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Technology Update – Spring 2014 Jasmine Witham Eric Raznick v1.

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2 Technology Update – Spring 2014 Jasmine Witham Eric Raznick v1

3 WebAccess/Moodle Upgrade Office 365 Migration SharePoint Upgrade Misc. Changes (A Potpourri) Agenda

4 WebAccess 2+ Timeline Mar 2013 – Formed MUTT with Colleges Moodle Upgrade Training Taskforce Jasmine Witham, Peter Bruni, Jane Rice Alexis Alexander, Chris Smith (ITS), Christopher Smith (CSM), Diana Bennett, Ricardo Flores, Tania Beliz, Yun Mei Lawrence, Theresa Martin, Alan Miller, Jim Petromilli

5 WebAccess 2+ Timeline Mar 2013 – Formed MUTT with Colleges Moodle Upgrade Training Taskforce Jun-Aug 2013 – Taskforce Created Tutorials Sept 2013 – Sandboxes for all Faculty Oct 2013– Jan 2014 – Workshops Offered Oct 2013 –Spring 2014 Course Shells Available Jan 8, 2014 – WebAccess 2+ Launched

6 WebAccess 2+ More Modern Look & Feel Easier to Navigate Courses Easier to Move Content Between Blocks (move files between lessons or weeks) Drag and Drop Files (easy uploading) Personalized Learning Designer - Feature of gradebook to set rules for notifying students.

7 WebAccess 2+ Old Site – Moodle 1.9 New Site – Moodle 2.5

8 WebAccess 2+ WebAccess Issues Largest issue the start of Spring 2014 is that faculty did not make their courses available to students. Courses hidden by default.

9 WebAccess 2+ WebAccess Archives Old site is available: http://smccdold.mrooms.net Working with a consultant to help us create an in-house archive for auditing purposes so we can keep 5 years worth of student participation data. For now, it is the instructors responsibility to export the gradebook each semester, just as if it were an in-person course.

10 WebAccess 2+ Timeline Old Version Available: Number of Courses - Spring 2014: Cañada = ~250 CSM = ~350 Skyline = ~450 Faculty Logged in 2014: 496 Current Active Students: 15,346 Predicted Students: 18,000 Predicted Faculty: 530

11 WebAccess 2+ Support Transitions Site Online Manuals AeLearn Support Center Support Tickets - 7 days a week - 6:00 AM-9:00 PM Support Calls - Monday-Friday - 9:00 AM-5:00 PM Distance Ed/Instructional Designers Cañada College (CIETL Center) - Contact: Jane Rice College of San Mateo (DE Office) - Contact: Alexis Alexander Skyline College (CTTL) - http://skylinecttl.org Contact: Ricardo Flores

12 Office 365 Migration Spring 2014 v4

13 Office 365 or O365 is a hosted service from Microsoft that provides collaborative applications like email, voice-mail, instant messaging (IM) and SharePoint. What is Office 365? Office 365 Migration

14 Email is Microsoft Exchange 2007 Voice-mail is Siemens Xpressions SharePoint is Microsoft Sharepoint 2007 All the hardware is hosted on-site in the ITS Server Room and supported by ITS staff. Office 365 Migration How are we setup today?

15 CurrentOffice 365 Email Storage Size2GB50GB Email SharePoint Version20072012 Exchange Version20072013 Lync, OneDriveN/AYes Voice Mail MessageUnified Message (arrives attached to email) Unified Message – with text transcript! Office 365 Migration What will change? 2007 2013

16 Voicemail is Old, Non-Compatible, Expensive to Upgrade and does not support current version of Exchange Hosting Email & SharePoint in-house takes a lot of resources 12 servers (expensive to maintain) Complex support requirements for IT staff. Limited storage (backup constraints) Office 365 Migration Why Move?

17 Will someone from outside the District have access to my messages? Microsoft is contractually obligated to maintain privacy of our messages. A statement on the Office 365 web site says: Office 365 Migration Privacy? Your data is not mined to create advertisement products. Office 365 does not build advertising products out of customer data. We dont scan your email or documents for building analytics, data mining, or advertising, or to improve the service. More information about privacy can be found at:

18 How do I configure my iOS device (iPad, iPhone) to work with Office 365? Easy to setup because of auto detection Takes 2 minutes You may have to delete and recreate the account PLUS Office365 Mobile Apps (Email, SkyDrive Pro, Lync) Office 365 Migration iPhone & iPad?

19 How do I configure my Android device to work with Office 365? Server name: Username: Domain: domain blank Office 365 Migration Android? PLUS Office365 Apps

20 I want to access from the web, has anything changed? Old Address: New Address: You can always find a link to web mail from the portal page. Office 365 Migration Webmail?

21 New look for Outlook – Office 365 Migration

22 What is new with voice-mail? Transcription (if under 60 seconds) delivered to your email account Voice Command Menus Missed call message Will my Message Waiting Indicator on my Siemens phone turn red when a new voice message arrives? Yes! Office 365 Migration Voicemail

23 Office 365 Migration Voicemail

24 Lync gives you instant messaging (IM), desktop screen sharing, PC to PC audio and video calls and more. Future: replace Siemens phone system with Lync voice. Office 365 Migration Lync

25 Online storage (25 Gigs!) Access from anywhere OneDrive desktop App OneDrive mobile Apps Easily Share Docs with co-workers Similar to DropBox Office 365 Migration OneDrive

26 Pilot started in Oct 2013 – over 60 people moved. We expect to have all email accounts moved in early spring 2014. You will be contacted prior to your move with details about when your account will move and technical information about what is changing. Office 365 Migration When can I use it?

27 How do I get more information? ITS Office 365 FAQ - Microsoft Office 365 Training - us/support/training-FX101782702.aspx us/support/training-FX101782702.aspx Contact the ITS Helpdesk at x6543 or submit a work order from the Portal page. Office 365 Migration Resources

28 How do I get more information? Sharepoint Upgrade Old Site – Sharepoint 2007 New Site – Sharepoint 2013

29 New Upgraded Interface Edit Documents Online Drag and Drop Uploading Easier Collaboration Better Integration with Office 2013 More Robust MySites (like having our own Facebook) Easily Save Docs Directly to Sharepoint No Public Sites Sharepoint Upgrade Sharepoint (Team Sites)

30 Sharepoint Upgrade Migration Working with Microsoft Partner Total Sites Being Migrated: 538 Bringing Over Files, Structure & Permissions All Sites Migrated Email to Users Migrated to Kick the Tires URL Changing to Launch (hopefully) March 17 th …

31 Sharepoint Upgrade New Version Links– Go Play Tutorials: tutorials/ tutorials/

32 Misc 1.Digital Signatures 2.Wifi - Public splash page 3.Office 2013

33 Digital Signatures What is a Digitally Signature? Digital signatures are ways you can legally sign a document. An electronic signature is a certificate that only shows up on your computer when you login to our network. It validates your identity by your email credentials. Software such as Adobe Acrobat and Word will recognize there is a digital signature certificate on your computer allowing you to digitally sign documents.

34 Digital Signatures Digitally Signing Documents

35 Digital Signatures Create Form in Word

36 Digital Signatures Open Adobe Acrobat Pro

37 Digital Signatures Digitally Signing Documents

38 Digital Signatures Digitally Signing Documents

39 Wifi Public Splash Page

40 Office 2013 Latest version of Microsoft Office suite for Windows Files are compatible with previous version Available upon request – submit an ITS Helpdesk request to have your computer upgraded Soon to be standard on new District computers

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