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AGENDA 1.Welcome, Introduction & Aims of the Meeting 2.Presentation of the first 6 months results 3.Questions 4.Date of the Annual General Meeting 5.Any.

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1 AGENDA 1.Welcome, Introduction & Aims of the Meeting 2.Presentation of the first 6 months results 3.Questions 4.Date of the Annual General Meeting 5.Any Other Business 1

2 Uley Community Stores and Post Office Financial and Governance Fund Raising Financial Highlights Volunteers & Helpers Operations Review of what we said we would do on 24 th April 2012 What next 2

3 Financial & Governance Fund Raising 202 Households responded to 2012 questionnaire 205 Households invested 325 Shareholders of £10 shares, or over, each One Member one vote regardless of shareholding £47,950 raised as Share Capital £2,892 in donations £20,000 grant from Plunkett Foundation £20,000 3 year loan @ 8% matching grant 10 year lease with 3 x 3 year break clauses for UCS 3

4 Financial & Governance Financial Highlights Turnover is at over £12,000 a month Turnover is back to 2008 figures Turnover up 23.5% on 2011/12 Profitable at c£750 a month 4

5 Financial & Governance The First 6 Months 1 st July 2012 – 31 st December 2012 Turnover£74,000 Profit£4,650 Cash£69,000 5

6 Financial & Governance Allocation of the Funds 6

7 Financial & Governance Funds in Shares sold £47,950 Donations £2,892 Plunkett Grant£20,000 Required loan for grant£20,000 Total£90,842 7

8 Financial & Governance Funds allocated Start-up and refurbishment to date£18,500 Remaining cash£69,000 Stock£4,000 Additional projects in-progress or programmed EPOS£6,000 Post Office refurbishment£8,000 Continued Shop Improvements£7,000 Loan Repayment£20,000 8

9 Financial & Governance 6 Months Trading Account 9 Period: 1 July 2012 to 31 December 2012 ££ Sales Shop Sales63,758.18 Post Office Income7,173.50 Other Sales2,892.91 Total Sales73,824.59 Purchases50,726.08 Gross Profit23,098.51 Overheads18,439.28 Net profit4,659.23

10 Volunteers and Helpers Over 70 Volunteers have helped in the Shop Aged between 18 and 80+ They all have a WONDERFUL SMILE Trading continued throughout the refurbishment courtesy of Cathy White Decorators and tradesmen were all local 400 people have been involved in the project – without customers! 10

11 Operations Open 7 days a week longer than before Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm Saturday 8am to 4pm Sunday 8am to 12 noon Old shop closed on 30 th June 2012 UCS Opened on 1 July 2012 Major refurbishment in November 2012 11

12 Review of 24 th April 2012 Meeting Questionnaire Results Location Trading Hours Post Office Layout Planned Product Lines and Suppliers Planned Services Volunteers Management Source of Funding Shareholder Rules Use of Funds Time Frame Summary 12 www.uleycommunitystores.c

13 Questionnaire Results 202 Households Participated in January 2012 89% thought the Shop was Important 81% used it at least once a week & 51% daily 88% thought the Post Office was Important 64% used the Post Office at least once a week Top 5 Products wanted by the Village are: Newspapers91% CONTINUED Dairy 72%CONTINUED Bread 69%CONTINUED Cards 55%CONTINUED Local Produce 54%CONTINUED 13

14 Location The current Uley Stores selected after detailed comparison with 2 other possible sites Central & Visible Location Existing Use (Planning) Going Concern & Continuity of the Stores Parking & Pedestrian Access Continuity and Income from the Post Office Good Size & Space WE HAVE IT WITH A 10 YEAR LEASE 14

15 Trading Hours Proposed Trading Hours for the Community Stores Monday – Friday:8am - 6pm Saturday: 8am – 4pm Sunday:8am – 12 Noon Open at Lunchtime BUT IT DEPENDS UPON YOU AND YOU HAVE DELIVERED 15

16 Post Office To be open for 40 hours a week including Saturday Morning To be Supervised by the 2 Paid Employees Relocation of the Post office within the Shop No planned change in Services / Contract In agreement with Joy Gaytten, Angela Haddrell to be the Sub Post-Mistress AND THAT IS HOW IT IS 16

17 Layout Create more selling space Move the Post Office counter Position the Post Office counter next to the Shop counter Create washing facilities AND THAT IS HOW IT WORKED OUT 17

