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Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprises Christophe Vallee– Solution Architect– Office 365 Philippe Maurent– Service Engineer – Office 365 Microsoft Corporation.

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1 Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprises Christophe Vallee– Solution Architect– Office 365 Philippe Maurent– Service Engineer – Office 365 Microsoft Corporation OSP221



4 Consumerization of IT 95 % Percentage of information workers who report using at least one self-purchased device for work RISE OF THE CLOUD 15 % Percentage of IT spend towards public and private cloud in 2011 Multi Generational Workforce 34 Amount of hours per week Chinese millennials spend using real time communication tools Mobile & Distributed Workforce 1.2 B Number of mobile users worldwide by 2013 (more than 1/3 of the worlds workforce) Infrastructure Cost & Complexity 70 % Percentage of IT budgets spent maintaining inflexible & siloed data center equipment


6 Brings together cloud versions of our most trusted communications and collaboration products with the latest version of our desktop suite

7 Pay-as-you-go, per-user licensing Complete Office experience with services integration Always the latest version of Office and Office Web Apps Familiar Office user experience My Sites to manage and share documents Access documents offline Document-level permissions Share documents securely with Extranet Sites 25Gb mailbox with voicemail & unified messaging Integrated personal archiving Retention policies and legal hold Free/busy coexistence IM & Presence across firewalls GAL/Skill search in SharePoint Online meeting with desktop sharing Windows Live federation

8 Risk-based, Multi- Dimensional Approach The Security Program aims to define security requirements applicable to people, processes and technology Privacy Practices that Support Global Standards The Privacy Program is designed to enable consistent "high bar privacy practices following global standards for data handling and transfer World class data centers $2.3B+ Investment in Geo-Redundant Data Centers, located in North America, Europe, and Asia 99.9% financially backed SLA Clear messaging with plain English Details for security experts Links videos, whitepapers

9 Your Privacy Matters We respect your privacy Leadership in Transparency You know where data resides, who can access it and what we do with it Independently Verified Compliance with World Class Industry standards verified by 3rd parties Relentless on Security Excellence in Cutting edge security practices Cohesive Process Combining 4 Pillars OSP323 Microsoft Office 365 Security, Privacy, & Trust Friday (June 29th) - 8:30 AM

10 Federated identity and single sign-on Different identity options for your organization, including full support for single sign on with the cloud Role-based access More granular role based access for administrators, partners and end users Simplified management Remote PowerShell and fall through experience to specific services to gain similar server configuration control ADFS 2.0

11 Platform Web Services New programmability layer allowing third parties to interact with platform Office 365 Marketplace Helps you find partner applications and services to complement the Office 365 platform Microsoft® Azure Connect your platform with applications developed for Azure

12 Workload migration flexibility Move or extend on-premises workloads to the cloud at your pace, move back from cloud to on-premises at will User migration flexibility Keep some users on-line and some users on-premises or keep them all in a single environment Single licensing agreement Supports all scenarios, to help you optimize costs and transition when it make sense for your business OSP224 Microsoft Office 365 Management & Deployment Wednesday (June 27th) - 5:00 PM

13 Self service dashboard The Service Health Dashboard provides current information about the service status accessible on the Web or via RSS 24x7 support 24x7 phone or online accessible IT-level support dedicated to Office 365 Partner ecosystem & community Broad community of 16,000+ WW partners and online community forums available to help you OSP324 Microsoft Office 365 Service Reliability & Disaster Recovery Friday (June 29th) - 10:15 AM

14 demo Philippe Maurent Service Engineer – Office 365 Microsoft Corporation Office 365 Admin Experience

15 demo Christophe Vallee Solution Architect – Office 365 Microsoft Corporation Office 365 User Experience

16 For small business IT consultant or no IT Low monthly subscription price Focus on simplicity vs. features Community help For education Higher education or K-12 Internal IT or IT partner required Fully featured, scripting, customization Same service level than enterprise tailored to meet needs of educators & students For the enterprise Any size organization Internal IT or IT partner required Fully featured, scripting, customization Range of offerings by use type 24x7 phone support

17 Rich feature offering that meets a users full messaging and collaboration needs Low cost offering to users that do not have messaging and collaboration capabilities today Kiosk worker offer 1 GB mailbox Outlook Web App only POP & ActiveSync support Messaging, calendar, contacts Forefront antivirus & anti-spam SharePoint Access (0MB storage) Site search capabilities Office Web Apps Information worker offer 25GB mailbox 500MB SharePoint storage Client Connectivity Mobility Lync capabilities Exchange & SharePoint capabilities Office Professional Plus On-premises access rights

