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The Office of the Sheriff Buncombe County Sheriff Van Duncan.

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1 The Office of the Sheriff Buncombe County Sheriff Van Duncan

2 History of the Sheriff The Office of the Sheriff is over 1000 years old It dates back to the rule of Alfred the Great in the 9 th century England divided geographical units into Shires The Kings representative in each shire was referred to as the Reeve This is where the name of Sheriff was derived The Bible refers to the Sharif in the book of Daniel

3 Similarities Of Police and Sheriffs Patrol Criminal Investigations Narcotics Investigations Telecommunications Community Services School Resource Officers Special Response Teams Animal Control

4 Differences Between Sheriffs and Police Office instead of Department Responsible for Civil Process Responsible for Court Security Responsible for the Jail Sheriff reports to the citizens Fiscal control is through the County Commissioners and County Manager

5 Buncombe County Sheriffs Office 380+ Employees when the new Detention Center is complete Administrative Offices at 202 Haywood Street and at the Detention Center New Detention Facility Joint Telecommunications Center Responsible for 90% of 656 miles in Buncombe

6 Sheriffs Office Changes Patrol- 2006 calls for service 42,981-11.39 2007 calls for service 51,625-10.45 2008 calls for service 54,600- 9.21 Arrests for 2008- 9691 (+143)

7 Changes in Criminal Investigations Field Investigators Computer Forensics and participation in ICAC BCAT Breaking and Entering Suppression Team 2007 Cases initiated 1,876 2008 Cases initiated 3,202

8 Other Divisions Civil Process- Served 17,848 Civil Papers and 12,767 Criminal Warrants Detention- 16,249 People Processed and the Secure Communities Initiative started Animal Control- 11,273 calls answered


10 New Things Coming On- Track Mentoring New Sheriffs Office Web-Site Law Enforcement Leadership Academy Gang Task Force

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