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Taking Care of Business

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1 Taking Care of Business
The University of Texas at Dallas Taking Care of Business

2 Bursar’s Office Office of Financial Aid Office of the Registrar
Assisting students in achieving their goals…

3 The Student Service Building
First Floor, SSB: Office of Financial Aid Office of the Registrar Office of Enrollment Services Second Floor, SSB: Bursar’s Office

4 The Student Service Building
Welcome Center Assistance with Registrar, Financial Aid, Enrollment Services (admissions) and Bursar (student account) questions Get in line with Comet Queues Text “UT DALLAS” to Call You will receive a text message or phone call letting you know how long is the expected wait, and when it is your turn to be seen

5 UT Dallas Email Addresses
Assigned at point of admission

6 UT Dallas All official student correspondence will be sent only to a student's UT Dallas address. Students must use their UT Dallas accounts when ing faculty and/or staff regarding academic or financial records. If you experience any problems with your UT Dallas account you may or call the UT Dallas Computer Help Desk at Do not include SSN/UTD-ID in s. Send full name as it appear in Orion and one other identifier (e.g. DOB)

7 Policies, Deadlines, and Important Dates
Catalog Academic Calendar Payment and Refund Calendar

8 UT Dallas Catalog Online
Catalog Home Academics Admissions Courses Curriculum Policies Resources Tuition and Financial Aid Students are responsible for knowing the policies as written in the catalog.

9 Published Calendars Every term a calendar with deadlines and important dates is posted online Access at the UT Dallas homepage through the Academic Calendar link. You will see options for a prior term and future term calendars, as well. Students are responsible for knowing the information posted and observing all applicable deadlines. Have someone show the navigation to calendar.

10 Academic Calendar Census Day
Last day to make changes in academic record for term Elect Credit/No Credit (UG) or Pass/Fail (GR) Drop a course without a grade of “W” Changes become a permanent part of your academic record Fall 2013, Census Day is September 11

11 Academic Calendar Last day to drop or withdraw from a course
Drop – to terminate enrollment in a course on or before Census Day. No grade appears on transcript. Withdraw – to terminate enrollment in a course after Census Day, resulting in a “W” on transcript. International Students MUST see international advisor before dropping. Financial Aid recipients should check with financial aid counselor before dropping or withdrawing from courses. WL -Withdraw Policy Check Academic Calendar for WL deadlines Non-punitive toward Grade Point Average Transcribed on official transcript

12 Bursar’s Office 2nd Floor, Student Services Building
Phone: Web Page:

13 Academic Calendar Payment and Refund
Payment Due Dates Students must pay by the published deadlines. Students may be cancelled from their classes if payment is not made by the published deadlines. Students who add a course after the deadline must pay the adjusted tuition and fees on the same day to avoid late fees and course cancellation. Even though electronic bills are sent, students should check their account balances through Orion prior to posted payment deadlines.

14 Academic Calendar Refund Schedule
UTD is a State Agency adhering to Section of the Texas Higher Education Code that determines the refund policy. Partial Drop/Withdrawal - Dropping a course(s) but remain enrolled in at least one other session course. You will receive a 100% refund for a Full-Term Session until the Census day. No refund after Census day. Complete Drop/Withdrawal - Dropping or withdrawing from all courses. You will owe a portion or all of your tuition if you drop or withdraw from all classes on or after the 1st day of class. If you are registered for courses in any given term and do not plan to attend, it is crucial you drop all classes before the 1st day of class. It is your responsibility to drop these courses; otherwise, it may result in a grade of “F” on your official record.

15 Academic Calendar Refund Schedule – Partial Withdrawal
If you drop a course(s) but remain in at least one other session course for Fall 2013, you will receive a 100% refund until the following dates. Full-Term Session…………………………………..…Sep 11 1st 8 Week Session…………………………………. Sep 3 2nd 8 week Session…………………………………. Oct 28 However, Financial Aid and/or Scholarship recipients dropping below full-time (12 SCH) on or before these dates are likely to require an aid reduction or cancellation for funds that require full-time enrollment. Students with financial aid and/or scholarships should contact their financial aid counselor before dropping from one enrollment level to another for a term.

