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DEVELOPING EXTERNAL RELATIONS OFFICE FOR FUNDRAISING C Randall Powell, PhD Prof. Emeritus of Business Administration Indiana University Kelley School of.

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1 DEVELOPING EXTERNAL RELATIONS OFFICE FOR FUNDRAISING C Randall Powell, PhD Prof. Emeritus of Business Administration Indiana University Kelley School of Business Bloomington, Indiana May, 2009

2 MY BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION Indiana University-43 years Professor of Business Administration Human Resources Teaching-Research and Writing-Career Services Assistant Dean for Corporate Relations: Responsible for Career Center-30 Years - Alumni Association-20 years- Corporate Relations-10 years- Board of Directors-Minority Fellowship Program-20 years-

3 MY BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION Indiana University-43 years Professor of Business Administration-Human Resources Teaching-Research and Writing-Career Services Assistant Dean for Corporate Relations: Responsible for Career Center-30 Years - Alumni Association-20 years- Corporate Relations-10 years- Board of Directors-Minority Fellowship Program-20 years-

4 ROLE IN THIS PROGRAM Not a Policymaker Managed Functions and Staff Called on Corporations-One Third of My Time Colleagues Will Focus on Policy Issues Focused on Operational Policies And Procedures-Technology

5 MY GOAL Motivate You to Consider Enhancing Your Fundraising Efforts Prove to You That You Can Generate Financial Support Provide Ideas on How to Implement a Program

6 WHAT DID I DO? Help Foster External and Internal Relationships Organize Colleagues-Internal/External Plan Programs for External Partners

7 THE FUND-RAISING OFFICE Development Advancement-Engagement Public Relations University Communications Various Names -Translate to Fund-Raising

8 CREATE AN INSTITUTIONAL IMAGE Why Do Corporations Invest in Universities? Create Your Image Support/Prove Your Image

9 WHAT MATTERS TO DONORS?- INSTITUTIONAL QUALITY Curriculum Faculty Student Body Alumni Success Rankings-Supported by Supported by Graduate Success

10 MUST PROVE YOUR QUALITY LEVEL More Than Words Recognize Successful Alumni Recruit Students and Faculty Recognize Exceptional Students Market Faculty Reputation

11 COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE Ceremonies/Speechwriting News Bureau Media Relations Economic Development Public Relations or

12 PROMOTE YOUR INSTITUTION Brochures Websites News Releases Recognitions (Given/Received) Success Stories

13 ESTABLISH RELATIONSHIPS FOR FUND- RAISING Alumni Students Faculty Corporate/Business Government/Public Institutions

14 FUNDRAISING BASICS Purpose: Raise Money for Institution Motivate Constituencies/Partners How: Contact All Constituencies (Calling on Clients) Asking: Requesting Support (in Writing/in Person) Fund-Raising Starts with Treating Students Well

15 WHY DOES THE UNIVERSITY WANT TO DO THIS? Assist Faculty in Teaching Efforts (Request Time) Provide Needed Resources for Students (Scholarship/Assistantships) Contribute to General Society (Service) Generate a Steady Income Stream (Money) Aid in Transfer of Technology (Research) Recognition and Reputation (Image)

16 WHY WILL EXTERNAL COMMUNITY WANT TO PARTICIPATE? Desire to Hire the Best Talent to Create Growth Foster Altruism: Contribute to the Country If Successful Gain Recognition among Peers (Pride) Believe in Higher Education Desire for Technology and Research

17 WRITING THE FUND-RAISING PROPOSAL Formulating the Appeal (Addressing the Motivation of Donor) Identifying Target Audiences Delivering the Request (in Writing and in Person) Importance of Personal Contact Sell the Ideas Based on Quality Image

18 THE DEVELOPMENT OFFICE Outreach to Potential Donors Identifying Potential Contributors Creating Fundable Projects Based on Need Makes Fundraising Requests (Proposals) Nurture and Follow up With Donors Manage Information and Publicity

19 TYPES OF RESOURCES REQUESTED Financial Assets: (Everyone's Preference) Equipment: Computers, Lab, Tools, Etc. Facilities: Buildings, Factories, Farms, Etc. (On- Campus/Off-Campus) Services: Executive in Residence/Professionals Teaching Scholarships/Assistantships: (Student Financial Need) Faculty Research Support (Financial and Cooperative)

