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New Age of Work Windows Vista Office 2007

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1 New Age of Work Windows Vista Office 2007
Howard Chow Microsoft Most Valuable Professional © 2002 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

2 Proposed Agenda Different Office 2007 Versions
New Office 2007 UI and features Compatibility with older Office Windows Vista Versions Comparison Top Windows Vista Features for everyone Demos… Q & A Duration: 2 hours © 2002 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

3 Improve business insight
New World of Work Simplify working together Secure and manage content One World of Business Transparent Organizations Always On, Always Connected Improve business insight 3






9 Header * Office 2007 Versions

10 Recommended Configuration for Office 2007

11 Introduction to Office Professional Plus 2007
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 replaces Microsoft Office Professional Enterprise Edition 2003 in the Microsoft Office system product lineup for 2007 New! Includes Microsoft Office Communicator, a unified communications client Broad, deep technology innovations are designed to: Meet the evolving needs of our customers Form the cornerstone of an evolved platform for building business application extensions Be easier to deploy, manage, support, and secure

12 Introduction to Office Professional Plus 2007 (Cont’d)
Office Professional Plus 2007 brings together a host of innovations designed to help users work more efficiently and effectively so that they and their organizations can deliver better results faster: New user interface Powerful new application capabilities Microsoft Office Open XML Formats Integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007 Advances in deployment and management

13 Office Professional Plus 2007 Comprehensive set of desktop business productivity applications
Office Professional Plus 2007, the new release of familiar Microsoft business productivity applications, includes Microsoft Office Access 2007 for database application authoring Microsoft Office Communicator unified communications client Microsoft Office Word 2007 for document authoring Microsoft Office Excel® 2007 for spreadsheet authoring and analysis Microsoft Office PowerPoint® 2007 for presentation authoring Microsoft Office Outlook® 2007 for and personal information management Microsoft Office InfoPath® 2007 for electronic forms design and use Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 for business publishing

14 New User Interface Why we redesigned the user interface
Menu and toolbars were burdened with too many commands Users had difficulty finding and using productivity-enhancing features Results-oriented design goals Make the software easier to use Help people save time Make it easier to discover more of the functionality people need in Microsoft Office Support the creation of great-looking, more effective documents

15 New User Interface (Cont’d)
Innovations Benefits Redesign is results-oriented Features organized by user task Galleries present selection of results Features are easier to find Menus and toolbars replaced with the tabbed Ribbon Tabs organize features according to activity specific to program Contextual tabs reveal specialized features when needed Features are easier to use Galleries reduce need to operate dialog boxes Live Preview shows changes prior to applying formatting effects Enhanced ScreenTips include graphics and guidance on feature usage Users achieve what they want instead of wasting time figuring out how to use the program Users more easily discover new features and spend less time searching for commands Users have increased confidence and proficiency using Microsoft Office programs; helpdesk calls are reduced

16 Powerful New Application Capabilities
Features Access 2007 Redesigned user interface, WYSIWYG report design, out-of-the-box database templates, and more Communicator 2007 New addition to the suite Excel 2007 Powerful new conditional formatting, easier-to-use PivotTable® capability, new charting, and more InfoPath 2007 Support for e-forms with Outlook 2007, predefined form components, extended reach with InfoPath Forms Services, and more Outlook 2007 Task management, task and calendar integration, RSS and SharePoint offline access, and more PowerPoint 2007 New SmartArtTM intelligent diagramming, new graphics, streamlined slide reuse, and more Publisher 2007 New business-identity capability, professionally designed templates, and more Word 2007 Improved document comparison, Building Blocks to streamline content reuse, and more

17 Ribbon Menu, Intelligence context menu, Real time preview, Zoom-in and Out bar

18 XML File Format Robust and based on open standards
Accelerate document assembly, data mining, and content reuse DOCX, XLSX, PPTX etc Files can be open as zipped files

19 New Office and Existing Office Compatibility
Office 2007 is backward compatible Non-Office 2007 install add-on for XML support Compatibility Checker

