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Bolivian Clean Development Office (ODL) Consolidation.

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1 Bolivian Clean Development Office (ODL) Consolidation

2 ODL Work Areas ODL Consolidation Legal Framework Analysis Project Assessment Technical support for negotiations Capacity and Training

3 ODL institutional consolidation TORs definition for the technical team Proceeding manuals Institutional Framework Consulting Capacity and Training Programme Improvements and Up-dating Forestry Work Group Latin American Regional CDM Offices Meeting

4 Legal framework analysis Consistence Analysis of the Carbon Law Proposal First Technical Consultation (National Workshop) Revisions and suggestions Legal consultants selection for public consultation

5 Proyect Assessmet Project presentation Manual, first revisionProject presentation Manual, first revision Preparation of the TORs for Project Formulation Guidelines (CAF)Preparation of the TORs for Project Formulation Guidelines (CAF) Information SystemInformation System Energy and forestry projects assessment and technical supportEnergy and forestry projects assessment and technical support

6 Technical support in negotiations Negotiation material analysis Design of National submisions related to CDM Consulting participation Official event participación (SBSTA Meetings) Preliminar preparation for the COPs

7 Capacity and Training Workshop on forestry projects, CDM and adaptation, july PNCC and ODL members participation in modeling courses Qualification to Interntional Course, via PNUD Preliminar Document related to CDM and Adaptation Departmental Sessions (SCZ, CBA, TJA, SUC)

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