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Are You Ready to Run for Local Elected Office? Name, County, and Date.

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1 Are You Ready to Run for Local Elected Office? Name, County, and Date

2 The Current Situation: ____ County Board Turnover in 2002 X number of____ County Board Supervisors X number of new County Board Supervisors (%) X counties had more turnover (by percentage) Polk County had 60% new County Board Supervisors

3 The Current Situation: _____ County Town Board Turnover in 2003 X number of Town Officials in Sauk County X number were new (%) X counties had more turnover (by percentage) than _____County. Menomonee had 56% new Town Board Officials

4 Why Run for Local Elected Office? Driven by single burning issue Love the debate, analytical thinking, and opportunities for creative problem solving Not satisfied with the incumbent

5 Why Run for Local Elected Office? Love of learning – You want to understand how your community operates. Desire to make your community a better place to live! Make your mark! Watch your policies come to fruition.

6 Should You Run for Local Elected Office? #1 Are You Eligible? Citizen of the USA Resident of the appropriate jurisdiction At least 18 years old Not a convicted felon A registered voter

7 Should You Run For Local Elected Office? #2 What are your PERSONAL and POLITICAL strengths and weaknesses?

8 Should You Run For Local Elected Office? #3 Are you connected with your community? What issues have sparked debate or reaction lately? Your Community Highway Expansion New Health Care Facility Changing Enrollment Land Use Planning School Referendum Protect Drinking Water Aging Population Low Income Housing Property Tax Relief

9 Should You Run For Local Elected Office? #4 Who is your electorate and what is the political tradition in your community? Percent of Sauk County residents with at least a high school degree

10 Should You Run For Local Elected Office? #5 How much time, money and energy will you need?

11 Should You Run For Local Elected Office? #6 Which office is the best fit for you? Coroner Treasurer Village Board School Board Judge Town Board County Board Mayor Alderman Register of Deeds Clerk Sheriff Surveyor

12 Step by Step Checklist Decide to run for office Register with the appropriate clerk EB-1 and Campaign Finance and Bookkeeping Manual Meet with your supporters to discuss issues and strategies Appoint a campaign committee – usually the candidate in local races

13 Step by Step Checklist Ask the clerk if the nomination procedure for your chosen office is requires nomination papers or caucus Nomination Papers: The candidate must circulate nomination papers and compile signatures from the district he/she seeks to represent. Caucus: The candidate must be nominated from the floor or by secret ballot for the office. If more than 2 candidates are nominated, a vote will take place at the caucus.

14 Step by Step Checklist Receive in writing, notice of your nomination from the clerk WITHIN 5 DAYS of receiving written notice, fill out form EB-162 Determine if you need to file campaign finance reports

15 You are exempt from filing if ALL of the following apply: 1.) You not anticipate accepting contributions, or incurring loans greater that $1,000.00 in a calendar year. -AND- 2.) You dont accept more that $100.00 from a single source. - AND- 3.) You or your treasurer signs and dates the request for exemption on form EB-1.

16 If YOU to Run for Elected Office… Voters will have more opinions and points of view to choose from. Incumbents may feel more pressure to ensure they are meeting their constituents needs. Incumbents may feel they have to work harder to communicate what they have accomplished. More people will understand local government and the challenges and opportunities facing their community.

17 We Need More of You to Run for Elected Office!! Many local elected officials keep running for office because they feel that if they dont run, nobody will. Most local elected officials want others to get involved in government. In some communities, people dont run for office because they dont want to anger the incumbent.

18 It is important to remember that YOU are the government! GET INVOLVED! VOTE! Get involved in a political party Share your opinions with your representatives Help someone else run for public office Make a campaign contribution Serve on a local government committee

19 Great Web Resources Wisconsin State Elections Board: http://elections.state.wi.us Local Government Center: Wisconsin League of Women Voters: http://www.lwvwi.org Wisconsin State Statutes: Wisconsin Vote:

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