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2 MICROSOFT DIAGNOSTICS TESTS Microsoft diagnostic tests are used to prevent your computer from crashing and to correct errors immediately. It serves as a problem-solver for your computer maintenance. Diagnostic tests are generated on MS Word MS Access MS Excel MS PowerPoint

3 V ARIOUS TYPES OF TEST Microsoft Office Diagnostics performs the six specific tests on all applications: Setup Diagnostic- tests files that may have been corrupted by viruses or hardware along with registry settings Office 2007 installation. Disk Diagnostic- investigates evidence of problems or errors with your hard drive. It specifically test checks for errors logged by the Windows system event log and The Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) feature of your hard disk. Memory Diagnostic- test that distinctively checks the reliability of the computers Random Access Memory (RAM). Update Diagnostic- tests to make sure computer is current with installed and updated service packs from Microsoft Office 2007. Compatibility Diagnostic- tests to ensure there are no conflicting versions of Microsoft Outlook on the computer. Check for known solutions- evaluates the data on Office 2007 crashes that have occurred on your system; then it connects to a server to find solutions that are available for problems that caused these crashes.

4 WORD OPTIONS To begin your diagnostics test, open the Microsoft Office button, and scroll down to Word Options, which is the first tab, located on the bottom of the frame.

5 R ESOURCES Once the Word Options menu is open, scroll down to Resources and double click on this option.

6 D IAGNOSE From the Resources tab, you are able to access the MicrosoftDiagnostics

7 P ROBLEMS Once you click on the Diagnose button, you will be prompted by Microsoft with a question: Is Microsoft Office having problems? If you wish to continue with the diagnostics tests, click continue at the lower-right hand corner of the screen.

8 R UN D IAGNOSTICS A Microsoft Office Diagnostics Screen will appear with the various types of tests that will take place: Check for known solutions, Memory Diagnostic, Compatibility Diagnostic, Disk Diagnostic, and a Setup Diagnostic. Click on the Run Diagnostic button to complete the process.

9 S TATUS While the tests are running, there are status bars to demonstrate the time remaining to complete each individual test.

10 S UMMARY OF R ESULTS After the tests are complete, a summary is given of the diagnostics that were run. To see the detailed reports, click on the detailed reports tab, located on the lower left-hand corner of the window.

11 D ETAILED R ESULTS The detailed report describes specific results of each of the six tests that were run.

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