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New Faculty Event, October 21, 2013 Ivar Strand Angelo Chrisomalis Richard Scammell.

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1 New Faculty Event, October 21, 2013 Ivar Strand Angelo Chrisomalis Richard Scammell

2 Mission Statement To provide excellence in service and administration for the proposal and award activities of approved sponsored grants, contracts and other agreements on behalf of Rensselaer.

3 Proposal Development and Submission Award Negotiation Award Acceptance Award Establishment Award Management (non-financial) Subcontract Issuance Sub recipient Monitoring Manage non-financial sponsored audits

4 Award Management (financial) Prepare and submit financial reports Bill and collect from sponsors Perform Letter of Credit draws Monitor receivables Administer Labor Verification process Manage financial audits of sponsored awards Develop and negotiate Rensselaers Fringe Benefit and Facilities and Administrative rates

5 Ensure that: Proposal routing document (Proposal Information Form, or PIF) is completed and signed m.pdf Conflicts of Interests are declared and managed Human and animal subject reviews and protocols are completed Publication, Intellectual Property and Export Control issues conform to RPI policies Cost Sharing is properly documented and supported

6 Ensure that: Award budgets are not exceeded Expenses are allowable, incurred within the award period and within budget constraints Proposed expense transfers are allowable and timely Cost sharing, and project deliverables (reports, etc.) are provided as required Effort is certified in a timely and accurate manner Financial audits are clear of adverse findings

7 Scope of Work – all technical components Budget Development and/or Input Create Proposal Routing Form Obtain internal cost sharing commitments

8 Budget Development and/or Input Level of effort (minimum 1% generally required) Graduate students Equipment needs Travel expectations Supplies and Materials Collaborative efforts

9 Facility and Administrative (F&A) Rates: Research – On Campus60.20% Research - Off Campus26.00% Training – On Campus32.00% Training – Off Campus26.00% F&A rates are based on Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC). MTDC, as defined in Federal OMB Circular A-21, consists of all salaries and wages, fringe benefits, materials and supplies, services, travel, sub grants and subcontracts up to the first $25,000 of each sub grant or subcontract (regardless of the period covered by the sub grant or subcontract). Equipment, capital expenditures, charges for patient care and tuition remission, rental costs, scholarships, and fellowships as well as the portion of each sub grant and subcontract in excess of $25,000 is excluded from the MTDC. Employee Benefits38.75%

10 Minimum Requirements for Research Administration & Finance to Review and Submit Proposals Five (5) working days prior to sponsor imposed deadline: Completed Project Information Sheet Preliminary Cost Estimate or budget Final budget from all collaborators Sponsor Announcement or Request for Proposal Any Sponsor Terms and Conditions, if available Cost Sharing details and approvals Project Summary Three (3) working days prior to sponsor imposed deadline: Complete proposal package, including: Final budget Final copy of proposal text, and copies of all appendices in sufficient number to comply with sponsor guidelines For collaborative proposals, we need collaborator materials (final approved budgets on required sponsor forms, letters of support, bios, C&P, etc.) at this time.

11 Publication Restrictions Intellectual Property Ownership Intellectual Property Licensing provisions Liability and Indemnification Export Controls

12 GRANT ADMINISTRATORDEPARTMENT/ORGNSUPPORT STAFF Jennifer A. RoschComputer Science (2550)Darcy Wilson 518.276.6176Electrical, Computer, & Systems Eng. (2260)Darcy Wilson Angela StarkMechanical, Aerospace & Nuclear Eng. (2280)Lynn Chaplin 518.276.6169 Jennifer NewnhanPhysics (2580)Mary Bielawa 518.276.6173Chemical & Biological Engineering (2230)Lynn Chaplin newnhj@rpi.eduCivil & Environmental Engineering (2240)Irene Nelson Research/NonResearch Staff (no ORG)Irene Nelson Hartford (2600)Lynn Chaplin Laura SalvatiBiomedical Engineering (2220)Mary Bielawa 518.276.8359Chemistry and Chemical Biology (2540)Mary Bielawa salval@rpi.eduArchitecture (2165) / LRC (2190)Mary Bielawa Susan PepeMaterials Engineering (2270)Irene Nelson 518.276.2087Arts (2390)Irene Nelson pepes@rpi.eduEconomics (2400)Irene Nelson Dept of Communication & Media (2410)Irene Nelson Cognitive Science (2420)Irene Nelson Science & Technology Studies (2440)Irene Nelson Management (2480)Irene Nelson Biology (2530)Irene Nelson Earth & Environmental Sciences (2560)Irene Nelson Mathematical Sciences (2570)Irene Nelson Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE) (2620)Irene Nelson

13 Monitor all technical aspects of the project Submit all progress reports to sponsoring agency Expenditures oversight Allowable, within the award period, within any budget restrictions Cost sharing Certify labor Minimize cost transfers

14 Award Closeout Certify final statement of expenditures Certify final labor verification statements Submit Final Technical Report Maintain all data in accordance with record retention policies

15 1. Cost Transfers 2. Time and Effort (Labor Verification) Reports 3. Cost Allocation Methodology 4. Technical Reports 5. Purchasing office supplies, hiring administrative staff 6. Fly America Act 7. No cost extensions 8. Adherence to sponsor expenditure restrictions 9. Subcontractor monitoring 10. Key personnel changes

