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Financial Office Partner Presentation July 26, 2010 Secondary Partner: Roxy Roland (x66289) Elementary Partner: Alicia Srader (x66552)

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1 Financial Office Partner Presentation July 26, 2010 Secondary Partner: Roxy Roland (x66289) Elementary Partner: Alicia Srader (x66552)

2 TPS General Fund Revenue Sources 2010-2011 Budget Local: Ad Valorem Interest County: County 4-Mil Federal: Title I IDEA Grants State: State Aid Motor Vehicle Tags Flexible Benefits Other: Carryover Sources

3 TPS General Fund Expenditures 2010-2011 Budget

4 State Aid Allocation 2009-2010 Foundation Aid: Foundation Weighted ADM 66,116.81 Foundation Aid Factor (1,548.00) 102,348,821.88 Less Chargeables: Ad Valorem Chargeable 34,852,027.84 County 4 Mill Levy.075 x 7,222,990 5,417,242.50 School Land Earnings 3,813,468.00 Gross Production 55,376.00 Motor Vehicle 17,578,787.00 REA Tax 8,326.00 Total Chargeables 61,725,227.34 Net Foundation Aid 40,623,595.00

5 State Aid Allocation 2009-2010 Net Foundation Aid 40,623,595 Transportation: Regular A.D.H. x Per Capita x Transportation Factor 15,312.00 x $33.00 X 1.39 702,361 Salary Foundation Aid: 1: Inc Aid Guarantee Factor 72.18 x Inc. Weighted ADM 66,116.81 = 4,772,311.3458 2: Adjusted District Valuation $2,174,498,026.00 / 1,000 2,174,498.0260 3: #1 - #2 = 2,597,813.3198 4: #3 x Incentive Mills (20) = 51,956,266 Basic Formula Aid 93,282,222 Additions (restore 07-08 class size penalty) 13,298 Educ Stabilization Component of ARRA13,459,399 Govt Services Fund (GSF) of ARRA 983,817 TOTAL STATE AID WITH ARRA FUNDS 107,738,736 For Comparison-Basic Form. Aid before cuts 112,191,705

6 Tulsa Public Schools Account Code FY Fund Proj Type Func Obj Prog Sub Job Div Unit 1 11 0000 50 1000 6111 100 1050 000 07 103 A B C D E F G H I J K A.FY (Fiscal Year) (1 digit) Fiscal year involved. This is the first digit of the account code. It changes each year on July 1. Example: FY 2010-2011 (1) B.FUND (2 digits) A fiscal and accounting entity, with a self- balancing set of accounts which records revenues, liabilities, expenditures, allocations and residual balances. Examples: General Fund is 11, Building Fund is 21, Bond Funds (32, 34…) and Gifts & Endowments Fund is 71. Allocations cannot be transferred between funds.

7 Tulsa Public Schools Account Code C.Project (3 digit State code plus 1 digit for TPS) Used when a district receives money for restricted uses such as a Federal or State Grant. Frequently, the district must prepare a report showing the amount of expenditures as they relate to the project revenue. It also identifies expenditures as local, state or federal projects. Unrestricted funds are always project 0000. Examples: Title I Federal Project (5118), TPS operated Extended Day Program (390). D.Account Type (2 digits) For financial reporting – always use account type 50 (identifies the account as an expenditure)

8 Tulsa Public Schools Account Code E.Function (4 digits) Describes the activity being performed and answers the question, Why are you purchasing the goods or services? Examples: Classroom Instruction (1xxx), Guidance Services (2120), Upkeep of Grounds (2630), Transportation Services (2720) F.Object (3 digit state code plus 1 digit for TPS) Describes the goods and services purchased. This is the basic account number that describes what is being purchased. Examples: Salaries (1xxx), Social Security Contributions (2310), Utilities (4110), General Office Supplies (6190), or Books (6440)

9 Tulsa Public Schools Account Code G.Program (3 digits) Describes a plan of activities and procedures designed to accomplish a predetermined objective. Function 1xxx and 2330 must have a program number greater than 000. Examples: Regular Ed (100), Special Ed (239), Gifted and Talented (251). H.Subject (4 digits) Describes the subject for which the goods and services are being purchased. It is required when used with function 1000 for coding salaries and benefits, books and periodicals and certain equipment purchases. For budgeting purposes 0000 will be used, although charges will be made to specific subject. Examples: Language Arts (1110), Kindergarten (1020), Math (4400)