18 Microsoft Online IDsFederated IDs (New) OSP321 Active Directory Integration with Microsoft Office 365 Thursday (June 28th) - 8:30 AM


20 IT Control & Efficiency

21 Enhancements to Connected Accounts: Manual mailbox refresh enabled and automatic sync frequency increased to for Connected Accounts. Enhanced OWA attachment preview: Preview Office documents in OWA using Office Web Apps. Sender photos in OWA: A photo of a messages sender is displayed from the Global Address List when messages are viewed in OWA. Email storage doubling for Kiosk plan: As a result of improvements in storage cost, the mailbox limit for Kiosk plan users increases from 500 megabytes (MB) to 1 gigabyte (GB). OWA in IE9 App Mode: Launch OWA with one click, stay informed of incoming email and IM when browser is minimized, and quickly access common OWA commands from the taskbar. Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) availability to Kiosk plan users: Kiosk plan users can now use any smartphone that supports Exchange ActiveSync. However, users who want Exchange ActiveSync on tablet devices will need to upgrade to a SKU that includes Exchange Plan 1 or Plan 2. Staged Migration Enhancements: Improved control over migration batches and better visibility into items skipped during migration. Hybrid Configuration Wizard: Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2 feature that simplifies the setup of hybrid deployments Enhancements to multi-mailbox search: Improved search performance, plus the ability to preview message hits including a short preview of message contents. Retention Policy and Tag Management: Improved mailbox retention settings so users can now use the mail control settings in Exchange Control Panel to create and manage retention tags and policies IT Control & Efficiency

22 Open in Browser links to view attachments in Office Web App High-fidelity attachment previews using Word, Excel, & PowerPoint Web Apps Office Web Apps provide high-fidelity rendering of Office documents in Outlook Web App Refer to this EHLO Blog Post for more details

23 Senders photo displayed in OWAs User can preview and change their own photo and IM chat status

24 Business Connectivity Services (BCS): Support for connecting to line-of- business applications (web service based) Increased Enterprise Directory Synchronization: Large customers with large numbers of users can now provision the SharePoint Online service. This service update allows customers with up to 500,000 user objects to provision SharePoint Online. External Sharing: Invite by Business Email: External users can use their business email address to authenticate when invited into a site collection. Windows Phone 7.5 Mango support: Office 365 small business (http) and enterprise (https) offerings can access SharePoint Online lists and document libraries from the Office Hub Support for Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) and Chrome PDF Support Improvement: PDF files can now be opened directly into Adobe Reader without having to download the PDF to your desktop. Improved Recycle Bin: Ability for a Site Collection Administrators to recover full sites and site collections from within the SharePoint Online Administration Center recycle bin. Tenant storage quota limit increase – up to 25 terabytes (TB)*: Individual customers can now consume up to 25TBs of data and content – previously this was stated as a per tenant limit of 5TB. The equation is: 10GB + (500MB * # of E users) + any purchased additional storage, up to 25TB. IT Control & Efficiency

25 External users can be invited using their primary business email address EXAMPLE: Method of inviting and accepting are the same external sharing steps The email user name has to be associated to the LiveID system, sometimes referred to as EasiID.

26 New PDF icon No longer require download to local desktop. Customers now have option to open PDF files directly into Adobe Reader PDFs remain associated with SPO document library (both read and edit) Requires Adobe Reader 10.1.2

27 New Recycle Bin in SharePoint Online Administration Center SharePoint Online Administrator can recover entire site collection(s) Deleted site collections remain in the Recycle Bin for 30 days Takes only a few clicks, a few minutes

28 ODF support: View and edit ODF documents in Office Web Apps. Chrome support: Using Office Web Apps with the Chrome browser. IE9 native support: Using Office Web Apps with IE9 in native mode (vs. in IE8 mode). Print from editor: Print Word document from edit mode (in addition to view mode). Insert chart: Insert charts in Excel Web App Fill handle: Copy and paste values and formulas by dragging the fill handle. Print: Print presentations from PowerPoint Web App Edit text in more shapes: Enabling users to edit text in more shapes, vs. just placeholder shapes. Choose theme: Picking a presentation theme when you create a new document Insert clip-art: Insert clip art in PowerPoint Web App

29 Lync client for Mac: Downloadable Lync client available for Mac users providing integrated functionality for instant messaging, presence, conferencing and voice. Client-side Recording: Tenant admin controlled (enable/disable) feature providing client recording capability. Lync Mobile Clients: Microsoft developed and supported mobile clients that deliver instant messaging, presence, single-touch audio conferencing and calling features across Windows Phone, Android, iOS and Nokia Symbian.* Web Scheduler: Browser-based tool for scheduling online meetings with proper access rights and roles. Update to Lync Online Control Panel: Tenant admins can control presence privacy, mobile phone notifications, dial- in conference settings and advanced user filtering and search. IT Control & Efficiency *Lync for Nokia Symbian will be available in the Ovi store and via a firmware update, released by Nokia in Q1 CY12.


