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DRAFT 1 12-27-05 OFFICE MANAGEMENT SUPPORT Company Overview.

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2 DRAFT About Us Office Management Support (OMS), based in Michigan/USA is a business support organization providing special services for companies which work on an international basis. OMS is specialized in German-American business relationships and we are single point of contact for companies from both countries for Cross Culture Training, Language Classes, Translation Services and Office Management. We work with native German and American professionals who worked for international companies and have a lot of experience. Our goal is to support our customer with personal and individual services in Cross Culture Training/ Language Classes (English/German) Translation Interpretation Office Management With locations in the USA and in Germany we are able to support you from both continents. We are also part of an international network which allows us to expand into other international markets like China, UK and Spain. Please contact us if you need further information.

3 DRAFT Our Service OMS provides service in different areas. Our bilingual staff is experienced and worked in these areas for many years. All of them have international experience which they are happy to share with you. Our goal is to serve you with a personal contact person to reach your goal in a short time and the best manner. Find out what we can do for you in: Language Training (LINK) Cross-Culture-Training (LINK) Translation and Interpretations (LINK) Bilingual Relocation Service (LINK) Office Management (LINK)

4 DRAFT Language Training Why choose OMS to learn German? OMS offers diverse German courses, learning environments, and qualified and motivated language instructors with postgraduate education. The materials used are the most up-to-date, corresponding to the European Framework of Reference: beginners to the very advanced (Basic level (A1) to Advanced Level (C2). The innovative teaching methods incorporate the many language aspects with effective learning strategies to ensure success. For example, speaking exercises are combined with the use of many picture books, and grammar is taught in a logical way with many charts and diagrams. Thus, it is not a rote memorization task but a long-term method to be applied in future situations. What areas of German are covered? Business German Grammar Pronunciation Speaking Writing Vocabulary Listening comprehension German exam preparation

5 DRAFT Language Training The exam preparation has been modeled after the Common European language proficiency levels. There are six (6) levels: A1: elementary level I A2: elementary level II B1: intermediate level I B2: intermediate level II C1: advanced level I C2: advanced level II Striving towards these proficiency levels will enable students to pass the European standardized tests, such as Test für Deutsch als Fremdsprache (TestDaF), Zertifikat Deutsch (ZD), as well as Austrian and Swiss exams.

6 DRAFT Language Training Why choose OMS to learn English? OMS offers a wide range of courses, learning environments, and qualified and motivated language instructors with postgraduate education to best suit your needs. The materials used are the most up-to-date. The innovative teaching methods incorporate the many language aspects with effective learning strategies to ensure success. For example, speaking exercises are combined with the use of many picture books, and grammar is taught in a logical way with many charts and diagrams. Thus, it is not a rote memorization task but a long-term method to be applied in future situations. What areas of English are covered? Business English Grammar Pronunciation Speaking Writing Vocabulary Listening comprehension English exam preparation: TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), TOEIC (Test of English in International Communication), Cambridge FCE (First Certificate in English Cambridge) and CAE (Certificate of Advanced English), ACT and SAT.

7 DRAFT Language Training What are the different courses available? Crash courses: These courses are designed for students who need to learn in the shortest time possible. The goal is to have students think and interact in English. One-to-one courses: These courses are designed for students who want to focus on individual learning requirements to achieve maximum results in a short time. Group classes: Group classes are designed for students who would like to interact with others at a similar proficiency level working together to reach a common goal. Childrens classes: These classes are designed to motivate and enrich your child in not only the English but also the culture. Many stories, games, and activities capture and hold childrens attention and broaden their horizons. They will also be better prepared for future aptitude exams. There are individual and group classes to best suit your childs needs.

8 DRAFT Cross-Culture Training Cross-cultural courses With the rapid growth of multinational companies, understanding the nuances of doing business in the present global economy is crucial. Our cross-cultural programs help to bridge the gap for people who interact with other cultures, helping to avoid many pitfalls in business as well as social situations. Our approach With our highly trained and congenial consultants, the courses are tailored to your personal needs. With a participatory and interactive approach, you will learn the basic everyday international operations to more complex tasks, such as negotiations and team building. With group discussions, task oriented activities, coaching, and case studies, you will learn the skills needed to build productive relationships that will seal the deal. Types of Cross-Cultural programs Cross-Cultural Business Training: The focus of this course is for executives, managers, and staff who work in an international environment to associate effectively with their international colleagues. Skills in negotiating, communicating, telephoning, writing, and speaking publicly are taught. Relocation Coaching: This course is designed to assist the expatriates and their family to assimilate well into the culture. The everyday operations, such as banking, finding the appropriate schools, working, and adjusting to the new environment without experiencing too much of a culture shock are the primary objectives of this course.