18 planned PRODUCT LINES AND SUPPLIERS Over time review existing Products / Ranges Maintain most existing – Hobbs House, Frocester Fayre etc Add new local suppliers – Godsells cheese We are looking for your recommendations but you need to buy the products! AND YOU DID BUY THEM AND WE STOCK THEM 18

19 PLANNED SERVICES Over time review existing Services CONTINUING Takeaway Beverages & Food WE DO HAVE SOME BUT WE DO NOT WANT TO COMPETE WITH PREMA Wifi IS PROVIDED AT PREMA Website and Trading Database UP AND RUNNING Computer facilities eg Road Tax NOT SUFFICIENT DEMAND Local Home Deliveries for the Housebound AVAILABLE ON REQUEST Paper Reservations FOR WEEKLIES AND MONTHLIES Credit & Debit Card Sales COMING VERY SOON Cash Withdrawals AVAILABLE NOW 19

20 VOLUNTEERS We need a Bank of 50 Volunteers WE HAVE 50 For a minimum of 2 hours a week FLEXIBLE Ideally for at least a couple of sessions a week THEY ARE Renew your interest with Angela and her team today YOU DID Christmas Party WE HAD A GREAT DRINKS PARTY IN JANUARY! 20

21 MANAGEMENT Members (through the AGM) Management Committee (elected by the Members) Operating Team (Shop Manager and Job Shared Supervisors) Volunteers THIS IS HOW IT IS 21

22 Source of FUNDING Start up Costs are £25,000 To date £15,000 raised WE GOT TO £51,000 AND A GRANT OF £20,000 Members buy Shares with values of: £10£500 £50£1,000 £100£2,000 £250£5,000 22

23 Shareholder RULES Each Member has a Single Vote DONE So every Shareholder has one vote at the AGM however many shares he or she holds DONE All Shares may attract a 2% Loyalty Voucher to spend in the Shop NOVEMBER 2013, TRADING PERMITTING Shares should be regarded as a long-term investment in the community THEY ARE They will never exceed their initial value THEY WONT Subject to trading, and the Society Rules, it can be withdrawn after a minimum period of 3 years WE HOPE YOU WILL BE THERE FOR US FOR AS LONG AS WE NEED YOU 23

24 Use of FUNDs Stock £7,000 £4,000 First Rent & Rates for 3 months£3,000 £2,886 Refurbishment (WC; Decoration etc)£9,000 £25,000 Working Capital£4,000 £4,000 Loan to be repaid£ 0 £20,000 Contingency£2,000 £34,956 TOTAL £25,000 £90,842 24

25 TIME FRAME Fund Raising Now; closing 5 th June DONE Old Shop closes 30 th June IT DID ULEY COMMUNITY STORES OPENS 1 ST JULY IT REALLY DID Refit of UCS October 2012 NOVEMBER 2012 Grand Official Opening & AGM October 2012 HRH THE PRINCE OF WALES OFFICIALLY OPENED THE SHOP ON 22 ND FEBRUARY 2013 New Management Committee Elected at AGM TO BE HELD 19 TH OCTOBER 2013 AT 2PM 25

26 SUMMARY We need your help WE GOT IT Join as a Member YOU ALL DID Become a Volunteer NOW YOU ALL ARE Save your Shop by Shopping at: YOU DID Uley Community Stores S.O.S. YOU DID, THANK YOU 26

27 So What next 1.More of the same 2.The Next Level Project (TNL Project) 3.EPOS a.An easier & better Till b.Improved Stock Control

28 More of the same Volunteers (and we can always do with more please) Service with a SMILE A Community Shop the Village want to have A Community Shop the Village want to use 28

29 The Next Level Project TNL Project 1.Completing the refurbishment a.Improved fridges b.More shelf space 2.Improving the customer experience a.More logically organised b.Improving the range 29

30 EPOS 1.An easier & better Till 2.Improved Stock Control 3.Improved understanding of the business 30

31 What can we do to help you MOVE FROM £6 TO £10 1.Average Uley Household Shop Spend = £6 a week (£3,000 a week split between 500 Households) 2.How can we help you to make it £10 per Household per week? 31

32 SUMMARY We have a thriving community shop It is owned by the Village It is run by Volunteers from the Village It can still improve You can help us buy increasing what you buy at the ULEY COMMUNITY STORES And finally.. there are very few shops with this 32

33 33 Uley Community Stores officially opened by HRH The Prince of Wales on the 22nd February 2013

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