16 Academic Calendar Refund Schedule – Complete Withdrawal
If you drop or withdraw from all courses for the Fall 2013 Full-Term Session: 100% refund through Aug 25 Fall 2013 Full-Term begins August 26, 2013 80% refund through Aug 30 70% refund through Sep 9 50% refund through Sep 16 25% refund through Sep 23 No refund available after the 20th class day of the full length term. See the published calendars every semester for specific dates and refund schedules of other sessions. Financial Aid recipients should consult with their financial aid counselor before completely dropping or withdrawing from the University. Impact to current financial aid Impact to future financial aid

17 Bursar’s Office Office Functions
Assessment, billing and collection of Tuition & Fees for UT Dallas Accepting payments Tuition, Parking Fines, Library Fines Posting Financial Aid refunds Answering questions about your account Online Services through EZPAY

18 EZPAY Services EZPAY Make payment online Set up installment plan
View bills online Set up Direct Deposit Set up authorized user

19 Payment Options Pay Online using EZPAY. Pay at the Bursar’s Office
Visit Credit Card: 1.90 % convenience fee (MasterCard, American Express & Discover card only). We cannot accept Visa for tuition payments. E – check is FREE!!!!!! Pay at the Bursar’s Office Personal check, cashier’s check, money order Located second floor of the Student Services Building (SSB) Cash

20 Payment Options Pay by mailing a check
Checks must reach the Bursar’s Office on or before the payment deadline Pay by Installment Plan ($25.00 Fee) Tuition is divided into three payments First Installment – 34% of tuition + fees Second Installment – 33% of tuition + fees Third Installment – 33% of tuition + fees See posted Payment and Refund Calendar for deadlines

21 Payment Options Pay by Short Term Loan 1.25 percent origination fee
Health insurance is not covered by the Short Term Loan and must be paid prior to or at the time the loan is accepted as payment The loans need to be paid back by the due date to avoid penalties Students may apply online through Orion Self-Service for a Short Term loan

22 Third Party Payments Texas Tomorrow Your employer is paying
Need a copy of your ID Card Your employer is paying Need a copy of your authorization letter Student is responsible for all charges not covered Scholarship Recipients Eligible for extended payment deadline of Census Day of the term but it is students responsibility to make sure all charges are paid by Census Day Financial Aid recipients receiving a Third Party Payment Notify your financial aid counselor of any 3rd party payment toward tuition/fees or scholarship awarded to you but not represented on your Financial Aid award

23 Credit Balances You may view your Bursar Account status through EZPAY( Credit Balances on a students account (e.g. credit from Financial Aid payments after outstanding educational charges are paid) are refunded within about 2-4 days after the credit is incurred Receipt of electronic refunds is an option and recommended. Students may set up for direct deposit online through EZPAY Check refunds are mailed out to the billing address

24 Office of Financial Aid
1st Floor, Student Services Building Phone: Web Page:

25 Office of Financial Aid
Office Functions Process federal and state financial aid applications Award financial aid for new and continuing UT Dallas students Coordination of Veterans’ Benefits Process institutional scholarship awards Advise students and their families

26 Important Information
Read the Office of Financial Aid Website Applying for Financial Aid Verification Deadlines Eligibility Requirements Types of Aid Veterans Benefits Scholarships Loans Withdrawal Policy Standards of Academic Progress Contact Information Consumer Information

27 Financial Aid Withdraw Policy
Dropping below full-time or withdrawing from courses may affect financial aid eligibility Adjustments to financial aid will be done to reflect the number of credit hours for which a student is enrolled as of Census Day.  

28 Financial Aid Withdraw Policy
“Return to Title IV” calculation A calculation, using a formula provided by the federal government, must be performed for students who receive Title IV financial assistance (Pell, FSEOG, and Direct Loans) and officially withdraw from all courses, drop all courses after beginning attendance, or stop attending all classes prior to the 60 percent date of the semester.  Financial Aid recipients should notify their financial aid counselor of changes in enrollment status

29 Financial Aid Disbursements
Financial Aid disbursements to the student’s Bursar Account are scheduled to begin the 1st day of class of each term. In order for Financial Aid to disburse, you must: Be registered at the same academic level as your Financial Aid Award (e.g. if awarded “full-time”, registered in at least 12 SCH.) Make sure you do not have outstanding Financial Aid Checklist items (see “To Do” items through Orion Self-service). After your 1st semester, be making Satisfactory Academic Progress. See First-time Freshman are awarded on an “anticipated” full-time status. If you will not be full-time in the fall, contact your financial aid counselor.

