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Microsoft and Google Solutions IT Luncheon 4/26/12 By Jim Gartner.

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1 Microsoft and Google Solutions IT Luncheon 4/26/12 By Jim Gartner

2 Agenda Microsoft Office 365 Overview Components of Office 365 Office 365 Pricing Microsoft Google Apps Overview Components of Google Apps Features and Pricing of Google Apps Microsoft vs. Google Apps Comparison Migration

3 What is Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Office collaboration and productivity tools delivered through the cloud. Everyone can work together easily with anywhere access to , web conferencing, documents, and calendars. It includes business-class security and is backed by Microsoft. Currently considered business offering with Educational equivalent of Office 365 to be released later in 2012.

4 Components of Office 365 Exchange Online 25GB per mailbox Microsoft Forefront Security Inc. Sync to BES Active Sync Look and Feel of on Premise Exchange Calendar and Contacts SharePoint Online 500MB per user SharePoint Online lets you create sites to share documents and information with colleagues, and customers. Lync Online Online Instant Messaging (IM) Video and Audio Conferencing Online Meeting and Screen Sharing Office Pro Plus Not an Online Service Office Key Code Provided & downloaded to machine 5 downloads per key Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access Web Apps allows access through the web

5 Office 365 Pricing

6 Security and Redundancy Built in Antivirus and Spam Features HTTPS encrypted security level Continuous data back-up, and provides disaster recovery to meet the needs of most clients. Three Redundant Datacenters in North America

7 Microsoft A Free Microsoft Offering For Educational Institutions The Microsoft program provides institutions of higher education and K-12 with a set of free hosted and cobranded services for students, alumni, and applicants. Offerings include a choice of Windows Live Hotmail or Microsoft Exchange Labs for , and Microsoft Office Live Workspace, an online space to collaborate on Microsoft Office documents. 10 GB of storage Microsoft Outlook Live service built on Exchange 2010 Microsoft provides the familiar and reliable Outlook Web Access (OWA) co-branded with a schools name and logo 25 GB of additional file storage

8 Microsoft Cont. Benefits Save time and money. Microsoft is a no-cost, hosted service that can reduce ongoing maintenance costs and system updates. Provide students anytime, anywhere, access to services. With Live , students receive a school domain address that they can use today, and continue to use when they are alumni. Build on what you already have. Microsoft integrates with your existing Microsoft programs, providing flexibility to combine on-premises and hosted solutions. Built-in protection from viruses, spam, and phishing attacks. Negatives Limited Management and control of your environment Integration with Smartphone platforms is limited (iPhone and Blackberry not supported) Limited support is provided through and chat Active Directory is not supported Less Storage Space and No Archiving Available

9 Google Apps Overview Google is currently offering a hosted solution for their , calendar, and chat through Google Apps for an integrated communication and collaboration solution. Core Google Apps Suite Includes: Gmail: storage and search tools that help your students find information fast and instant messaging from right inside their accounts. Google Calendar: Users can organize their schedules and share events and calendars with others. Google Talk: Users can call or send instant messages to their contacts for free anytime, anywhere in the world. Google Docs: Share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Collaborate in real-time with your team or with your whole school. You can publish final documents to the entire world, too. Google Sites: Work together to keep related documents, web content and other information in one place, on one site. Google Video : A video hosting and sharing solution that enables organizations to use video as an effective medium for internal communication and collaboration.

10 Google Apps Versions FreeBusinessEducation General (No Cost) ($5 Per User*) (No Cost*) *Add-ons have fee 99.9% uptime guarantee SLA XX Maximum users per domain 10Unlimited * Unlimited for schools; Your custom addresses XXXEg, Message allowances /IM storage per user 7+ GB25 GB Attachment size limit25 MB Maximum recipients per message 500 Maximum recipients/day per user (outside your domain) 5003,000 Support Online self helpXXX Priority support (via link in Control Panel) XX Emergency phone support XX

11 Google Apps Versions Cont. FreeBusinessEducation Message Allowances / IM Storage7 GB 25 GB Attachment Size Limit25 MB Maximum Recipients/ day per user Customization Removal of Gmail ads XX Logo and colors branding XXX Custom URLXXX Domain-wide signatures XX**Postini Req. Themes (defined by user) XXX

12 Google Apps Versions Cont. Filtering & compliance Junk filtering and virus blocking XXX Custom filtering, content policies, and encryption XX*Google Message SecurityGoogle Message Security (Postini) Archiving, search, and discovery X* (Postini)Paid add-on, only retention policies X How long an can be kept IP address whitelisting XX User-managed blacklistsXXX FreeBusinessEducation Security SSL EnforcementXXX Single Sign OnXX Custom Password Strength and Length XX

13 Google Apps Benefits Save time and money. Google Apps is a lower cost, hosted service that can reduce ongoing maintenance costs and system updates Provide users anytime, anywhere, access to services. (With Google for education, students receive a school domain address that they can use today, and continue to use when they are alumni.) A complete collaboration solution comparable to Office 365 with less cost. , IM, Docs., calendar, voice, video integration, site creation to share, create groups, and mange material Built-in security protection and monitoring and management features Smartphone/anytime access and application friendly Storage and features are plentiful Negatives Less control of your environment than with an on premise solution Many people consider the Google look and feel to be a consumer solution While lower cost at this time, Google does reserve the right to amend this agreement at anytime Postini services and Archiving available but at an additional cost Although it maybe a fallacy their our concerns about Google harboring your information and data Google Apps are simply not at the level of Microsoft Office solutions and people are not used to them and they are not the document standard at this time Limited support is mostly provided through and chat

14 Google Apps Add-ons $209 $18 RecMan $5 CloudLock $40 RunMyProcess $30 Google Apps Help Desk Support Services $39 WebEx $33 Postini $8 Promevo gPanel (Management Tool) $36MyOneLogin

15 Microsoft vs. Google Software & Productivity MicrosoftGoogle Apps On premise and 365 can include MS Office, and Outlook that users are familiar with Software as a Service (SaaS) only offering providing basic and unfamiliar tools with Goggle apps MicrosoftGoogle Apps Office 365 Seamless interoperability with On- premises solutions and RMS, Active Directory. Little Management available with No On-premises options; heavily reliant on Google to provide updates and management. Google Admin is needed Management MicrosoftGoogle Apps Office 365 has a financially backed SLA. Phone & Support 24x7. On premise allows for more internal control and support. basic support Stigma of more of a consumer product that offers & chat support very limited phone support Support MicrosoftGoogle Apps Full suite of offerings through on premise or Office 365, but cloud educational piece is rudimentary. Educational Offering is nearly equal to their Business Offering at almost zero cost. Offering Strategy

16 Migration of One migration provider is MigrationWiz: Cloud-based mailbox and migration service. Migrate your calendar, contacts, , tasks, journals and notes from one system to another All done through the web, no tools or applications download Almost all providers are supported Basic – $9.99 per mailbox 1 – 5,000 Mailboxes (>10GB) $8.99 Per Mailbox 5, ,000 Mailboxes Premium $11.99 per mailbox (> 50GB) 1 – 5,000 Mailboxes (>10GB) $10.99 Per Mailbox ,000 Mailboxes

17 Thank You Questions and Answers Follow-up Items Setup a Call with Microsoft or Google Contact Info: Jim Gartner

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