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Σ! 3187 CELTIC Projects Kick Off Information A EUREKA Cluster Dedicated to Communication Techniques, Systems and Services.

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1 Σ! 3187 CELTIC Projects Kick Off Information A EUREKA Cluster Dedicated to Communication Techniques, Systems and Services

2 The Main Objectives Increase R&D effort to a high level to stay ahead in a worldwide competition –Maintain and develop the strengths of the European telecommunications industry both from the manufacturer and the operator side Complement existing national and European R&D programmes, FP6/IST and Eureka Use existing instruments to set up projects as quickly as possible

3 Operation Principles CELTIC is an Endorsed Organisation in EUREKA Support for projects and Public Authorities (PAs) –Regular reports to Core Group and PAs –Control of coherence to programme and project description –CELTIC assists projects in Definition Project Cooperation Agreement Handling of Kick-off meetings Dissemination of results (publications, conferences, etc) Provision of a CELTIC Handbook Small Management burden: administration as low as possible –Fees to cover operational costs for organising CELTIC: –Project partners pay annual fee of 1500 per (yearly) person-year Universities are exempted and partners from new EU countries pay 500. –Invoice is sent twice a year. –Modifications should be indicated via Project Change Requests

4 CELTIC Core Group ChairV- Chair CELTIC Support Group Chair CELTIC Office Director Ad-hoc Committees Public Authorities CELTIC – Organisational Structure

5 Role of CELTIC CoreGroup (1/2) Programme strategy and Coherence Presentation of the Programme to the PAs Interface and influence with the PAs for all issues related to the CELTIC Programme Decision on tasks and guidelines for the CELTIC Support Group (e.g. for Project selection and Partner search) Definition and updating of guidelines for the structure and organisation of the Programme; the admission and control of rules for Programme and Project management Selection of Projects, assisted by the CELTIC Support Groups recommendations Execution and overall management of the Programme

6 Role of CELTIC CoreGroup (2/2) Approval of the budget for the CELTIC Organisation Financial Audit of the CELTIC Organisation Decision on projects in individual cases, –such as potential conflict of interest between Partners or participation in a project of a non-European company. Such companies may be allowed to participate as CELTIC Participants with the same rights and duties as other European CELTIC Participants (except for participation in the Executive bodies of the programme, see Art. III), if they have demonstrated: the existence of substantial R&D activities in Europe the existence of decision power in Europe for the further implementation of research results into commercial products the added-value of their contribution to the project consortium the approval of the budget for the CELTIC Organisation the financial audit of the CELTIC Organisation

7 It is the first R&D programme with a strong participation from major European telecommunications manufacturers and operators Manufacturers Operators Research Institute CELTIC Core Group

8 CELTIC Office Structure Director Programme Co-ordinator AdministrationWebProjects Luitgard Hauer Heike van Beek Ellen Tallas Heinz Brüggemann Overall responsibility for Office Interface toward Core Group Support for PAs -------- Assistant -------- Coordination of projects Monitoring of progress Support for projects Peter Herrmann Accounting Administration support Proposal registration Website management Public Relations (Milon Gupta)

9 Role of the CELTIC Office 1/2 General administration of the Programme Admission and control of the rules for participation to the Programme Interface for all Partners in the Programme, organisation of a Programme database Monitoring of Projects, assisted by the Support Group, under CELTIC Core Group responsibility Organisation of reporting and reviewing activities at Project and Programme levels (Technical Reports, handling of Change Requests, Project Reviews, Programme Review,…)

10 Role of the CELTIC Office 2/2 Information and Communication to the Partners Communication to the outside and Interface with the PAs on general funding issues, following instructions of the CELTIC Core Group Support and assistance to all other executive bodies in the organisation Accounting and billing of Participation fees in accordance with Article VII hereof Payment of Office costs, Office personnel according to the budget plan

11 CELTIC Project Set-Up

12 Kick Off Requirements for Kick Off Sufficient Progress of the negotiations with the PAs. All Partner have sent the confirmation Letter Update the FPP which is transformed into the PD Project Description. Madeira: PD needed; Status of PCA and DoA ? Project Cooperation Agreement and Declaration of acceptance is agreed (and signed) in the consortium. Feed back: what services would you like to have. Minutes of Kick Off meeting to the CELTIC Office

13 Project Information and Publication Project Web Pages and leaflet –General project information shall be published on the CELTIC Project Web site using a common template. –Project management is responsible that this Website is up-to-date. –The Project Intranet allows online reporting in the project database. –Access to the project database through Login to the Project Domain. –The project is free to create a project-owned Web site. CELTIC offers, to host the Project Web site (see Handbook chapter 9.4). –Each project shall produce a two to four page leaflet, informing about the project. They are intended for a broader dissemination. –Before publication the CELTIC Office has to approve the leaflet. It may also suggest or request some modifications.

14 CELTIC Project Web Pages

15 Project Management Structure

16 Assessment and Reporting

17 Monitoring and Assessment (1/2) Quarterly Project Report (Quarterly Online Submission) –Each project participant (company) is requested to produce a quarterly work summary report. –The project coordinator compiles from all received work summaries (WS) of each participant a consolidated quarterly report. –The QR should summarise the effort spent by each participant for the different work packages. –The QR should indicate all deliverables or other achievement during the reported quarter. –Very important are statements about variations from plan.

18 Monitoring and Assessment (2/2) Annual Project Report –The annual report is a consolidated report based on the quarterly reports and the current overall situation. –The annual report is prepared by the coordinator, approved by the project consortium. –It is submitted to the CELTIC Office within 1 month after the end of the year. Midterm Assessment –A mid-term review can always be carried out but will, more regularly, be considered for projects running more than 2 years. –A decision on a mid-term review can be taken, if a project appears to be behind its planned progress or with the quality of some of its contributions. –Check: If problems occur and if the project goes still in the right direction. –There might be a go/no go decision to continue the project.

19 Changes from Project Plan Project plan is defined in Project Description (FPP in the preparation phase) In case of significant changes from plan: A Project Change Request must be issued, this is the case: If new budgets and work allocations are decided If a partner steps out or comes in If significant modifications of the objectives, timing, and planned results occur –Major changes must be approved by CELTIC. –If fees are affected a calculation will be done for the following invoice but will not modify the invoice from previous period.

20 Closure of Projects The conclusion of the technical work is reached including the final Deliverables A Final Report will be produced A final project accounting will be established Publications and other dissemination activities will be carried out Recommendations for further activities will be defined

21 Website: Webside for each Project: Public part Confidential part (extended Website) project management (to be implemented)

22 Results Call 1 Call 1 submission phase ended on 28 November 2003 43 proposals received Nearly all FPPs were based on earlier Project Ideas 31 reviewers in 5 expert groups carried out 129 reviews 30 proposals were granted a CELTIC label Resulting total budget of labelled proposals is 207 M –76.5 M in 2004 Starting Phase ongoing with first Project Kick-Offs –7 Projects started before June 30 2004. –5 Projects started in July 2004 –9 Projects starting before end October (According to PCRs) –3 Projects starting in January 2005 (According to PCRs) –6 Projects Cancelled

23 Call 1 statistics: Types of Participants

24 Call 1 statistics: Distribution across objectives

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