10 Tulsa Public Schools Account Code I.Job Class (3 digits) Used to classify expenditures for salaries and benefits by employees job type. For budgeting purposes 000 may be used in some cases. Examples: Principal (112), Teacher (210), Bus Driver (801) J.Division (2 digits) A TPS segment used to record expenditures by division. Example: Division 07 for school sites. K.Operating Unit (3 digits) Used to identify the school site, ESC department or Office or other assigned cost centers to allow for budgeting and reporting of expenditures by site. Examples: Anderson Elem (111), Carver M.S. (515), Transportation Office (003)

11 Site Budget Allocations Formulas Updated Annually Allocation Sheets Distributed to Principals at each site Reviewed by Area Administrators Compiled by Finance Budgets adjusted after 10 th day count Site responsible for over expenditure in sub-teacher accounts, stipend accounts, and overtime accounts. Carryover – non-salary budget not expended carried over to next year with some limitations. Unspent building rental funds are part of carryover.


13 Budgetary Revision Form Used after beginning year balances are posted to adjust funding in your unrestricted accounts as need for actual expenditures. Form located as link on Intranet ->Budget Office-> Budgetary Revision Form( This will open Excel spreadsheet to be saved to your desktop and edited. Note: cannot use to change federal funding, move funds between projects (ie: state adopted funds to unrestricted), or between funds (ie: bond funds to unrestricted) All BRFs received in Budget must have approvals from Principal and Area Superintendant before it can be processed.

14 BUDGETARY REVISION - - FOR BUDGET USE ONLY - - J.E.# ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ Batch # ___ ___ /___ ___ ___ P. Date ___ ___ /___ ___ /___ ___ (Site name and 5-digit phone number) ACCOUNT CLASSIFICATIONBUDGETARY/ALLOCATION CHANGE FYFundProjectTypeFunctionObjectProgram SubjectClassDiv./Site XXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXIncreaseDecrease 1 11 0000 50 24106111 0000000 00007145 500.00 1110000 50 24106191 0000000 00007145 500.00. Total Changes* $ 500.00 Notes: *The total of the increases must equal the total of the decreases. Please use a separate form for each fund; allocations cannot be transferred between funds or projects. Remarks: Requested byApproved by Date

15 Staff Allocation RQ Form Used to request an increase to site funded position hours, or request additional staff allocation funded either through project funds or superintendant reserve. Instructions and example of form included in packet. For actual form to fill out and edit go to Budget website.

16 Funds to Administer Bond Funds(37) - when contemplating an expenditure, review the Bond Office information for qualifying expenditures. Bond funds must be spent within certain time frames so consider these first. General Fund(11) - no expenditures allowed for food, gifts or awards.

17 Funds to Administer Gifts and Endowments (71) - Board Policy 5803 In order for an expenditure to be made from a Gifts and Endowments fund, it must qualify as either a valid General Fund expense or an expenditure for the purpose authorized by the donor of the gift. If the item is not a valid General Fund expenditure, but it is specifically authorized by the donor, documentation providing proof of the donor's intent must be submitted with the requisition. Examples of expenditures not valid from the General Fund are: Meals for employees who are not on an out-of-town trip. Employee refreshments. Purchase of flowers and plants. Donations to the PTA. Personal dues and memberships. Tuition reimbursement. Purchase of gifts, awards and plaques

18 Funds to Administer Student Activity Funds -Student generated funds -Must be spent for direct student benefit -Statutory limit of one checking account per school Responsibilities of the Principal are outlined in the Student Activity Handbook found on the Intranet in the Quick Links under Student Activity Funds

19 SAF Fund Responsibilities Page 6 of the Handbook: Principals, being responsible for their school's overall program, are accountable for knowing and enforcing all rules governing School Activity Funds. Although administrative styles may vary, the basic duties required of all principals are as follows: To advise Board of Control on School Board Policy and Oklahoma Statutory Law. To select a Board of Control that will fairly represent the student body. To appoint staff members to perform the duties of Secretary and Treasurer.

20 SAF Fund Responsibilities To submit names of each Board Member, Secretary, Treasurer (custodian) to the appropriate Area Administrator. To select appropriate Sponsors to represent all authorized student groups and to conduct all fundraising activities. To inform all faculty members concerning the proper use of funds and proper purchasing procedures. To initial form requesting permission to purchase certain equipment, accept gifts, and transfer funds. To report to the Treasurer of the district, all cases of theft or suspected theft of cash or merchandise belonging to the Student Activity Fund. To respond to any issues raised by an audit and make presentation of corrective plans to the Board of Education, if requested by the Superintendent.