20 FUNDRAISING PROCESSES Systematize and Computerize the Process Establish Databases of Potential Contributors Create Database of Potential Projects/Needs Identify Services for Sale Importance of Website-Communication Developing Preestablished Proposals (Not Always Customized) (adapt)

21 MAKING THE REQUEST Who? Senior Leadership How? Written Request Followed by Personal Visit When? Depends on the Relationship Plan? Follow-Up Carefully and Thoughtfully Flow? Process Needs Nurturing Frequency? May Take Multiple Visits Recognition? A Continuous Process (Donor Driven)

22 MANAGING THE GIFT Good Stewardship Is Critical Do What You Promised! Provide Regular Updates to Donor Past Contributors Frequently Become Future Donors Prepare Regular Reports-Openness Is Essential-Transparency Stay in Touch: Don't Forget Graciousness

23 CREATE PLANS FOR CONSTANT PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT Set Your Objectives (Long-Term and Short- Term) Create a Methodology of Identifying Relationship Partners Institutionalized the Relationship Creation (Different People Host Relationships) Review Fundraising Plans Regularly with Advisers

24 WHO ARE YOUR CONSTITUENCIES? Successful Professionals Don't Forget Students Alumni-Most Support Comes from an Alumni Connection Faculty and Staff (Full-Time/Part-Time) Community Leaders and Influencers


26 MOVING FROM GOALS TO ACTION Set up Partnership Candidates Identify All Potential Relationships Create Activities Designed to Reach Partners Involve Partners in Various Programs Cleverly Manage Relationships

27 START WITH SERVICES FOR POTENTIAL CONTRIBUTORS Community and Professional Leaders with Financial Capital Who Are Your Customers? What Services/Products Are You Capable of Delivering? Involve Faculty-Students-Alumni in Delivering Services How Can You Bring Your Contributors and Supporters Together?

28 FOCUS ON METHODS Establish Advisory Boards (Dean/Faculty/Professionals/Students) Establish Service Related Offices: Alumni Associations Development Office Career Center Services Communication Office (help) Continuing Education

29 ADVISORY BOARDS DEFINITION Aid and Advise in Long Range and Short Range Plans Institutional Level and Local Economic Level Create an Interface with Professional Community Assist in Promoting Institution/Academic Units Assistant Fundraising Initiatives Facilitate Networking Relationships

30 ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERSHIP Senior Business and Professional Leaders Chief Public Officials Focus on Senior Levels

31 ROLE OF ADVISORY BOARDS Create Direction and New Ideas Focus on Brainstorming and Blue Sky Not Decision-Making but Participate in Policy Setting Commit to the Institution-Prove It by Contributions

32 ADVISORY BOARD GOALS Generate New Ideas and Future Direction Possibilities Review Potential New Proposed Initiatives of Institution Open Invitation Routes Add Credibility to the Institution Assistant Fundraising Support and Present proposals To Their Constituencies

33 ADVISORY BOARD CHALLENGES Desire to Vote and Desire to Initiate Pressure to Implement Not Often Good Listeners Deference to Strong Leaders Junior/Senior Membership Participation

34 ADVISORY BOARD MEETINGS Regular Meetings-At Least Two Times per Year Required Attendance to Continue Participation Regular Member Rotation Senior Counselor/Coach Status Rotation

35 CAREER SERVICES: STUDENT/ALUMNI/PROFESSIONALS Important Vehicle to Serve Constituents Creates Relationships Keeps Relationships Involved on a Regular Basis Organizes Events to Serve All Parties Events Initiate Follow-Ups

36 SERVICES TO VARIOUS CONSTITUENCIES Employers: Access to Students, Graduates, and Alumni Students: Access to Employer Resumes Career Education Participation Alumni: Involvement As Job Candidates and Employers

37 IMPORTANT SERVICES Internships and Cooperative Education Graduate Placement Alumni Networking Facilitation Event Management

38 INTERNSHIPS 12-15 Week (Semester) Work Time Frames Student Earns Credit Sometimes Paid by Employer Student Graded by Faculty/Employers Junior/Senior Year Participation

39 INTERNSHIP PURPOSE Real-World Experience in Future Profession Test of Skills for Both Sides Typically Leads to Full-Time Job Offer After Graduation Academic/Business Partnership Training Share Education with Colleagues

