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SpeedTouch & Alcatel OmniPCX

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1 SpeedTouch & Alcatel OmniPCX
The ideal companion for Alcatel OmniPCX Office VPN for small remote offices & teleworkers @Office @Home

2 OmniPCX add-ons Solution for small remote offices or teleworkers

3 Customers needs Customers needs
Many companies have small home/remote offices and want to provide remote workers with a cost effective but powerful communication solution towards main office They have both voice & data needs in these small remote/home office

4 SpeedTouch answers You can combine Alcatel OmniPCX Office or Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise communication servers to have a competitive, reliable and secured solution for these small remote offices By deploying our Business DSL routers with built-in VPN capabilities

5 Solution benefits VAR Competitive advantage End-User
Integration of the small remote office in the global company communications Nice solution to sell to the customer Value proposition both for voice & data through the VPN End-User PBX features transparency over DSL The remote users have the same features than the main office users Secured solution with VPN and embedded firewall Data capabilities on top Access to , internet, intranet Unified messaging

6 OmniPCX Office eBusiness
How does it fit ? OmniPCX Office eBusiness PSTN OmniPCX Office eBusiness with VPN ST610 with VPN feature or ST608 VPN Internet IP Phone Full PBX features (ex: call forwarding, call monitoring …) OmniPCX Office ST600 IP softphone Main office Small remote office teleworkers

7 Quality of Service & Bandwidth
How does it fit ? Quality of Service & Bandwidth Quality of service The SpeedTouch supports OmniPCX compatible advanced QoS features that enable voice packets to have high priority VLAN 802.1p User Priority Mapping IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP header based packet classification, prioritization and forwarding IP header TOS byte / DSCP field marking IP QoS queues instantiated per upstream interface (ATM VP/VC) IP QoS Scheduling : Queuing between 6 classes: Real-time queue with strict priority over all other queues 4 WFQ queues with strict priority over the best effort queue Best Effort queue. This class will use any bandwidth that is not used by the other classes, but does not have any bandwidth guarantees. Bandwidth Required bandwidth according to OmniPCX configurations (G711, G723, or G729)

8 What do you need ? Mandatory Optional Main Office
Alcatel OmniPCX Office Business Alcatel OmniPCX Office eBusiness (with VPN software license) Internet connection Optional DSL router SpeedTouch 610 (or ST608) if the previous Internet connection is not present Small Remote Office/Teleworkers DSL router SpeedTouch 610 with the VPN software key (or ST608) DSL connection with any ISP Alcatel IP phones or Alcatel IP Softphones

9 Differences between ST608 & ST610
The 610 is useful if you want to do remote management of the branch-office, and/or if you would like to rollout later on SIP phones with local calls capabilities SpeedTouch 610 vs 608 : Main differences Remote management with SNMP MIBs Up to 16 VPN tunnels instead of 2 Local SIP communications in the remote office (built-in SIP proxy & registrar, call logs, call blocking) SNTP, RIP1 & RIP2 …

10 Quick products overview ST 608 ST 610

11 SpeedTouch 608(i) 608 (i) Key Differentiators Key Features
Enhanced Security Features Reliability Advanced Quality of Service Embedded IP Sec (ICSA certified) Embedded Firewall WAN Interfaces : ADSL (POTS and ISDN) 4 Port Ethernet Switch and Ethernet 608 (i) Key Benefits Easy Installation :Set Up Wizard Security Positioning Optional Information High End Business Router Business Internet Access LAN to LAN Interconnection Secure Home and Teleworking Fastest Routing (15K Packets/Sec) Unique support AES Encryption and Public Key Infrastructure

12 SpeedTouch 610 (i,s) 610 (i,s) Key Features Key Differentiators
Embedded IP Sec (ICSA certified) Embedded Firewall SIP Multimedia PBX WAN Interfaces : ADSL (POTS and ISDN) SHDSL Syslog, SNMP, SNTP, RIPv1, RIPv2 4 Port Ethernet Switch and Ethernet + ATMF Variants Enhanced Security Features Reliability Remotely Manageable: Full SLA SIP PBX (Sip Server & Registrar) Advanced Quality of Service 610 (i,s) Key Benefits Easy Installation :Set Up Wizard Upselling of IP Sec/SIP via Software Activation Remote Management Security Positioning Optional Information High End Business Router Business Internet Access LAN to LAN Interconnection Secure Home and Teleworking Fastest Routing (15K Packets/Sec) Unique support AES Encryption and Public Key Infrastructure 2 and 4 wire SHDSL

13 ST608/610: VPN features VPN Built-in VPN IPSEC ICSA certification
Advanced features Key distribution Public key infrastructure (RFC 2459, ITU-T Q.817) with X.509 digital certificates; support for cross-certification and chain of trust On-line PKI enrollment: CEP (certificate enrollment protocol) interoperable with Entrust, VeriSign, Netscape and Baltimore CAs Off-line PKI enrollment: PKCS#10 "Certification Request Syntax Standard" (RFC 2314 / 2986) and PKCS#7 "Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard", compatible with Entrust, VeriSign, Netscape, RSA Security (RSAS) and Xcert Shared secrets Tunnel set-up ISAKMP, IKE / Oakley (RFC 2408 / 2409 / 2412), Main Mode and Aggressive Mode Diffie-Hellman group number 1, 2 and 5 Certificate Revocation List (CRL) – ITU-T X.509v2; offline import; online import via LDAP (RFC 1777) and HTTP interface Xauth authentication: PAP and CHAP

14 ST608/610: VPN features VPN Advanced features Tunnel mode Encryption
IPsec authentication header (AH - RFC 2402) and encapsulating security payload header (ESP - RFC 2406) Support for NAT-T IPSec ESP on top of UDP IPsec IP payload compression (IPCOMP - RFC2393 / 3173): LZS (RFC 2395, ANSI X ), deflate / zlib (RFC 2394) Bridge Emulation Mode (BEM) using proxy ARP Automatic and manual policy rules Encryption AES Rijndael, DES (RFC 2405, FIPS-46-2, FIPS-74, FIPS-81), 3DES, RC5 (RFC 2040), null encryption (RFC 2410), perfect forward secrecy (PFS), ESP CBC-mode cipher algorithms (RFC 2451) Hashing HMAC, MD5 (RFC 2403), SHA1 (FIPS-180-1, RFC 2404 / 3174)

15 Built for excellence

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