21 Facilities Utilization Information for the public is on the District Website/Departments/Facilities Utilization Public is instructed to contact the school for availability and send application to the school for approving signature. Principal forwards to Facilities Utilization for processing and final approval.

22 Data Warehouse Reports School Available Balance Report: summary of all school discretionary account balances. School Available Balance Report-Salaries: summary of school salary account balances(ie: substitutes, certified stipends, optional special assignments etc.). School Inventory Expenditures Distribution Report: listing of current year warehouse expenses. School Invoice Distribution Report: listing of all paid invoices against school purchase orders. School Recent Budgetary Revisions: report used to show latest BRFs processed. School Requisition Purchase Order Distribution Report: listing of open RQs and POs for a school showing liquidated and remaining balances. School Salary Detail and Other Manual Entries to the GL: All salary expenditures by name and account, also includes manual entries for monthly AT&T and OfficeMax expenses etc.

23 2010/2011 GENERAL FUND (111) Project 0000 - UNRESTRICTED FUNDS Fnd Proj AT Func Obj Prg Subj Job Div Opr Account DescriptionAppropriations RequisitionsEncumbrances Expendit ures Available Balance 111-0000-50-1000-6111-100-0000- 000-07-103 INSTR. PAPER & COPY SUPPLIES-WAREHOUSE3,420.000.00 3,420.00 111-0000-50-1000-6192-100-0000- 000-07-103 INSTR. GENERAL OFFICE SUPPLIES- ONLINE963.350.00 963.35 111-0000-50-1000-6440-100-1050- 000-07-103 SUPPLEMENTAL TEXTBOOKS (NON-STATE ADOPTED)6,186.580.00 6,186.58 111-0000-50-1000-6810-100-0000- 000-07-103 INSTRUCTIONAL COCURRICULAR SUPPLIES3,600.000.00 3,600.00 111-0000-50-1000-6810-251-0000- 000-07-103 INSTRUCTIONAL COCURRICULAR SUPPLIES100.000.00 100.00 111-0000-50-1000-9300-100-0000- 000-07-103 FY11 ESTIMATED CARRYOVER3,013.200.00 3,013.20 111-0000-50-1000-9600-100-0000- 000-07-103PETTY CASH200.000.00 200.00 111-0000-50-2410-6111-000-0000- 000-07-103 OFFICE PAPER & COPY SUPPLIES-WAREHOUSE500.000.00 500.00 111-0000-50-2410-6190-000-0000- 000-07-103GENERAL OFFICE SUPPLIES450.000.00 450.00 111-0000-50-2410-6192-000-0000- 000-07-103 GENERAL OFFICE SUPPLIES- ONLINE963.350.00 963.35 111-0000-50-2720-8910-000-0000- 000-07-103TRANSPORTATION CREDITS726.720.00 726.72 Total Project 0000 - UNRESTRICTED FUNDS20,123.200.00 20,123.20 School Available Balance Report- Unrestricted funds

24 2010/2011 GENERAL FUND (111) Project 0130 - CHEROKEE MOTOR VEHICLE REVENUE Fnd Proj AT Func Obj Prg Subj Job Div OprAccount Description Appropria tions Requisitio ns Encumbra nces Expenditu res Available Balance 111-0130-50-1000-6810-100- 0000-000-07-103 CHEROKEE MOTOR VEH- COCURRICULAR SUPPLIES146.670.00 146.67 Total Project 0130 - CHEROKEE MOTOR VEHICLE REVENUE146.670.00 146.67 Project 3330 - STATE TEXTBOOK Fnd Proj AT Func Obj Prg Subj Job Div OprAccount Description Appropria tions Requisitio ns Encumbra nces Expenditu res Available Balance 111-3330-50-1000-6430-100- 1050-000-16-103 STATE ADOPTED TEXTBOOKS18,553.100.00 18,553.10 Total Project 3330 - STATE TEXTBOOK18,553.100.00 18,553.10 School Available Balance Report- Restricted Funds

