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Research and Sponsored Projects New Faculty and Staff Orientation Roberto A. OseguedaAnn Q. Gates Vice President Associate Vice President

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1 Research and Sponsored Projects New Faculty and Staff Orientation Roberto A. OseguedaAnn Q. Gates Vice President Associate Vice President Office: Admin 209 Phone:

2 Create access to higher education opportunities for residents of the El Paso region Achieve excellence in academic programs, research, scholarship and creative activity Recruit and retain faculty with capacity to provide a high level of quality Create a campus climate that supports facultys ability to achieve research, creative and scholarly aspirations Slide 2 Access and Excellence UTEP is strongly committed to:

3 Research at UTEP-1 Designated as Texas Tier 1 Emerging Institution Leveraged capacity-building investments – $250 million in UTEPs infrastructure over last five years Increasing externally funded research portfolio Competing successfully with major research universities for the highest-level, peer-reviewed research grants – National Science Foundation – National Institutes of Health – Other federal agencies Slide 3

4 Research at UTEP-2 National Science Foundation ranking of all U.S. universities by total federally financed R&D expenditures places UTEP at 73 rd Nearly 300 faculty and staff members engaged in research and sponsored projects last year Submission of over 582 proposals last fiscal year Research funding provides students with experiences that makes them competitive – More than 40% of students with BS degrees engaged in research, scholarly or creative projects with UTEP faculty – More that 43% of those students enroll in UTEP graduate programs Slide 4

5 History of Research Expenditures (* NSF Science Resources Statistics, all others THECB) Total Research Expenditures B

6 ORSPs Vision Accelerate the Research and Sponsored Program enterprise while adhering to university policies and federal regulations.

7 ORSPs Mission Provide review and institutional endorsement of all applications for external sponsored funding Review, and negotiate when necessary, awards prior to acceptance Accept awards officially on behalf of the University Maintain sponsored project information services and data for University faculty and administrators

8 Summary of ORSP Services Proposal development support Administration of research and sponsored projects Administration of institutional review boards Technology transfer, licensing and commercialization Information, training, and compliance oversight

9 Proposal Development Services Identification of strategic funding opportunities Proposal preparation and writing – Assist in team building – Organize planning meeting – Support development of sections requiring institutional information – Provide critical review and facilitate external review Grantsmanship training and development – Workshops – Brown-bag lunches

10 Faculty and Staff Expertise Research Centers Technologies and Patents Research Facilities Equipment Laboratories and Research Groups Web-based Expertise Profile System provides information on: The Collaborative Partnership is search engine that allows individuals to find each other and build partnerships in pursuit of conducting research through inter-institutional searches FACULTY / STAFF LOGIN UsernamePassword [ Forgot Password ] [ Need More Help ] login allows editing access

11 Proposal Development and Training Services Ann Q. Gates, Associate VP Research Claudine M. Riccillo, Associate Director Flo Dick, Proposal Services Coordinator ; Malu Picard-Ami, Proposal Development Specialist ; Contact Information

12 Administration of Research and Sponsored Projects Pre-award services – Prepare budgets in accordance with RFA/RFP guidelines – Perform final review and approval of proposal packet – Submit completed proposals Post-award services – Negotiate and accept awards on behalf of the University – Prepare and negotiate sub-agreements – Monitor submission of progress and final reports – Monitor grant expenditures in compliance with scope – Submit requests Extensions Change in scope of work or budget Transfer projects or principal investigators

13 Contact Information Research and Sponsored Projects Administration Manuela Dokie, Assistant VP for Research and Compliance Michelle Kistenmacher Research Administration Manager Research Administrators Teresa Almengor, SRA Sona Kumar, Tom Osteen, Marisa Sanchez, SRA C&G Specialists Maria Isela Hernandez, Irene Holguin, Laura Soltero,

14 Administration of Institutional Review Boards Review boards and protocols Human subjects in research (IRB) Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Recombinant DNA and Biosafety (IBC) Research integrity and conflict of interest committee (RIC/COI)

15 Contact Information Institutional Review Boards (IBC) Recombinant DNA Susan Avena, Coordinator IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Cindy Crews, Manager IRB (institutional Review Board) Administration Athena Fester, IRB Administrator , Viviana Vigil, IRB and IP Specialist , Cecy DeSantiago, Administrative Assistant

16 Technology Transfer, Licensing and Commercialization Services Manage and protect intellectual property assets of the university Manage process for evaluating disclosures, and filing patent applications Execute license and partnership agreements Commercialize UTEPs intellectual property Assist faculty for University start-up companies

17 Technology Transfer, Licensing and Commercialization Tony Woo, Assistant Vice President Susan Avena, Technology Transfer Coordinator Contact Information

18 Research Centers

19 Summary of Research Centers-1 Center for Space Exploration Technology Research (CSETR) W.M. Keck Center for 3D Innovations Center For Environmental Resource Management (CERM) Research Institute for Manufacturing and Engineering Systems (RIMES) CyberShARE Center of Excellence: Sharing resources through Cyberinfrastructure to Advance Research and Education Slide 19

20 Summary of Research Centers-2 Center for Space Exploration Technology Research (cSETR) Materials Research & Technology Institute (MRTI) National Center for Border Security and Immigration (NCBSI) Center for Defense Systems Research (CDSR) Center for Inland Desalination Systems (CIDS) Regional Geospatial Center (RGIS) Border Biomedical Research Center (BBRC) Slide 20

21 Summary of Research Centers-3 Hispanic Health Disparities Research Center (HHDRC) Institute for Policy and Economic Development (IPED) El Paso Collaborative for Academic Excellence (EPCA) Center for Research on Education Reform (CRER) Intelligence Communities Center for Academic Excellence (IC- CAE) Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) Slide 21

22 Center for Research Entrepreneurship and Innovative Enterprises (CREIE) The mission of CREIE is to: Unify campus initiatives in technology transfer, entrepreneurship and commercialization. Incorporate the commercialization strategy of UTEP to promote innovations and create new businesses and licenses. Foster symbiotic relationships with the Office of Technology Transfer and the Kauffman Campus Initiative (KCI) Develop formal relationships with major corporations and other organizations in targeted industries. Contact: Dr. Gary Williams Work: (915)

23 Contact Information Centers and Liaison with UT System Office of Federal Relations and Congress Bob Currey, Assistant Vice President

24 Information and Training Information services – Manage the research expertise system – Support the ORSP Web site – Maintain Proposal and Awards administrative database – Promote research activities and institutional core competencies to funding agencies Workshops and Training – Grant writing – Pre- and post-award administration – Compliance (export control, conflict of interest, and other institutional processes and policies) – IRB – IACUC

25 Grant Writing Workshops Workshops on Demand – Selling your idea – Writing a research and education plan – Addressing significance and impact criteria – Developing an evaluation plan – Understanding the review plan Jumpstart Your Research – Intense program to develop an integrative research and education plan through focused workshops, meetings, and critical review – Start date: Spring 2011

26 New Faculty and Staff Orientation Purpose: Provide an overview of ORSP services and resources Two workshops: – Option 1: September 13 and 15, :00-4:00 p.m. Blumberg Auditorium – Option 2: September 21 and 23, :00-4:00 p.m. Cactus room, Student Union

27 For more information:

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