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Learning Services Professional Standards and Ethos Guidelines.

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1 Learning Services Professional Standards and Ethos Guidelines

2 Office Policy

3 Learning Service staff respect and consider their colleagues, and focus upon creating a professional working environment. Offices are often used for meetings with other staff or students and must also reflect a professional image.

4 Meal breaks should be taken away from the office.

5 HR recommend at least 1/2 hour away from the desk. Please ensure you eat your food during this time.

6 Hot food to be eaten in staff rooms, cafes or canteen areas NOT in offices.

7 Only in exceptional circumstances should COLD food be eaten at desks, perhaps when taken as part of a working lunch but not at public service areas.

8 Staff should be extremely careful when carrying hot drinks and should minimise carrying them around buildings. Hot drinks should not be carried from one building to another. Tripping while carrying half a pint of hot liquid can have serious repercussions

9 Any personal work should be done in your own time.

10 Any materials used including printing/photocopying must be paid for

11 All staff should be familiar with and comply with the colleges acceptable use policy of telephones which can be found at -employee relations

12 In addition staff should never unplug or switch off the telephone ringer

13 Please make sure you respond to e-mails in a timely and professional manner

14 If you require to work undisturbed divert your calls to an agreed recipient

15 In shared offices if a telephone is ringing and the member of staff is absent colleagues should answer the call and leave a message. Telephones should not be left to ring.

16 All staff should be familiar with and comply with the colleges acceptable use policy for use of the internet. http//

17 In addition staff should only be browsing for personal use in their own time.

18 Playing of games on any PC is not acceptable

19 Playing of radios, CDs etc. is not acceptable unless directly related to work

20 When headphones should be worn

21 An exception would be the MediaTech repair workbench when items are being tested

22 Keep social chatting to minimum Keep social chatting to a minimum

23 Office Tidiness/Security

24 All staff should have a secure place for valuables and coat hooks

25 Work areas should be kept tidy. Boxes equipment etc. should not be left on the floor.

26 In addition staff working between buildings should have access to a secure locker and a convenient coat hook.

27 Care should be taken not to disclose door numbers to non-Learning Services staff

28 Personal alarms should be available to all late night staff.

29 Out of hours working: All staff to comply with the College policy

30 Staff must comply with security policies when staying late.

31 Smoking: All staff must comply with the College policy. A copy of the policy can be found on the intranet at - employee relations

32 Learning Services staff are also requested not smoke at front doors of Learning Services buildings

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