25 2010/2011 GENERAL FUND (111) Project 3670 - READING SUFFICIENCY ACT Fnd Proj AT Func Obj Prg Subj Job Div OprAccount Description Appropriati ons Requisition s Encumbran ces Expenditur es Available Balance 111-3670-50-1000-1700-424-1130- 415-05-103STIPENDS - CERTIFIED4,972.210.00 4,972.21 Total Project 3670 - READING SUFFICIENCY ACT4,972.210.00 4,972.21 Project 5118 - TITLE 1 Fnd Proj AT Func Obj Prg Subj Job Div OprAccount Description Appropriati ons Requisition s Encumbran ces Expenditur es Available Balance 111-5118-50-1000-1110-494-1010- 210-05-103SALARIES - CERTIFIED67,400.000.00 67,400.00 111-5118-50-1000-1210-494-1050- 000-05-103SALARIES - NON CERTIFIED22,702.000.00 22,702.00 111-5118-50-1000-2310-494-0000- 415-05-103FICA - CERTIFIED2,113.000.00 2,113.00 111-5118-50-1000-2410-494-1050- 000-05-103 FICA - NON CERTIFIED2,270.100.00 2,270.10 111-5118-50-1000-6810-494-0000- 000-05-103 TITLE I COCURRICULAR SUPPLIES12,299.900.00 12,299.90 111-5118-50-2194-1210-494-0000- 322-05-103SALARIES - NON CERTIFIED20,000.000.00 20,000.00 111-5118-50-2194-2410-494-0000- 322-05-103FICA - NON CERTIFIED2,000.000.00 2,000.00 111-5118-50-2194-6191-494-0000- 000-05-103 GENERAL OFFICE SUPPLIES- WAREHOUSE1,100.000.00 1,100.00 111-5118-50-2213-3200-494-0000- 000-05-103 PROFESSIONAL-EDUCATION SERVICES3,700.000.00 3,700.00 Total Project 5118 - TITLE 1141,408.000.00 141,408.00 School Available Balance Report- Federal Funds

26 BOND FUND 34 - 2009B (034) Fnd Proj AT Func Obj Prg Subj Job Div OprAccount Description Appropriatio nsRequisitions Encumbran ces Expenditure s Available Balance 034-2100-50-2220-6410-000-0000-000- 07-111BOOKS6,560.000.00 6,559.190.81 Total Project 2100 - BOND-LIBRARY BOOKS6,560.000.00 6,559.190.81 Project 3110 - BOND-CLASSROOM TEXTBOOKS Fnd Proj AT Func Obj Prg Subj Job Div OprAccount Description Appropriatio nsRequisitions Encumbran ces Expenditure s Available Balance 034-3110-50-1000-6430-100-0000-000- 07-111 BOND CLASSROOM-STATE ADOPTED TEXTBOOKS9,840.000.00 9,840.00 034-3110-50-1000-6430-100-2200-000- 07-111 BOND CLASSROOM-STATE ADOPTED TEXTBOOKS0.00 9,823.320.00-9,823.32 Total Project 3110 - BOND-CLASSROOM TEXTBOOKS9,840.000.009,823.320.0016.68 Project 3120 - BOND-CLASSROOM TECH/AV EQUIP Fnd Proj AT Func Obj Prg Subj Job Div OprAccount Description Appropriatio nsRequisitions Encumbran ces Expenditure s Available Balance 034-3120-50-1000-6520-100-0000-000- 07-111AUDIOVISUAL0.00 4,165.71-4,165.71 034-3120-50-1000-6530-100-0000-000- 07-111 TECHNOLOGY-RELATED EQUIPMENT13,730.200.00 9,564.494,165.71 Total Project 3120 - BOND-CLASSROOM TECH/AV EQUIP13,730.200.00 13,730.200.00 Project 3130 - BOND-CLASSROOM FURNITURE Fnd Proj AT Func Obj Prg Subj Job Div OprAccount Description Appropriatio nsRequisitions Encumbran ces Expenditure s Available Balance 034-3130-50-1000-6540-100-0000-000- 07-111 BOND CLASSROOM - FURNITURE AND FIXTURES5,355.610.00 5,355.610.00 Total Project 3130 - BOND-CLASSROOM FURNITURE5,355.610.00 5,355.610.00 School Available Balance Report- Bond Funds

