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DAC – UNDP Nordic Office Wish for Reform Need for Reform.

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1 DAC – UNDP Nordic Office Wish for Reform Need for Reform

2 1.Environment – Trends in Development More and better ODA National Ownership : MDG / PRSP / National Strategies MDG / PRSP / National Strategies Budget Support – SWAPs Budget Support – SWAPs Coordination: Rome / Paris Declarations Coordination: Rome / Paris Declarations Zambia Pilot Joint Programming Joint Missions

3 2. UN Response / Consequences From UN Reform to new role in development : Capacity Building Capacity Building Partnerships : Partnerships : -UN -Government -Civil Society -Donors UNDAF Matrix UNDAF Matrix

4 3. New Catchwords – Measuring Results MOPAN MOPAN DFID DFID Danish Model Danish Model Partnership Survey Partnership Survey (refer to handouts)

5 UNDP Results Reporting and Donor Needs (DENMARK, NETHERLANDS, NORWAY, SWEDEN, UK) What is it that donors want to know, and where will they get that information from? What key areas ?What type of information?From where? Consistency with own development cooperation goals All agencies commit to the MDGs and therefore look for documentation on contributions to the attainment of these goals MDG Reports Relevance, comparative advantage and mandate All five agencies require documentation to show UNDP's goals and their own development cooperation goals. All agencies also assess the degree to which UNDP succeeds in attaining the goals set out in its mandate and works within its areas of comparative advantage. Reviews of various UNDP reports and through MOPAN and embassy reporting Organisational efficiencyOne agency defines efficiency as "the quality of the agency's programming, management and financial administration". All look at the degree to which the agency is focussed, has appropriate RBM systems and is engaged in harmonization of procedures, planning and reporting, including at country level. This is assessed through reviews of board documents, MOPAN and feedback from embassies Development effectivenessThe measures for "effectiveness" are rarely clear, but many stress effectiveness at country level and focus on the various initiatives under UNDAF and UNDG. Some agencies propose to measure effectiveness i) as an instrument for poverty reduction and ii) in delivering results DESA report, UNDAF matrixes and reviews, ROAR, DER, MOPAN, feedback from embassies UN ReformAll five want to measure UNDP's contribution to UN reform, in particular in terms of improving coordination, harmonisation, and prioritization. UNDP reporting, MOPAN, feedback from embassies Country level performanceSeveral agencies stress the need to demonstrate added value at country level. Effectiveness at country level is seen both in terms of program delivery and in terms of the harmonisation agenda, including: i) UNDAF ii) coordination and partnerships iii) alignment to PRS iv) support to PRS M&E system v) participation in SWAPS DESA, UNDAF reporting, MOPAN, feedback from embassies

6 The MEFF checklist (DFID) Organizational sytems Internal Performance Focus on country level results Focus on partnership Corporate Governance 3 questions Corporate Strategy3 questions Resource Management 4 questions3 questions2 questions Operational Management 4 questions2 questions3 questions Quality Assurance4 questions3 questions2 questions Staff Management4 questions2 questions3 questions M&E Lesson learning 3 questions Reporting3 questions

7 Annual assessment of performance of key organisations at country level (Denmark) Overall assessment of the organisations country-level performance Assessment of the organisations alignment of strategies to PRSs and MDGs, and its contribution towards monitoring the PRS process and results reporting Assessment of the organisations participation in harmonisation, donor coordination, SWAP and basket funding Assessment of the organisations cooperation and coordination concerning Danish SPS, cross-cutting priorities and/or thematic focus areas.

8 RBM positive (green) scores as % total valid* scores Agency Internal performance Country level results PartnershipOverall average % MDBs70607067 World Bank71738275 AfDB75736471 EBRD82536268 AsDB64557364 IADB57456756 UN Devment Agencies 726569 UNDP9395 94 UNFPA86917785 UNICEF82644866 UNIFEM63596562 HABITAT57418260 IFAD50414546 UN Standard Setting Ags. 40264938 UNIDO75559073 WHO39404541 OHCHR31154330 FAO36103528 UNESCO1893219

9 AgencyInternal performance Country level results PartnershipOverall average % Humanitarian Agencies 67698473 ICRC867883 UNHCR64759577 WFP50537358 Coordination Agencies 71488670 IFRC70599474 OCHA73438369 UNAIDS71428066 Other European Commission 57688669 All agencies 63547062 *Omits no information and not relevant scores

10 Future > Evaluation capacity Future > Evaluation capacity Conclusions / Suggestions Conclusions / Suggestions

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