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Brought to you byDo-Over Dave alias Dave Sauter 513.529.8781 University Registrar, Miami University Great Lakes ACRAO November 2013.

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1 Brought to you byDo-Over Dave alias Dave Sauter 513.529.8781 University Registrar, Miami University Great Lakes ACRAO November 2013

2 The drama of a full-blown workplace conflict can rival the best made-for-television movie. All eyes are glued to the episode of the day, instead of the work at hand. Does the staffer next to you arrive ready to pounce on the first piece of gossip, or start laying blame on others? What can YOU do about the ongoing whiner that derails office productivity? Welcome to this interactive session – recognize the realities of the workplace, learn from each other. Relax, and… 2

3 Welcome to the FIRST DAY of a future of drama… ENJOY the Production! What brought YOU here? 3

4 Miami Middletown Aug 1984-Aug 91: 5 staff in admission, records and registration, and financial aid Xavier University Aug 1991-Jan 1999: 11 staff in records and registration Wright State University Jan 1999-Jan 2006: 18 staff in records and registration…and 5 in VA Miami University Jan 2006-retirement From 29 staff to 19 staff with added tasks 4

5 Act One: Definitions Act Two: Parental Drama Act Three: Causes of Office Drama Act Four: Drama Attributes Act Five: 6 People you Might Hire Act Six: Success Without Drama Act Seven: Rumor Control Act Eight: Whining at Work Act Nine: Your Turn! 5

6 Laws, i.e., FMLA, FERPA, HIPAA, Coping with emergencies Union environments/non-union also Sick/Vacation Accrual Flex time 85% Staffed on an average day - do the math…52 weeks minus vacation/sick/holiday…then meetings, conferences – Balance? Salaried vs. Hourly…or ONE TEAM? Other? 6

7 Drama: designed for theatrical performance Relationship: quality of two or more things together Conflict: emotional tension Paradigm: pattern Diversity: to increase the variety Understanding: to grasp, to accept as fact 7

8 WORTHY of a SPECIAL MENTION! In your words Letter to the Editor, Miami University, Miamian, an alternate look at Helicopter Parents who might add drama to our workplace…but is it well-founded drama, or ill-founded drama? Generation of caring? Who pays the bills for 18-22s? Do family members of students bring drama to our workplace? Your stories! 8

9 Physical Proximity Reporting lines Age Gender Personality differences Differences in values Jealousy …and more 9

10 The Unknown Change Insecurity Home Issues All of the above? Other? 10

11 Evil Eileen… Jerry Jokester… Chris Cross… Brenda Brown-noser… Letch Leonard… Silo Sam… Obsessive Omar… Militant Margaret… (Over) Enthusiastic Eli… Complaining Carolyn… Sensitive Sally… Tense Ted… Negative Nancy… Mouthy Mark…more: 11

12 Waffling Willie… Pushover Paul… Lazy Larry… Rumor Rita… Gossiping Gloria… Perfect (?) Priscilla… Know-it-all-Ned… Messy Mary… Curt Cathy… Quiet Quinn… Alice Angst… Always Right Allie… Debbie Downer… Naughty Nancy… (too) Jolly Joe… Water cooler Wendy… Loud Lily… Lucy Late… Snarky Suzie… Cynical Cindy… Chatty Cathy… Needy Norm…more: 12

13 Greta Grouch… Shelly web Surfer… Sarge Marge With all these negative attributes, what are we to do???????? Be PART of the solution, to keep staff from being APART 13

14 The Loafer…fast out of the gate and then sputters to a stop! The Weasel…back-stabber! The Bridegroom…wants to be you but will not help make decisions! The Psycho Killer…too many adversaries! The Workaholic…no other life! The Future CEO…too much I focus! 14

15 Ambition Strive for respect first Mental and physical fitness Intuition/Common Sense Edit your ideas before sharing (blurting?) Think big but grow slowly, carefully Focus Be a detective, drill into issues Let one solution lead to another one Your ideas? 15

16 Avoid conversing about personal details…all you say will be repeated at least once Ignore the speculation…dont let it fester Ignore gossipers…dont give them attention – at times more to the story 16

17 Do not badmouth…person might be your boss someday !! Take responsibility…if you hurt someone, be honest and apologize Do NOT be a victim, do NOT get swept into the production Your thoughts? 17

18 Whining is a coping mechanism, complain like a child. Workplace changes make us whine. (Your thoughts?) Hierarchies are flattening, so do new workers have less fear of managers, or with right-sizing loss of job?. Honest praise up, whining cranks down. Whining releases tension in todays demanding environment. 18

19 Whine and Wine…try it! (have a DD) What is in it for ME!!! So little salary raise, reduced benefits, more expected? How do YOU handle it? 19

20 Your examples of Office Drama in the next office! 20

21 A Human Condition we all need to acknowledge and master, to not let it control us or our office Good and Bad Drama… life with NO drama may be boring; SOME drAma adds some spice, TOO MUCH DRAAAMA is destructive Drama vs. Dramatic… be dramatic w/o so much drama! Balance, balance, balance 21

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