9 DRAFT Translation and Interpretation Why choose OMS for translation service? OMS offers a wide range of translation and interpretation service in different areas. Our staff is well experienced and native speaker of there language and expecially in there translation expertise. Most of them worked for many years in this environment and know these kind of business. Translation is not all the time easy to do! Different translations can cause different interpretations and understanding. This can costs a lot of time and money.Thats why OMS works with translators who are experienced in these areas to serve you in the best way! What languages do we offer? German, English, Spanish, French and Chinese are our main business We are also able to serve and help you with other languages

10 DRAFT Translation and Interpretation What areas do we translate? Technical Specifications Promotional Sheets Brochures Books for publishing Websites Descriptive Literature Company Reports Multimedia presentations, videos and audio tapes Interactive CDs Certified Documentations :

11 DRAFT Translation and Interpretation Why use OMS for Interpreting? OMS provides quality interpretation services in an extensive range of languages. Our interpreters are chosen for their linguistic skills, technical expertise, and sensitivity to the cultural nuances of conducting business in another culture. We provide professional interpreters for a variety of situations, including the following: Conferences Trade Shows Meetings OMS offers……………. 1. Simultaneous Interpretation is most commonly used in conferences, court proceedings, or business presentations. It is the parallel act of interpreting in the target language while the speaker continues to speak in the source language. There is no break in the oral presentation by the speaker. For larger parties, special equipment may be required, including headphones, microphones and a small booth. 2. Consecutive Interpretation involves the participants and the interpreter talking after one another. One participant will speak a short paragraph of 3 or 4 sentences, and then pause to allow the interpreter to relay the meaning, in the target language, to the other participant. The advantages of this method are that it allows the parties to take their time, separate their conversation into meaningful units, and get clarification on new or unfamiliar ideas as they are presented.

12 DRAFT Relocation Service Why OMS ? What is more challenging and stressful for individuals or families than moving to a new location or a new country. To meet these challenges, OMS provides you a single point-of-contact and a customized moving support if you have to move to Detroit/Michigan. This personalized service and attention to detail benefits you by providing efficiency, constant communication, and cost-effectiveness. Relocation, particularly with a family, can be a stressful experience. By taking care of many of the issues in a sensitive and efficient manner, OMS aims to reduce this stress and ensure that the employee can become a productive member of the team with a minmum delay, confident that his or her family is in safe hands with a personal contact person. We are offering the following services………… OrientationTour Guide client on tour of possible areas Provide maps Provide general information on living in the Detroit/Michigan area Arrange viewings of sample properties Agree final location for homesearch taking into account workplace, schools and amenities

13 DRAFT Relocation Service Homesearch Pre-select properties according to client requirements Accompany client to view suitable properties Assist with lease/purchase negotiations Organise or transfer of utilities into clients name Provide neighbourhood guide which contains information on doctors, hospitals, shopping, leisure activities etc. School Search Provide explanation of US education system and options including state, private and international schools Provide list of possible schools relating to the homesearch area Arrange meetings with head teachers/school representatives Accompany client to meetings Provide information on pre-school options including nurseries, toddler groups and other childcare facilities

14 DRAFT Relocation Service Settling-in Services Advise on US banking system; help with opening bank accounts, paying bills etc. Provide information on insurance of home, car etc. Arrange furniture rental Offer information on educational/career options for spouse Introducing to existing newcomer clubs Post-relocation support OMS staff remains available to advise and support throughout the clients stay in the USA Leaving Assistance Arrange property hand-back or sale Arrange cleaners and co-ordinate move with removal company Close utility accounts and arrange final bills Manage property if client leaves before end of tenancy Act as local point of contact following clients departure

15 DRAFT Office Management What do we understand under Office Management Support? Office Management Support can be a variety of things………..especially when you have a business without an office! OMS takes care of the little necessary things that come up in a business every day like writing letters, taking care of incoming calls and mailings………….. We offer two different support variants to help you to focus on your business! Company - Office Management For small and/or start up companies we offer a complete package which includes: - Office Space (single office or cubicle) - Conference Room - Complete office equipment (phone, fax, printer –color/bw, scanner) - Floor space for production or logistic (if needed) - Consulting - Contract of Employees - Complete Office Management through bilingual assistant

16 DRAFT Office Management Individual - Office Management Here we offer single point contract service for special needs in different office areas like………. Administration Marketing Design of presentations, product brochures, websites, business cards, organizing international trade shows, company or product mailings, updating existing databases, create new databases on special needs Recruiting Support Help to find you the right employee by organizing job fairs, advertisement or contract employees. OFFICE MANAGEMENT PART NOT FOR USE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 DRAFT Who we work with To satisfy our customers OMS works with other companies to get the best result in service, support and experience! Thats why we work with…………………… Global Business Support A business supporting organization which provides there customer single point contacts who wishing to enter foreign markets. For more detailed information, please visit The Newcomers Network A company who provides detailed information packages based on the new moving location with medical facilities, regional information, shopping, recreation, attractions and travel tips. Martina Dorn also assist for our relocation service and helps families to settle in the Michigan area. (link)

18 DRAFT Who we work with KONTEC USA US-Projects US-Projects has set the goal, to support small and medium sized companies in the english language. US-Projects helps you with the daily translations in print media, websites, product catalogs, online shops and also translations of spoken text and speaking of text. US-Projects supports OMS in Germany for companies who would like to deal with somebody near their facilities. For more detailed information please visit (link) MediaDisc Inc.

19 DRAFT Contacts United States office Office Management Support 437 S. Williamsbury Road Bloomfield Hills, MI Phone: +1 (248) Fax: + 1 (248) Is it possible to have on that page a form where People can send us an ?????

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