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Office of the Registrar Business Continuity Planning A Disaster Doesnt Have to be a Catastrophe!

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1 Office of the Registrar Business Continuity Planning A Disaster Doesnt Have to be a Catastrophe!

2 When disaster strikes… the time to prepare is passed Earthquake Fire Flood Flu Pandemic Shooting Strike

3 Are You Professionally Prepared? Does your office have a plan? Is it written down? Do staff know about it? Have you practiced it? What if youre not available to implement it? Are you or any of your staff trained in CPR and first aid? Do have emergency supplies for your staff (and family) for at least three days?

4 Are You Personally Prepared? Do you have emergency contact information for both work and family with you today? Have you identified an emergency contact outside of your immediate area for family and friends? If you have children, do you know their schools plan? Can you count on it?

5 If you answered NO to any of these questions… YOU ARE NOT READY!

6 Session Agenda 1. Business Continuity Planning Defined 2. Office of the Registrar Business Continuity Plan 3. Critical Functions 4. Accomplishments 5. Lessons Learned 6. Questions

7 Business Continuity Planning Planning for unplanned events that could threaten or interrupt your business Hard drive failures to earthquakes, fires & floods Addresses how we: Prepare for these events Restore priority functions, if interrupted Continue business with diminished resources

8 Business Continuity Planning Does NOT involve Emergency Response Police, Firefighters, Medical, etc. Emergency Operations Center (EOC) responsible for this Everyone should be involved A comprehensive, campus-wide plan demands broad participation Especially important for a decentralized campus

9 Business Continuity Plan Berkeley Approach: Standardized planning tool Same template for all units at all levels Key outcome: Readiness to-do list Each units action items informs the plans of colleagues, superiors and subordinates

10 OR Continuity Plan The Office of the Registrar has a written plan available at the campus Business Continuity Planning website The plan takes into account guidelines established by the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) The campus has identified resumption of instruction as a top priority (only payroll is higher)

11 Components of the Plan 1. Know Your Campus 2. Specify Critical Functions 3. Identify Key People and Resources

12 The UC Berkeley Campus Urban Campus Hayward Fault runs through campus 70% chance of major earthquake before 2030 Aging Infrastructure

13 The Berkeley Campus Located near a fire zone 1991 Firestorm Engulfed 1,500 acres Destroyed 2,800 homes Killed 25 people

14 The Berkeley Campus 36,000 Students 10,000 Faculty & Staff Serves the Community Athletic events Lawrence Berkeley Lab Libraries, Museums, Theaters & Botanical Garden Community partnerships and programs

15 Campus Resources for Business Continuity Planning Office of Continuity Planning Continuity Planning Tools Templates Campus Plan Research Seismic Recovery Action Plan Preparedness Checklist for Faculty People Locator WarnMe Alerting & Warning System

16 Critical Functions Enrollment Grades Classroom Scheduling

17 Enrollment Critical functions include: Determining enrollment eligibility Enrolling students into classes Cancellation/withdrawal Reinstatement Enrollment/schedule changes (adds & drops) Enrollment activities performed by students, Academic departments, and Colleges & Schools.

18 Enrollment Timing Determines Action

19 Enrollment If Office is NOT Accessible: 1. Critical data housed on mainframe, and not dependent on access to office 2. Registrar or Alternate will: Coordinate with EOC on alternate site, priority of enrollment, when staff should resume work Contact senior staff Initiate Phone Tree

20 Enrollment If Office is Accessible: 1. Deliver information in person 2. Disseminate info via hard copy 3. Use cell phones and bulletin boards 4. EOC and IST to post accurate info on web

21 Enrollment If Office is Accessible: And systems are available: Operate as usual If systems are NOT available: Reconstruct enrollment records from other sources Accept enrollment changes via hard-copy forms; process after systems are restored

22 Grades Faculty Senate Office of the Registrar Information Services & Technology (IST) Communications Added Law School to online grading system

23 Scheduling Classroom Scheduling Duties: 1. Academic Classes-Fall, Spring, Summer Terms 2. Special Events 3. Final Examinations 4. Online Schedule of Classes

24 Scheduling Resources: 1. SpaceClassrooms, Tents, Lounges 2. Alternative Curriculum Methods 3. Course Data Business Continuity Course Priority Website 4. Enrollment Data 5. Faculty Data

25 Scheduling Resources: 1. Computers 2. Portable Data Devices 3. Paper Room and Building Lists 4. Scheduling Checklists

26 Scheduling Put paper checklist sample here

27 Scheduling Communication: 1. Relay Information Back to EOC 2. Pre-arranged contract with printer 3. Electronic resources 4. New technologies

28 Accomplishments 1. Off-site Backups of Core Systems 2. Successful Testing of Backup Systems Mainframe Student Information System Bear Facts SIS web interface Directory Services, Authentication and Emergency People Locator 3. Survival Kits for all Staff 4. Seismic Recovery Plan 5. Pandemic Flu planning committees

29 Lessons Learned Needs Discussion Needs Updating Doesnt need a committee to write Plan Collaborate on testing Engage IS&T and Faculty Action Gaps will exist Staff turnover will test Plan is just the beginning Acknowledge

30 Recent Actions Business continuity calendar approved by Academic Senate Tested server-based student database and applications (failed 1 st time, succeeded 2 nd time) Participated in review of UC Ready Updated phone system; improved access for messaging

31 When disaster strikes… the time to prepare is passed Earthquake Fire Flood Flu Pandemic Shooting Strike

32 Ongoing Questions & Concerns How can we best prioritize courses in a recovery phase? How will increase in number of students and change in types of students affect our ability to respond and recover? What will be the role of online courses? More classroom technologychallenge or basis of recovery?

33 Resources Office of Continuity Planning University of California, Berkeley University Hall 172 Berkeley, CA 94720

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