27 2009/2010 GENERAL FUND (011) Project 0000 - UNRESTRICTED FUNDS 011-0000-50-1000-6100-100-0000-000-07-103 Activity Date Stock roomMaterialTxnRequest #Item Description Issued QtyUOM Issued Amount Accounting Effect Date 03/22/2010ITIT600301K72 WIR013436 4 CANON DRUM 2230/2270/3530/3570/4530/4570, PART KAD22701EA121.7603/22/2010 03/29/2010ITIT600301K72 WIR013471 2 CANON DRUM 2230/2270/3530/3570/4530/4570, PART KAD22701EA121.7603/29/2010 04/07/2010ITIT600301K72 WIR013516 7 CANON DRUM 2230/2270/3530/3570/4530/4570, PART KAD22701EA121.7604/07/2010 Account Total: 365.28 011-0000-50-1000-6101-100-0000-000-07-103 Activity Date Stock roomMaterialTxnRequest #Item Description Issued QtyUOM Issued Amount Accounting Effect Date 08/27/200 9ISIS100382K72 WIR012565 1 CORRECTION FLUID, WHITE, LIQUID PAPER PAP 564- 01, SCHOO2DZ8.9508/27/2009 ISIS100471K72 WIR012565 1 DISPENSER, TAPE, DESKTOP, 3/4" W/1" CORE, 3M SCOTCH C-66EA10.3608/27/2009 ISIS100640K72 WIR012565 1 FOLDER LETTER, 1/3 CUT TAB, MANILA, 100/BX, OXFORD ESSE6BX24.8708/27/2009 ISIS100719K72 WIR012565 1 HIGHLIGHTER, PINK, CHISEL TIP, SANFORD SHARPIE ACCENT 21DZ3.8708/27/2009 School Inventory Expenditures Distribution Report

28 2009/2010 GENERAL FUND (011) Project 5118 - TITLE 1 OPEN PURCHASE ORDERS Fnd Proj AT Func Obj Prg Subj Job Div Opr RQ / PO NumberVendor #Vendor NameDistributedLiquidated Open AmountEff. Date 011-5118-50-1000-1700-494-0000-415-05-103 P76118RXA 0000000017094A01ENCUMBRANCE/PAYROLL12,928.75 0.002/16/2010 011-5118-50-1000-1700-494-0000-415-05-103 P76118RXA 0010000017094A01ENCUMBRANCE/PAYROLL10,930.62 0.002/16/2010 011-5118-50-1000-1700-494-0000-415-05-103 P76118RXA 0020000017094A01ENCUMBRANCE/PAYROLL10,930.62 0.002/16/2010 011-5118-50-1000-1700-494-0000-415-05-103 P76118RXA 0030000017094A01ENCUMBRANCE/PAYROLL6,977.490.006,977.496/2/2010 Account Subtotal: 6,977.49 011-5118-50-2194-2310-494-0000-322-05-103 P76023RXA 0000000012969P01CHILD NUTRITION56.250.0056.2511/17/2009 Account Subtotal: 56.25 011-5118-50-2194-5990-494-0000-000-05-103 P76023RXA 0000000012969P01CHILD NUTRITION281.25270.7510.5011/17/2009 011-5118-50-2194-5990-494-0000-000-05-103 P84500RXA 0000000012969P01CHILD NUTRITION270.750.00270.755/3/2010 Account Subtotal: 281.25 Project Total: 7,314.99 School Requisition Purchase Order Distribution Report

29 Funding CategorySpend ByAppropriationExpenditure Requistion/ EncumbranceAvailable Percent Committ ed SUBSTITUTE SALARIES / PROJ 0000, OBJS 139X & 149X 34,319.6016,965.00 17,354.6049.43% STIPENDS - NON-CERTIFIED / PROJ 0000, OBJ 1800 93.75206.23 (112.48)219.98% UNRESTRICTED FUNDS / PROJ 0000MARCH 3146,445.1336,785.93309.049,350.1679.87% FEDERAL TITLE I FUNDS / PROJ 5118FEBRUARY 1349,155.40284,686.0056,283.348,186.0697.66% COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL REFORM / PROJ 5160 148,314.66117,996.5125,081.885,236.2796.47% CHEROKEE MOTOR VEHICLE / PROJ 0130MARCH 312,312.75..00% STATE ADOPTED TEXTBOOKS / PROJ 3330MARCH 3177,056.0956,386.75 20,669.3473.18% Total:XXX ABC ELEMENTARY657,697.38513,026.4281,674.2662,996.7090.42% School Status of Funds Report

30 General Information: Systems Access Walker- Contact Nancy Randolph (x66275) in Purchasing for approval queue instructions and general walker use questions. Data Warehouse- Contact Alicia Srader (x66552) in Budget for general report questions or sign in problems.

31 Other Helpful Information Budget – Manual - – Forms- Accounting – Manual - – Forms - School Activity Funds Handbook- located online at Payroll Handbook- located online at Fixed Assets Link to Facet- Purchasing Guidelines and information- located throughout website at

32 Advice for Principals Dont hesitate to ask questions Learn how to read monthly financials Be aware of spending deadlines Share pertinent information from Leadership Team Packets with staff Learn what can/cannot be purchased from each fund Be thrifty the first year. Buy only what you need - not what you want.

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