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DOE Office of Science Budget Overview

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1 DOE Office of Science Budget Overview
Kenneth O. Olsen MSU/FRIB May 1, 2014

2 INTRODUCTION This presentation is not an official review of the DOE SC budget The total FY-14 appropriation for SC is $5,066M and the President's request for FY-15 is $5,111M, a net increase of 0.9% Presentation focus is on areas that potentially impact advanced accelerator R&D and construction projects A more detailed budget presentation was given by Pat Dehmer, Acting Director SC, at the SPAFOA Capitol Hill on Dec. 12, 2013 However that was before DOE received its FY-14 appropriation and release of the President’s FY-15 budget request in March

3 Partial SC Budget Overview
Major organization FY 13 Current FY 14 Enacted FY 15 Request FY 15 Request vs FY 14 Enact Advanced Scientific Comp. Res 405.0 478.1 541.0 62.9 Basic Energy Sciences* 1551.3 1711.9 1806.5 94.6 Biological/ Environmental Res 560.7 609.7 628.0 18.3 Fusion Energy* 377.8 504.7 416.0 -88.7 High Energy Physics* 727.5 796.5 744.0 -52.5 Nuclear Physics* 507.2 569.1 593.6 24.4 * Offices impacting accelerator R&D, facility construction and accelerator user facility operations

4 DOE SC Major Project Milestones
Major projects managed under DOE Order 413.3b BOrder-b CD-0 Approve Mission Need CD-1 Approve Alternative Selection and Cost Range CD-2 Approve Performance Baseline CD-3A Approve Long-Lead Procurements CD-3 Approve Start of Construction CD-4 Approve Start of Operations

5 Basic Energy Sciences LCLS-II
Major upgrade of Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) facility at SLAC to LCLS-II Recommended by the BESAC in 2013 report Adds new 4 GeV superconducting linac feeding new independently tunable undulators FY-14 funding $85.7M FY-15 Pres. Budget request $148M

6 Basic Energy Sciences- LCLS-II
Total project cost est. $895M (Pres. FY-15 req.) First superconducting linac systems to be installed at SLAC Acquired by SLAC under existing M&O contract SLAC will partner with other DOE Labs for the design and procurement of key technical components, (probably FNAL and Jlab) All subcontracts will be competitively bid on a best value to the Government basis SPAFOA negotiating with SLAC for a members meeting, Sept 2014?

7 Fusion Energy Key issue is the future of the US contribution to the ITER project in France Issue broader than DOE, involved agreements signed by the State Department

8 High Energy Physics Muon to Electron Conversion Experiment (Mu2e) complete design phase CD-2 in FY-15 and move into full construction High Energy Physics Advisory Panel (HEPAP) to review P-5 report on future recommendations for HEP activities including the Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) and make recommendations to SC/ OHEP. Report is scheduled to be presented to HEPAP May 18. OHEP plans to have information of the proposed future of LBNE in time to impact FY-15 appropriation LBNE will be managed by Fermilab, long range detector system is at Homestake mine in SD A key cost/capability issue is the depth of far detector Will be discussed in detail with SPAFOA at our next meeting at Fermilab (later this year?)

9 Nuclear Physics FRIB off and running. Congratulations!!!
Thanks for the great presentations today

10 SPAFOA Issue DOE is now engaged in 3 major facility R,D, and construction projects; LCLS II, FRIB, and potentially LBNE. Subcontracts for hardware and construction services appear to be made on a “best value” basis Substantive involvement in these projects has the potential of several hundred million dollars of business, growth of hundreds of high-tech jobs, and long term business prospects in other SCRF applications for US industry. We need to get this message across to decision makers when they define “best value” SPAFOA BOD will be discussing a white paper on “best value”

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