20 Word 2007 Create and share more professional-looking documents
New! Building Blocks streamline content reuse New! High-impact graphics are easier to use New! Quick Styles and Document Themes for faster formatting New! Convert your Word documents to PDF or XPS

21 Word 2007 Features Highlight

22 New Office Online Templates

23 All Purpose Template could be updated from Office Online

24 Dictionary and Translation – even between Simplified and Traditional Chinese

25 Document Comparison / Combine Function

26 Insert Equations

27 Genko Settings and IME Writing

28 Professional Picture Tools

29 Excel 2007 Create more professional reports, and analyze and visualize information New! User interface improves professional formatting New! Redesigned charting engine for more professional graphs New! Conditional formatting data-visualization tools Improved! Easier to use PivotTable and PivotChart® tools

30 Excel 2007 Features Highlight

31 Format as Table and Conditional Formatting

32 New Chart Wizard

33 Easy to use Pivot Tables

34 PowerPoint 2007 Create and share more dynamic business presentations
New! PowerPoint slide libraries New! Save your own custom slide layouts New! Improved text, table, graphics, and shape formatting New! Convert your presentations to PDF or XPS

35 PowerPoint 2007 Features Highlight

36 SmartArt Planning Evaluation Implementation Deployment Testing finish

37 Inspect Document

38 Save As PDF

39 Communicator 2007 Using Microsoft Office Communicator, a unified communications client, people can communicate easily with others in different locations or time zones by means of different communications options, including: Instant Messaging (IM) Voice Video Integration with programs across the 2007 Microsoft Office system—including Word, PowerPoint, OneNote®, Groove®, and SharePoint Server—gives information workers many different ways to communicate with each other simply and consistently

40 InfoPath 2007 With Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007, organizations can efficiently structure and manage forms-driven business processes Extend the reach of your business processes Gather information using Outlook messages Complete InfoPath forms using Web browsers and mobile devices Build efficiency into your business forms Improved data validation, ScreenTips, and conditional formatting that doesn’t require code Build forms using predefined parts Convert Word documents and Excel spreadsheets to InfoPath form templates Create PDF or XPS records of your form data* Deploy effective form design and management tools Use workflow management tools in SharePoint Server 2007 to drive information-gathering processes more efficiently Design a single form for Web browsers and InfoPath clients *You can save as a PDF or XPS file from a 2007 Microsoft Office system program only after you install an add-in. For more information, see Install and use a PDF or XPS add-in

41 Streamline business processes …with InfoPath e-mail forms
Use Microsoft Office Outlook® to collect and distribute InfoPath forms Complete forms without leaving the familiar Outlook environment Export data directly from Outlook to Microsoft Office Excel® or InfoPath Promote form fields into the Outlook list view to instantly sort, categorize, or filter InfoPath mail messages

42 Reach more users …with browser-based InfoPath forms
二○一七年四月二日 Business Processes Internet Explorer Firefox Tested for Internet Explorer Firefox Safari Netscape HTML-enabled mobile devices On Microsoft Windows® Macintosh Linux Unix ©2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

43 Outlook 2007 Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, you can prioritize, control, and quickly search information Better manage time and information Use Instant Search across all Outlook information Gain a single view of tasks, appointments, and flagged with the To-Do Bar Integrate tasks across Microsoft Office Project Server, Microsoft Office OneNote, and Windows SharePoint Services Efficiently share information Offline access to Windows SharePoint Services information Easy-to-use calendar sharing and subscription models Integrated support for RSS feeds Bring safety and order to your inbox Improved junk filter and anti-phishing technology postmarks help ensure the you receive is legitimate Managed folders help enforce retention policies



46 Access 2007 With Microsoft Office Access 2007, effectively track and report information for more informed business decisions Quickly get started Choose from a library of prebuilt applications Redesigned user interface Paste your data from Excel, or import contacts from Outlook Report in meaningful ways One click creates reports and interactive design editing Dramatically improved grouping and filtering Effectively share information with others Collect information by with forms Share with coworkers on SharePoint sites Manage and audit data with improved transparency and security Audit data revision history Recover deleted data and back up on server