30 Satisfactory Academic Progress
Copy of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Review Academic requirements which must be met to retain financial aid eligibility GPA minimum (term and cumulative) Minimum completion rate (term) Overall cap on hours attempted per degree Reviewed each term Official notices sent to UT Dallas address Warning, Suspension, Probation

31 Financial Aid Communications
Students can view missing documents (“To Do” list) and current Financial Aid Award through Orion Self-Service Visit the Financial Aid Website for updates, current deadlines, and required forms

32 Office of the Registrar
1st Floor, Student Services Building Phone: Web Page:

33 Office of the Registrar
Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Requirement Residency (current students) Change of major/minor/program, name Enrollment verification Repeated course adjustment Transcripts Graduation applications/degree verifications Registration (add, drop, withdraw) Credit/No Credit, Pass/Fail FERPA/Parent Dependency Audit course

34 Important Information
Utilize Online Information: Catalog – Every 2 Years (online) Course Lookup and Course Listings – Every Semester Comet Calendar Academic Calendar Read, understand, and consult the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the University, state, and federal government. See “Policies” under applicable catalog at See your academic advisor Ask questions Observe deadlines

35 Registration Advisor Clearance Registration Freshmen New Students
Students below good academic standing Students required to see advisor - schedule of classes Registration Orion - Enrollment Appointments Sign-in with NetID and Password Advisor Walk-In Registration Students who receive registration overrides Students on academic probation/dropped status Overrides – e.g. co/pre-reqs

36 Grades An undergraduate student is limited to 3 grade-bearing enrollment attempts for any specific class (includes W’s) You will not be able to register for a class if you have exhausted your three class attempts Grades can be accessed via Orion NF grade – punitive; due to non-attendance Grade reports are not mailed Undergraduates receive midterm grades in Fall and Spring Mid-term grades do not calculate into student’s term or cumulative GPA

37 FERPA FERPA packet
Parents Certification of Dependency Form – Page 4 Only covers calendar year, not academic year. Request for Confidentiality of Directory Information Form – Page 7 Third Party Release of Information Form – Page 9

38 Texas Six-Drop Rule Refers to a “six-withdraw” limit
Affects any first time in college student beginning Fall 2007 semester for courses attempted at a Texas public university or college. Undergraduate students will not be permitted to withdraw from more than six courses, including any course a transfer student has withdrawn from at another Texas public institution of higher education. Students will not be able to withdraw from a seventh course and would receive a final grade in the course. Non-academic withdrawals are exempt from counting toward the six-withdraw rule

39 Excessive Hours Rule There is a maximum number of semester credit hours that an undergraduate Texas resident may attempt while paying tuition at the rate provided for Texas residents. Attempted hours include all hours taken at a Texas state institution of higher education for which a student was registered as of Census Day, including courses that have been repeated, failed, and courses from which the student withdrew. For students who enrolled for the first time Fall 2006 and on, the maximum is 30 hours above the MINIMUM number of hours required for completion of the degree program in which the student is enrolled, or 120 hours for a student who is not enrolled in a degree program. A student who exceeds the maximum attempted hours at UT Dallas will be charged a tuition rate equivalent to the rate charged to nonresident undergraduate students for the hours in excess.

40 Texas Tuition Rebate Freshmen who entered a Texas public college or university for the first time in the fall of 1997 or later, may qualify for a $1,000 tuition rebate after graduation. To be eligible for a rebate under this program, a student must: Enroll for the first time in an institution of higher education in the fall 1997 semester or later and not have a prior degree Be a resident of Texas and have been entitled to pay resident tuition at all times while pursuing the degree Graduate within four calendar years for a four-year degree Attempt no more than three hours in excess of the minimum number of semester credit hours required to complete the degree under the catalog under which the student graduated. Submit a Texas Tuition Rebate Application to the Office of the Registrar before graduation date.

41 The Galaxy Portal

42 The Galaxy Portal Log in at
Students can sign in to Galaxy to access: Zmail eLearning My Parking EZPAY Orion Self-Service Official Transcript Ordering

43 Orion Register for classes, check grades, request transcripts, accept your financial aid and sign up for short term loans using Orion Self-Service.

44 Orion Self-Service Click on the Orion link and click “Self-Service”
Student Center Register via Enroll or Enrollment Shopping Cart View unofficial transcript and Exam Schedule via My Academics View Holds and applicable service impact View campus To Do List and applicable detail Campus Finances View Financial Aid (accept/decline awards) Sign up for a short-term loan to pay your tuition If you have problems, clear your browser’s history Have 2nd person available to pull up sample student in Orion – show simple navigation, stress importance to check holds, checklist items, registration, and account balance.

45 Contact Information Bursar’s Office Office of Financial Aid Office of the Registrar

46 Contact Information Bursar’s Office Phone: Web page: Office of Financial Aid Phone: Web page: Office of the Registrar Phone: Web page:

47 In Conclusion UT Dallas email account = good
Withdrawing from classes = bad Academic calendar--on the web (and in your packet) Catalog is on the web Payment information is at

48 Questions

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