40 COOPERATIVE EDUCATION Semester Work/Study Rotation Starts at Second Year Of Academic Program Student Earns Credit and Money From Project Work to Independent Work Maintains Close Liason Was Supervising Faculty

41 COOPERATIVE EDUCATION PURPOSE Real Work Experience Test of Skill Development And New Skill Learning Typically Leads to Full-Time Job after Graduation Very Strong Partnership: Faculty/Student/Employer Powerful Classroom Contributions Later

42 PROFESSIONAL PROJECTS IN THE CLASSROOM Real World Assignments Made by Professors Consulting with Employer Community- Collaboration Usually Team Projects Both Written and Verbal Reports/Presentations Creates Strong Ties between Faculty/Professionals Student Sharing of Experiences

43 RESULTS OF PROJECT ASSIGNMENTS Major Benefits to Employers Significant Benefits to Students Report Sharing in Classroom Enhanced Learning Valuable in CV Presentation for Students

44 CAREER PLACEMENT Entry into Profession at Graduation Minimal Academic Relationship Faculty Assistant Assignments Management of Selection Process

45 THE CAREER CENTER Manages Relationships with Constituencies Student/Faculty/Employers/Administration Involvement Helps Create New Relationships Maintains Database of Students Maintains Databases of Employers Maintains Databases of Career Options

46 CAREER CENTER SERVICES Job Listings for Internships, Co-Ops, and Full-Time Opportunities Development of Student CVs Refers CVs Organizes Career Fairs-Focused by Profession Schedules Interviews Teaches Career Development Courses Follows up Placement Reporting Leads to Strong Alumni Relationships

47 CAREER CENTER RELATIONSHIPS Manages Links with Faculty, Students, Alumni and Professionals Teaches Career Education Courses CV Preparation-Job Leads Development- Networking-Interviewing-Etc. Involves Professionals in Career Courses Organizes Recruiting Fairs

48 ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS Membership Professional Employment Groups Continuous Education Alumni Database Services Professional Communication with Alumni Networking Facilitation

49 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION PROGRAMS Short-Term Seminars and Conferences Many Luncheon and Evening Receptions to Facilitate Networking Discount Travel Programs Clubs Organized by Location or by Profession Activities Facilitate Networking-Social and Professional

50 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION SERVICES Maintains Highly Communicative Website- Stays in Touch Focuses on Fun Raising Versus Fundraising Maintains Alumni Database Manages Interesting Alumni Programs Facilitates Career Services for Alumni

51 TRAINING CONFERENCES Specialized Education Themes Draws Heavily on Real-World Experiences and Examples Involves Faculty and Students with Alumni Programs Can Be Profit Potentials Showcases Faculty and Students and Institutional Reputation

52 FUNDRAISING INITIATIVES Services to Alumni Services to Students Services to Faculty Services to Professional Communities Service to Local Community Result: Institutional Appreciation and Reputation Enhancement

53 STUDENT AND ALUMNI SERVICES SUMMARY Offer Financial Aid-Scholarships, Assistantships, Internships, Part-Time Jobs, Etc. Recognize Superior Performance of Students and Alumni Create Student and Alumni Affiliations: Social and Professional Networking Provide Placement Services for Students to Employers/Alumni Manage Fair Judicial Treatment for Students Develop Ethical Policies and Behaviors for Students and Alumni Office Career Coaching to Students And Alumni Create a Welcome Environment

54 FACULTY INVOLVEMENT AND SERVICES Encourage Classroom Involvement with Practitioners Provide Competitive Pay Performance-Based Plans Support Research Efforts with Funding Reward Publishing Efforts with Pay and Recognition Encourage Creative Research and Teaching and Technology Transfer Support Participation with Professional Colleagues Offer Resources for Practitioner Classroom Participation

55 COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT AND SERVICES Communicate Value of Institution Education Attracts Technology and Economic Growth Offer Broad Based Degree and Non-Degree Educational Programs Assist Community Leaders and Invest Time and Money in Community Encourage Students to Volunteer Services Host Community Programs at the Institution

56 FUNDRAISING SUCCESS Results from Relationships Relationships Grow through Mutual Involves Well-Educated Students Become Successful Alumni Happy and Successful Alumni Financially Support Institutions


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