16 NAMETITLECONTACT REGARDING: Angelo Chrisomalis 518.276.6154 DirectorDevelops institutional polices and procedures in coordination with other departments; monitors fiscal and regulatory compliance for research activities; liaison with portfolio financial managers and faculty; review of proposed Labor Cost Transfers; provides management reports. Karen Adriance 518.276.2300 Operations Specialist Assists with Award maintenance and Close-out, Budget Allocations, FTR Processing, Non-sufficient Funds Monitoring, and Reporting Mary Ellen Mainello 518.276.4003 Sr. Grant Administrator Universities and NYS Agencies Jason Guilbeault 518.276.6735 Cost AnalystRate Development, Invoicing, Drawdowns and Payment Receipts Lou Ann Griffin 518.276.6361 Grant Administrator Corporations, Foundations, and Other Not-For-Profit awards Leslie Scoons 518.276.8108 Grant Administrator Military, DOE, EPA, and Federal Labs Sandra Gingell 518.276.6924 Grant Administrator Invoicing, Drawdowns and Payment Receipts Research Finance Staff

17 Late transfers (more than 30 days) Transfers at the end of a project to use up the fund balance Transfers between federal projects Improper authorization Not reconciled to accounting records Lack of clear, specific, detailed explanations Transferring-out account is in deficit Transferring-in account has a surplus and is ending Salary transfers where effort was previously certified as correct * Taken from lessons learned on Yales $7.6 million cost transfer and effort reporting audit disallowance in 2009.

18 Performed three times a year Labor Verification Forms must be: Timely Accurate Signed by the individual or person with suitable means of verification.

19 Direct Costs: Must be specifically identified with a particular project Must be allocable, or charged in proportion to their benefit to a project; Must be allowable (i.e., entertainment may not be charged to a Federal grant under any circumstances); Must be reasonable, reflecting the conservative actions of a prudent person; Should be charged correctly the first time to avoid cost transfers; and Must conform to any limitations or exclusions in the award agreement.

20 Comply with all reporting requirements Submit them on time

21 Office supplies that are normally used in the general administrative support of a project may not be included in the budget or charged to the award. Local telephone rentals used to conduct routine business of the project may not be included in the budget. Cell phone and pager expenses are usually considered local telephone costs and may not be included in the budget if they are used to conduct routine business of the project. Salaries of administrative and clerical staff are normally considered as part of the F&A rate and therefore unallowable as a direct cost.

22 Generalpurpose computersespecially laptops can be used to support a variety of activities and are rarely dedicated to one specific purpose. As a result, generalpurpose computers and laptops are typically F&A costs and are seldom proposed in budgets or directly charged to awards. Aforementioned normally only allowable on "Major Projects defined as a project that requires an extensive amount of administrative or clerical support, which is significantly greater than the routine level of such services provided by academic departments (e.g., program project grants, large center awards, clinical translational science awards).

23 Requires that foreign air travel funded with Federal dollars be performed on U.S. flag air carriers. U.S. flag air carrier service is also defined as service provided under a code share agreement with a foreign air carrier. You must use a U.S. flag air carrier on every portion of the route where it provides service unless you qualify for a waiver. Certain exceptions apply; however, increased cost is not a basis for a waiver.

24 The request should contain: The length of time for which the extension is being requested. A justification for the extension request. A brief statement as to the progress and work remaining to be completed. Unobligated funds currently remaining on the scheduled expiration date. Not allowed just to spend down project balance Dont incur costs unrelated to original award

25 Refer to Notice of Grant Award, Contract, and/or Blue sheet (PDN) from RA&F Discuss proposed changes with your program officer Official requests must be in writing, endorsed by RA&F and sent to grant/contracting officer Program officers typically cannot approve changes to award terms and conditions

26 During the term of the sub award, the principal investigator is responsible for monitoring the activities of sub recipients to ensure that Federal awards are being used for their authorized purpose and that performance goals are achieved The PI (or departmental designee) is required to review and approve all invoices, technical and financial reports.

27 Changes in key personnel Significant changes in PI effort, often defined as: the absence of the PI from a project for more than 3 months and/or a reduction in effort of 25% or more.

28 Review monthly financial reports Work closely with your department/center business manager Use bridge fund mechanism Adjust expenditures and commitments promptly Review and sign Labor Verification Reports promptly – adjust as necessary

29 Guide to Sponsored Programs - ch/Guide_to_Sponsored_Programs.pdf ch/Guide_to_Sponsored_Programs.pdf Unallowable Non Reimbursable Expenses - ch/UnallowableNonReimbursableExpenses.pdf ch/UnallowableNonReimbursableExpenses.pdf Direct charging - ch/DirectCharging.pdf ch/DirectCharging.pdf Labor Verification Policy - ch/LaborVerificationPolicyandProcedures.pdf ch/LaborVerificationPolicyandProcedures.pdf

30 Ivar Strand, Assistant Vice President, Research Administration:; phone: 2161; West Hall, 4 th Angelo Chrisomalis, Director, Research Finance:, phone: 6924; West Hall. 3 rd floor Richard Scammell, Director, Research Administration:, phone: 6177; West Hall, 4 th floor Website:

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