47 Access 2007 Track, analyze, and report business data more easily and effectively New! Choose from a library of prebuilt database templates New! Paste your data from Excel, or import contacts from Outlook New! Collect information from others via with data collection forms New! One-click creation of reports and interactive design editing New! Dramatically improved grouping and filtering

48 Publisher 2007 Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 helps business users create professional publications and marketing communications for print, Web, and Efficiently create quality publications that reflect your brand Choose from a library of designer-created templates for print, , and Web use Add existing content and brand elements, and reuse the publications you create Achieve more professional results with custom publications More than 100 new blank publications for starting from scratch Complete set of intuitive tools for layout, graphics, and design Quickly create content-rich, collateral-like catalogs using databases Easily share, print, publish, and your publications Publish to HTML, PDF, or XML paper specification (XPS) for hassle-free sharing, printing, and Web viewing

49 Publisher 2007 Develop professional marketing communications in-house
New! Improved library of professionally designed templates New! Apply elements from your brand identity to all Publisher templates New! Create personalized marketing with improved mail merge New! Publish as PDF or XPS for improved sharing and commercial printing

50 Create and Reuse High-Quality Branded Publications
Before Publisher 2007 With Publisher 2007 Creating page-layout publications is time-consuming It’s difficult to choose a template to use as a starting point Using existing logo and content in programs can be difficult Frequently used graphics and text aren’t easily reused in other publications Creating a merged publication from a database isn’t intuitive I need help creating and preparing my publication for distribution It’s difficult to find and organize my branded publications Hundreds of customizable design templates and intuitive design tools Preview templates with your brand—colors, logo, address—in one step Use graphics and text content from other applications The new Content Library makes it easy to save and access content Improved Catalog Merge simplifies building layouts from a database Publisher Tasks provides tips and guidance for common procedures Easily categorize, save, and access your templates within My Templates

51 Create and Reuse Get started quickly Features: Getting Started, Business Information Set, Publisher Catalog Start with a popular publication type (1, 2) Search (3) Recent files (4) Choose a template—for example, a design for a business card Apply your business brand —logo, colors, address Preview your business brand within all templates

52 Create and Reuse Efficiently reuse design elements and publications Features: My Templates, Content Library, Save as Picture, Change Template Categorize and save user templates in My Templates Store, categorize, and reuse text and graphics in Content Library

53 Exciting Innovations 53

54 Find and Use Information
Breakthrough Windows Aero™ and Basic experiences Desktop Search and Organization Security Enchantment Easier to Connect, Collaborate, and Share Find and Use Information 54

55 Selected Keywords Professional Easy Innovative Organized Inspiring
Trustworthy Beautiful 55

56 Windows Vista Offerings
Windows Vista Versions by Comparison Windows XP Offerings Windows Vista Offerings Consumers Business & Enterprise Consumers Business & Enterprise

57 Main Window Vista Core Features Consumer & Business
Home, Home Premium Multimedia Media Center / HD Support Security Firewall / Defender Schedule Backup Instant Search Aero / Glass effect Better Visibility Windows Fax and Scan Remote Desktop Connection Connectivity Business Business, & Enterprise Security Firewall / Defender BitLocker Manageability Complete PC Backup / Restore 57

58 Main Window Vista User Experiences Easy, Professional, Beautiful
Start anything simpler and faster Redesigned Start Menu Basic More intuitive navigation and system activities Streamlined Explorers Navigation/Search/Tasks Live Icons Preview/Reading Pane Better Data Visibility Better Focus Transparent Glass Windows AeroTM (Note: Builds on Basic) Smooth window animations Taskbar thumbnails Windows Flip/Flip 3D Advanced Window Management Improved Performance Fewer GPU related crashed Desktop Composition Engine (DCE) 58

