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Assessing and Training Your Students in Office with SAM 2010.

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1 Assessing and Training Your Students in Office with SAM 2010

2 Todays SAM Agenda What is SAM? –Assessment, Training, Projects Total Solutions Additional Resources

3 What is SAM? Since 1998, SAM (Skills Assessment Manager) has been the #1 testing and training tool for Microsoft Office. Performance-based exam and training simulations for Microsoft Office Live in-the-application, auto-graded, project-based assessment for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access Web deliverable Internet Explorer and Flash Player required Also compatible with Firefox and Safari for Mac users Flexible scheduling options Numerous detailed reports for instructors and students

4 SAM Assessment Simulated performance-based exam simulations (tasks) –Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Internet Explorer, Outlook Thousands of objective-based questions Exams can be created… –By textbook chapter –Picking and choosing exam tasks –Picking and choosing objective-based questions Detailed Study Guide reports map back to Course Technologys Office textbooks

5 SAM Training Simulated, interactive training scenarios –Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint –Multiple training methods address different learning styles Training assignments can be created… –By textbook chapter –Picking and choosing training scenarios Schedule exams through SAM Path –Option to schedule a series of assignments that are contingent upon each other Detailed Study Guide reports map back to Course Technologys Office textbooks

6 SAM Projects Live in the application, auto-graded, project-based assessment –Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access Project assignments include –Textbook end-of-chapter projects –Mirror or 2nd scenario projects –Capstone projects Anti-cheating detection Fully integrated into the SAM system Detailed Study Guide reports map back to Course Technologys Office textbooks

7 Digital integrated textbook within SAM Contains additional videos specific for each Series Available for the following titles: SAM MindTap

8 Simplifies class administration –Instructors can now weight, modify, and add grades View section outcomes at a glance –Quickly see section results Flexible export –Can pick and choose columns you want to export to more closely align with your LMS grade book SAM Grade Book

9 SAM 2010 Assessment, Training & Projects

10 Total Solutions Provider Industry-leading textbooks to meet individual instructor and student needs SAM for exams, training, project-based assessment, and the new option to integrate Office 2010 introductory digital textbooks Academic solutions partner with Certiport –Sell site license and individual exams for MOS, ACA, and IC 3 exams

11 Office Project Binders Excellent activities and always an upsell. Buy once, copy as needed; includes CD with all projects. Use with any series! Illustrated Project High School Binders –Microsoft Office 2010: Illustrated Projects, High School Binder –ISBN 978-0538-74940-4 –Microsoft Office 2007: Illustrated Projects, High School Binder –ISBN 978-14239-0547-9 MS Office 2010 Fundamentals Projects Binder –ISBN 978-0-538-47989-9


13 Get up to speed quickly with our Guided Tour… CDs

14 Resources SAM Central –http://samcentral.course.com Register for a live SAM Webinar or view recorded Webinars at the Cengage Learning CourseCare Website – –SAM Training Guide, Instructor and SAM Student walkthrough documents CourseCoach –

15 Learning Resources Click SAMCENTRAL from the SAM screen Self-Training Videos Online Seminars SAM 2010 Training Guide

16 The SAMCentral website has many resources available for you: (a link to this site is also accessible at the bottom of any SAM screen): Click on the Get Trained tab (scroll to the bottom of the page) to register for upcoming live Webinars that demonstrate SAM features or view recorded sessions View the short Self-Training Videos that demonstrate the major features of SAM Exams, Training, and Projects. Download a copy of the SAM Training Guide that will help you get started using SAM. Click on the User Resources link (upper right corner of the main SAMCentral screen) for MOS certification Mapping Grids, system requirements, and more.




20 PRESS RELEASE... Braden River HS Instructor WM Gaynor's Future Business Leaders of America [FBLA] Word Processing II students SWEEP the event. In only thirteen months of testing...Mr. Gaynor used SAM2007 and CERTIPORT software used to obtain a record 363 Microsoft MOS2007 certifications since May. Come walk our "Hall of Fame" to see all the posted certifications...





25 SAMTraining

26 Thank You! Trish Bobst National Curriculum Specialist

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