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What are the sales scenarios What to sell How to drive demand.

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2 What are the sales scenarios What to sell How to drive demand

3 Cloud ServicesPerpetual Always up-to-date Same brand across segments 2013 versions e.g. Home and Business 2013

4 Target users 1-10Advanced IT needs Consumer $8.25 $12.50 $15 $20 (E3) Cost per month $139 $219 $499

5 Latest version of Office as a subscription Per user licensing across 5 PC/Mac and 5 mobile Roaming documents, applications, and settings Office on demand to stream the full Office to a PC Office Hosted business class and shared calendar 25 GB of storage space per user Use your own domain name to send s Premium spam and malware protection Exchange Online Multiparty HD video conferencing Real-time note taking and document sharing Instant messaging and presence across firewalls Skype federation with presence, IM, and voice Lync Online Document sharing and management in the cloud Internal and external sites for working together on projects Online and offline access to your documents Build your company public website with easy-to-use templates SharePoint Online

6 Source: IDC

7 Targeting small and midsize businesses

8 Best valueSimplified IT

9 Working together Best value

10 Simplified ITLook professional

11 Anywhere accessWorking together Best value

12 Segmentation

13 Webinar-in- a-Box Web Syndication Content Google Compete Tele Discussion Guide The one and only below-the-line campaign for Office in SMB Introducing the new Office

14 Offer available for consumers, students, small businesses Microsoft manages program support and fulfillment of the offer Customers redeem online for free* on * Internet access required

15 Start selling using the sales scenarios A great year selling to SMB Drive demand using BEST

16 Microsoft Confidential – Internal Only








24 To Customer Customer Pitch Deck Customer Leave Behind Best on Windows 8 Leave Behind Power of Choice Leave Behind End of Support Leave Behind template Web banners To Partner/Through Disti Partner How to Sell Deck Tele-sales guide for Office on-premises Office 365 Open and FPP Licensing Deck Disti template Disti web banners

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