59 All Windows Vista User Experiences
Home Premium Enterprise Business Ultimate Home Basic Features Starter Windows Aero “Premium visuals, highest level of performance & polish” Transparent Glass Taskbar Thumbnails Windows Flip Windows Flip 3D Smooth window animations Standard “The Basic UI with increased performance” Desktop Composition (smooth window re-draw) Increased Stability Minor Visual Polish Each version includes the features of the lower version Basic “Upgraded, streamlined” Redesigned Start Menu Streamlined Explorers Live Icons Preview/Reading Pane New Wizard/Dialogs Windows Classic Windows 2000 look and feel 59

60 Start Menu “Instant Search” finds anything on your PC
Performs a full desktop search based on File or application name File metadata (keywords) Text contained within a file

61 Windows Sidebar And Gadgets
Improved desktop productivity For consumers and information workers Brings information and frequent tasks to the desktop Fully customizable to fit users’ interests Platform for developers ISVs, hobbyists, IT departments Easy development model (HTML and script) Encourage development of local gadgets… Aligned with industry trends Wide screen monitors Growth of Web services 61 61

62 Search Explorer The desktop search portal
2017/4/2 Search Explorer The desktop search portal Search Explorer Fast Comprehensive Full text Metadata Across data types Across locations 62

63 Explorers Instant Search focuses on the folder you’re viewing
A search is scoped to the folder that the user is in

64 Preview Pane More file information, easy metadata editing

65 Metadata Cleaning Tool Gives users control and protects privacy
2017/4/2 Metadata Cleaning Tool Gives users control and protects privacy The integrated tool lets you: Clean all or pick and choose to “scrub” specific properties on a selected file Simultaneously clean multiple selected files Create a separate, clean copy of a selected file for external distribution, while keeping the original intact. 65

66 Experiences Quick Search is relevant to what you are doing
Quick search in Windows Media Player instantly finds the right song Quick Search in the Control Panel instantly finds the rights system task

67 The New Explorer Better focus and easier navigation
Key Features Enhanced Address Bar Integrated Instant Search Command Bar Navigation Pane Simple Filter Controls Preview Pane Reading Pane

68 Windows 68

69 WDDM + Desktop Composition Better stability, fewer GPU related crashes
Windows Display Driver Model Desktop Composition Moves large portions of driver from Kernel mode into User mode Results in greater stability Introduces GPU scheduling and memory management Allows multiple processes to share graphics hardware resources Enables “shared surfaces”, so desktop can present DX applications Content is rendered to an off-screen buffer and composed to a back buffer, then presented to the display Enables improvements in… Quality: “High-Fidelity” Desktop Productivity and Usability Style: Visual ‘Pop’ …But composition is more demanding on the hardware 69

70 Windows XP visual glitching
Desktop composition Windows XP visual glitching

71 Glass

72 Taskbar thumbnails

73 Windows Flip Alt+Tab

74 Windows Flip 3D

75 Windows Sidebar And Gadgets

76 Mobility Center Presentation Settings
76 76 76

77 Windows SideShow Laptop in-lid displays Connected and online displays
Remote or detachable devices 77 77

78 Sample Scenarios When the PC is off: Calendar, driving directions, , weather, traffic When the PC is available: Media control, presentation control, instant messaging, notifications 78 78

79 Demo

80 Windows Vista Collaboration

81 Windows Meeting Space Enables face-to-face collaboration among small groups on an ad hoc basis Key Scenarios Project any file or application Share files easily and securely Edit a file jointly Work together when a network is not available Collaborate with partners, customers in meetings 81 81

82 Windows Fax and Scan Send / Receive fax directly from your machine
Converts Office document into fax automatically Supports most of majority modem, no need to worry about compatibility Fax anywhere! 82 82

83 Session Summary Through Windows Vista and Office 2007, major release full of exciting innovations. Designed to help you meet the challenges of the new world of work Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, InfoPath, Communicator & Publisher! Windows Vista: Instant Search, Meeting Space, Fax and Scan, Firewall, Mobility Center, more…

84 Copyright ©2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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