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Spoils System, Pendleton Act, and Office of Personnel Management

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1 Spoils System, Pendleton Act, and Office of Personnel Management
Kelly Senters, Jess Derstine, Dave Stohl

2 Spoils System Main Idea of the System-
Rewarding members and supporters of a party positions in public office based on the basis of a personal relationship, or affiliation, rather than because of their merits. Has been a part of our government for many years Why it was used Government was responsive to the people Assured loyalty to the president Increased party support

3 Examples of the Spoils System
Thomas Jefferson appointed his partisans to office when he won the presidency Heavy user of the spoils system. Replaced 20% of all office holders that he inherited from John Adams. After Jackson’s presidency, the Spoils System seemed to die down - presidents became more discreet in placing supporters in office.

4 Pendleton Act Eliminated the Spoils System With the assassination of President Garfield and the passing of the Civil Service Act Positions are filled by promoted candidates or those chosen from a list Must pass competitive examinations that are open to all citizens. Held for specific jobs, as needs require. Graded on an 100 point scale; 70 is the passing score. No discrimination; Appointments are made on merit Today most federal governments are based on merit, but in many state governments there is still a heavy reliance on patronage.

5 Office of Personnel Management
Founded by the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act of 1883 Formally known as the United States Civil Service Commission Administers the state’s personnel system and establishes policies, procedures and regulations Ensures system uniformity in accordance with the state and federal law Goal is to ensure fairness, equity and uniformity Makes sure that the rules and regulations are being followed

6 Spoils System in Politics Today
As a whole, we have created a more democratic society. Removed ways to create a majority in the government without the people’s consent Spoils Stem was not effective because people were not necessarily qualified for the jobs they were given, and not even citizen was given an equal opportunity to attain these jobs. Since the elimination of the Spoils System, the government has run more efficiently and effectively.

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