31 Ability to schedule Lync meetings outside of Outlook Client-side recording in Lync

32 Unified Mac Downloads Page: UX improvements to add a single location for Mac users to download a desktop setup connector and Lync Multi-Language Pack for Office: Users can now download multi language pack for Office client from Office 365 portal and enjoy working in the language of their choice without having to reinstall Office. Windows Phone 7.5 Mango: Enables users to search fully indexed email and attachments on Exchange Online. Users can also search fully indexed Office documents on your SharePoint Online team sites. BlackBerry Business Cloud Service: New BBCS service - hosted, licensed and supported by RIM for Office 365 users Official Support for Lion OS: Added Lion OS to the list of officially supported operating systems Compliance Updates: Compliant with EU Model Clauses, Data Processing Agreements and ISO 27001, and HIPAA among other standards. Identity Updates: Improved client access control based on network connectivity Admin Password Reset: Self-serve tool for admins to reset their password 64-bit Directory Synchronization Tool: 64-bit version will use Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 as the underlying synchronization engine Do-it-yourself Troubleshooting Tool: Step-by-step guidance through common support issues available in the community IT Control & Efficiency

33 An email is sent to the alternate email address with a link at which user enters the recovery code Follows a two step authentication process that requires user to provide both a mobile phone number and alternate email address at sign in To reset the password, user clicks on Forgotten Password link on the sign in page On successful authentication, user can self reset password An SMS with a recovery code is sent to the mobile phone number provided

34 Fast set up using auto detection with a single input of Office 365 ID and password Access to email, calendar, tasks, contacts with Outlook Mobile built in Access to Office documents with Office Mobile built in SharePoint Workspace Mobile designed to keep the mobile workforce up to date Instant messaging & online meetings with Lync Mobile app available as a free download in the Marketplace New security features

35 Admin Web-based admin portal to manage users & settings Impersonation console for Delegate Admin Partners (DAPS) Role-based administration Familiar admin console with functionality to reset device passwords, lock & wipe lost devices BES Express set of IT Policies Support for BlackBerry® Balance Enterprise-Only Wipe Protection of corporate data End User Mobile Synchronization of Exchange Online Email, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, etc. BlackBerry Balance Support Web-based self-service console Device Switch, Backup & Restore Set Enterprise Activation Password Remotely Lock/Wipe Device Familiar BlackBerry experience & performance RIM Blackberry® Business Cloud Services Benefits



38 CodeTitleSchedule OSP221Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprises 6/26/2012 16:30 OSP222Empowering Small Businesses: Microsoft Office 365 P-Suite 6/27/2012 10:15 OSP305The Modern Compatibility Process to Accelerate Microsoft Office Deployment 6/27/2012 12:00 OSP224Microsoft Office 365 Management and Deployment 6/27/2012 17:00 OSP321Active Directory Integration with Microsoft Office 365 6/28/2012 8:30 OSP303Supporting Microsoft Office in an Enterprise Environment 6/28/2012 12:00 OSP302Building Integrated Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online, and Office Solutions Using BCS and LOB Data 6/28/2012 14:45 OSP340Office Deployment – Notes from the Field 6/28/2012 16:30 OSP323Microsoft Office 365 Security, Privacy, and Trust 6/29/2012 8:30 OSP324Microsoft Office 365 Service Reliability and Disaster Recovery 6/29/2012 10:15 OSP350Office 365 – evaluating, Deploying & Migrating – Notes from the field 6/29/2012 13:00 OSP223Microsoft Office 365 for Education 6/29/2012 14:45


40 Office 365 TechCenter: Office Client TechCenter: Office, Office 365 and SharePoint Demo Area Includes: Office 365 IT Pro Command Center

41 Connect. Share. Discuss. Learning Microsoft Certification & Training Resources TechNet Resources for IT Professionals Resources for Developers

42 Evaluations Submit your evals online


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