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Why do Office Yoga? Office Yoga Carol Hirsh Health and Kinesiology Fall 2013.

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1 Why do Office Yoga? Office Yoga Carol Hirsh Health and Kinesiology Fall 2013

2 What has brought you here today?

3 What is the cause for stiffness or pain? Poor Posture Static Position Lack of exercise Poor fitting chair or desk Poor diet Stress

4 What can Office Yoga do for me? Begin to be more tuned in to your body position Start a yoga routine daily or on the hour Get the chair/desk you need Make a step of step change in your diet Respond to stress differently

5 Where is your body feeling the stress? Head Neck Shoulders Upper Back Middle Back Lower Back Hips Hands & Fingers Eyes Legs

6 Warm – up Movement Stabilize your stance – take heels off Relaxing music is optional Clear Areafor freedom of movement Props for comfort and alignment such as towel or strap Privacy to enhance experience

7 Breathe: Revive and Renew 1.Sit Tall with the eyes closed; one hand on the abdomen and one hand at the upper chest 2.Breathe through Nose if possible 3.Fill the lungs from the mouth, throat, upper chest, and all the way down to the lower abdomen 4.Let the abdomen relax and extend out away from the spine 5.Release the breathe slowly out of the nose 6.Release the breathe upward allowing the abdomen to press inward toward the spine 7.Pause before taking another breathe 8.Repeat until you are revived and relaxed

8 Target the Area of Stress or Discomfort

9 Neck Warm-ups 1.Head Up and Down 2.Head Turn Right and Left 3.Head Look at Right Foot, Head Look at Left Foot (not shown) 4.Head Side to Side 5.Head Gentle Circles Right and Left 6.Chin Level Tucks with Isometric Resistance

10 Shoulder Warm-ups 1.Rotate Shoulders Right and Left 2.Rotate Forward then Backward 3.Roll Shoulders Together Backward 4.Roll Shoulder Together Forward 5.Shrug the Shoulders to Ears then Release 6.Squeeze the Shoulder Blades Together and Release

11 Hand and Finger Warm-ups 1. Wrist Rolls, not shown 3. Open, Spread, & Ripple 2. Hyper-Extend, Extend Wrists 4. Hyper-Extend Single Fingers and Thumb, not shown

12 Seated Toro Warm-ups 1. Twists 2. Cross-Knee Hip Fold 3. Seated Warrior Lunge 5. Forward Fold 4. Overhead Stretch

13 Torso Warm-Ups 1. Cat 2. Cow 3. Clasp Hands Overhead Side Torso Stretch 4. Standing Sweeping Arm Reach

14 Leg- Hip Warm- ups 1. Leg Extension 2. Hip Opener 3. Hip Lift Flexion

15 Foot Warm-ups 1. Foot Extension 2. Foot Flexion 3. Foot Rotations, not shown 4. Toe Ripples, not shown

16 Standing Leg Warm-ups 1 a. Straddle Stance 1 b. Butt Out Squat 3. Single Leg-Curl Thigh Stretch 2. Hamstring Standing or seated

17 Chair Sun Salutations 1.Upright Hands Together 2.Overhead Arms Reach 3.Forward Bend 4.Slight Flat Back Lift 5.Right Leg Extend 6.Right Knee Tuck 7.Left Leg Extend 8.Left Leg Tuck 9.Lift Chin Slight Back Arch 10.Forward Bend 11.Slight Flat Back Lift 12.Overhead Arms Reach 13.Upright Hands Together Modify for Comfort and Safety

18 Standing Chair Sun Salutation 1. Stand W/ Hands Together 1.Overhead Arms Slight Backbend 2.Forward Bend Head Toward Chair 3.Right Leg Lunge 4.Step to Flat Back 5.Slight Arch Extended Plank 6.Step to Flat Back 7.Left Leg Lunge 8.Forward Bend Head Toward Chair 9.Overhead Arms Slight Backbend 10.Stand W/ Hands Together Modify for Comfort and Safety

19 Breathe, Revive, Renew

20 Relax / Meditate / Focus Set a mindfulness bell or calendar reminder to take your Yoga Break Have all you props at hands reach to take your break Complete your yoga exercises with 1-5 minutes of relaxation, meditation, or focus

21 Resources Hirsh Office Yoga PowerPoint Yoga Journal Office Yoga Cardiac Yoga http://cardiacyoga.com Living Words Chair Yoga

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