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OSHA Update July 13, 2010 Jack Rector Area Director El Paso Area Office Lubbock District Office.

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1 OSHA Update July 13, 2010 Jack Rector Area Director El Paso Area Office Lubbock District Office

2 Topics to be covered El Paso Area Office areas of concentration Fatality descriptions for West Texas in fiscal year 2010; Fatality descriptions for West Texas in Oil and Gas fiscal year 2010; Oil and Gas campaign Heat Stress Upcoming OSHA agenda items

3 Areas of concentration El Paso/Lubbock Offices Fat/Cat, complaints, referrals Continue to attempt 50% to 70% of activity in construction SST NEPs: Trenching, Amputations, Combustible Dust, Fabricated Metal Products, Recordkeeping LEPs & REPs: Construction (Commercial & Residential), Silica, Lead, Oil & Gas, Cranes, Local enforcement Campaigns

4 Why OSHA is Important On average, 15 workers die every day from job injuries Over 5,600 Americans die from workplace injuries annually Over 4 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses are reported

5 Fatality information (FY 2010) Sixteen (16) work related fatality inspections conducted this fiscal year in the El Paso Area Office Jurisdiction Twelve (12) were related to oil and gas drilling, servicing, or transporting

6 Fatalities 3 Electrocutions +1 transported 1 H2S + 4 transported 2 Struck-by 3 Related to fire and explosions 2 Falls 1 Caught-between

7 Other Related Activities Complaints or Referrals responded to: 1 Rig Collapse 1 Fire 4 Other

8 What Does This Mean More than 1 fatality a month Out of all construction and general industry in El Paso Jurisdiction, 75% of fatality inspections from Oil and Gas or related industry 3 Months to go to the end of FY

9 What Do We Need to Do? Get the house in order –Step up to the plate with new ideas –Make sure what is gained in the STEPS Meetings are implemented to the field –Network/talk to each other about lessons learned so it does not happen again –Remember, everyone deserves a safe place to work

10 Oil and Gas Campaign June 7 – June 10, 2010 7 CSHOs 28 inspections 25 Inspections with violations 2-3 violations per inspection NO FRC violations

11 Violations Found Floor holes 1910.23(a)(8) Walkway and stairway guardrails 1910.23(b)(1) and (c)(1) 1910.24(h) Strain relief 1910.305(g)(2)(iii) Improper splicing 1910.305(g)(2)(ii) Open electrical 1910.305(b)(1)(ii) Housekeeping 1910.141(a)(3) Eye washes 1910.151(c) Ladder clearance 1910.27(c)(5) Reverse polarity condition 1910.304(a)(2) Fire extinguisher monthly inspection 1910.157(e)(2)

12 Heat Stress Some methods of abating heat stress hazards in workplaces include, but are not limited to: –Permitting workers to drink water or cold liquids (e.g., sports drinks) at liberty; –Establishing provisions for a work/rest regimen so that exposure time to high temperatures and/or the work rate is decreased

13 Heat Stress Developing a heat stress program which incorporates the following: –A training program informing employees about the effects of heat stress, and how to recognize heat-related illness symptoms and prevent heat-induced illnesses; –A screening program to identify health conditions aggravated by elevated environmental temperatures; –An acclimation program for new employees or employees returning to work from absences of three or more days; –Specific procedures to be followed for heat-related emergency situations; and –Provisions that first aid be administered immediately to employees displaying symptoms of heat-related illness.

14 LW Fabric Options Recommended by MCEPS Indura ® UltraSoft ® (Westex) –FR treated 88% Cotton/12% high tenacity nylon –Hazard Risk Category 2 compliant in single layer –Fabric Weights 7.0 oz: ATPV 8.7 cal/cm 2 9.0 oz: ATPV 12.4 cal/cm 2 27% body burn

15 Upcoming OSHA agenda items OSHA will be reaching out more to disadvantaged workers in high risk industries. Crane standard still in the works to be More inspections to occur as it relates to Recovery Act projects (ARRA). NEPs, LEPs, and REPs to be used to reach these projects.

16 OSHA El Paso Area Office/Lubbock District Office EP: 4849 North Mesa, Suite 200 El Paso, Texas 79912 Phone: (915)534-6251 LB: 1205 Texas Ave., Room 806 Lubbock, Texas 79401 Phone: (806)472-7681 1-800-321-OSHA

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