch without additional wiring 30 to 50% Savings Lowest cost approach for individual room control Motion Base SensorsOccupency Sensor Time SwitchesMotion Base Sensors Light Sensitive Switches

11 Home Automation & Control System Designing and building an energy efficient home that conforms to the many considerations faced by home builders can be a challenge. On the other side an energy efficient home allows you to take control of your investment. Today, it is possible and practical to have it all - a more comfortable and durable home while doing your part for national energy independence and environmental protection. It's a win-win situation for everyone - now and for future generations While comfort and safety are probably the most important selection criteria in homes, energy efficiency and the ability to reduce the "environmental footprint" of the house are becoming increasingly relevant. Average breakdown of home energy consumption: Heating & Cooling: 60% Lighting: 14% Electrical applicances: 14% Hot water sanitary: 12%

12 Centralized Lighting control Useful very much in Energy Conservation

13 Access and control all Automation system Through COMPUTER/TABLETS/MOBILE

14 Alert System on Phone, For Security of Showroom

15 Protect electrical installations and sensitive equipment against the indirect effects of lightning Lightning can cause considerable damage and must be taken into consideration. Although lightning rods protect buildings against direct surges, their presence makes the installation of surge protectors obligatory to protect sensitive equipment against overvoltages caused by discharge currents. The surge protectors protects your installation from the general low voltage transformer to the socket outlet. Voltage Surge Protection & Earthing System

16 Distribution & Protections Guaranteed safety: compliance with national and international standards Simple choice: housing optimized characteristics Easy to install: enclosures and switchgear modular system Safe use: - protection against electrocution and fire caused by short circuits, overloads or faulty appliances - protection against lightning strikes - control of lighting circuits - isolation Meter Housings Distribution Bords Acti 9 Communication system Prtection, Isolation, Controlling, Signaling & Metering Productr

17 Power Control & Protection System Operation during severe disturbances: System element protection System protection Automatic reclosing Automatic transfer to alternate power supplies Automatic synchronization Motor Starters Circuit Breakers Switch Fuse UnitsPower RelaysPower ContactorsChangeover Switches

18 Panel Enclosures Universal Panel Enclosures The steel and stainless-steel enclosure ranges From small industrial boxes to large floor-standing enclosures, the Spacial range of metal enclosures can adapt to any indoor application. Ranges Two materials available to ensure best performance in any installation environment : Special steel : Special stainless steel :

19 Cables All Kind Of Cable are available, For special requirement and regular requirement, Power Cable,Instrument Cable, Data Cable, Multicable, High tensile cable, Temperature cable

20 WIRING ACCESSORIES To be truly seamless, some interior design concepts need switches to be as invisible as possible. Until now full-flat switches that could satisfy this need have been limited to luxurious electronic switches and lighting control systems. The accessories includes extensive ranges of fused plugs, extension sockets, safety covers, door chimes and night lights. Our quality accessories provide professional applications to users with already proven reliability.

21 The ideal solution, always and everywhere Its versatility makes Arteor the ideal choice for every kind of project, anywhere in the world at any installation level. Arteor suits any requirement in terms of design and function for every kind of building, from residential to commercial.

22 CONTACT DETAIL CONTACT PERSON: Mr. Hemant Shah Phone :+91 0265 2412551 E-mail SHREELIGHT POWER PVT. LTD. Head Office 102, Shri Jala Appartment, Nr. Lakdi Pool, Nr. Arvind Aashram, Dandia Bazar, Vadodara - 390001. Gujarat, INDIA SHREELIGHT POWER PVT. LTD. Manufacturing Unit 78/3/B G I D C Makarpura, B/h. VCCI Complex, Makarpura Vadodara-390010: SHREELIGHT POWER PVT. LTD. Branch Office A- 28, Krishna Complex Borsad Chokdi Anand Ta : Anand, Dist :Vadodara

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