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Electricity in Offices Topics 2 Electricity consumption 3 Energy saving attitude 4 Replacing old office technology 5 Power management 7 Working habits.

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1 Electricity in Offices Topics 2 Electricity consumption 3 Energy saving attitude 4 Replacing old office technology 5 Power management 7 Working habits 9 Communication technologies 11 Displays 13 Save millions 15 Save paper 16 Save in lighting 17 Energy efficiency is our collective mission

2 Electricity consumption is increasing The share of service and public sectors together is 19 % of the total electricity consumption in Finland In the service and office buildings electricity is consumed by 1. Indoor lighting 2. ADP-equipments: Computers, printers, copy machines and other equipments 3. HVAC-equipments 4. Kitchen appliances In office buildings electricity consumption is typically distributed as follows 1. Lightning 24 % 2. Electric heating 13 % 3. Computers 13 % 4. Ventilation 13 % 5. Cooling 12 % 6. Other 25 % Source: Illuminating Engineering Society of Finland, The Association of Consulting Electrical Engineers in Finland NSS.

3 Energy efficiency means the right attitude Major decisions of future energy consumption are made in the planning and construction phase of a building Users and maintenance personal can also affect to the electricity bill and the CO 2 -emissions with their activeness 1. Taking into account energy efficiency in procurements 2. Instructing employees into energy efficient usage of systems and equipments 3. Informing of malfunctions and disadvantages 4. Informing of energy savings 5. Maintaining the systems and equipments regularly and fixing the malfunctions immediately

4 Energy efficiency is profitable Replacing old office technology with modern and energy efficient technology is reasonable Decreasing electricity consumption = economical savings and less CO 2 -emissions from electricity production 2000 GWh/a BAU 2010 GWh/a Technically achievable 2010 GWh/a Potential savings GWh/a Office technology 719 240479 Office lightning 890927234693 Offices Total 160916464741172 Source: Work Efficiency Institute 384/2002

5 Power management decreases consumption Major part of energy consumption caused by office equipments derives from waiting of the actual needs Power management features switches the equipment into stand- by-mode when it is not in use

6 The technology saves on behalf on you You will success in energy savings when you choose a copy machine with an appropriate capacity and energy efficient construction In the old fashion copy machines the stand-by-consumption is significantly higher than in the modern, energy efficient ones Compare the energy consumption and properties in:

7 Concentrating the copying into active work time is worthwhile Taking just one copy outside the actual work time can keep the copy machine in readiness (operating power + stand by power) - depending of settings - even hours. Proper power management features will decrease electricity consumption and the costs of copying Picture 1. By analyzing the power measurements potential energy savings are indicated. Kopiointivalmius= readiness mode Energiansäästötila = energy saving mode Off-tila = stand by mode Source: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Motiva, The Finnish Environment 779/2005

8 Activate the energy saving and stand by modes Ask the copy machine supplier to take into use energy saving features suited to your needs Ask the copy machine supplier to advice persons in charge how to make energy efficient settings and how to take into use energy saving features Check the settings of existing equipments and take into use energy saving features

9 Efficient and saving communications technology The purpose of use determines configuration of the hardware. There are still differences in energy efficiencies of hardwares provided with similar performance. Compare and calculate: Expertness in design and implementation can reduce the consumption of office network (LAN) into one tenth In separate equipments power management features can reduce electricity consumption 50-80 % Activate all the energy saving features in every equipment

10 Manage your personal computer Everyone is responsible for energy consumption of a personal computer Activate energy saving features in your personal computer Turn off all your equipments and lights when leaving the office – even for a 15 min coffee break

11 Reduce displays consumption by 50-80 % The bigger and more accurate the display is the bigger is its consumption of electricity Save energy without compromising in quality When choosing display take into account: Size and accuracy should be sufficient not oversized Modern technologies: prefer LCD´s and TFT´s not CRT´s Choice of the display and usage of energy saving features will influence into electricity consumption CRT on and in use = 85 W CRT with screen saver = 85 W LCD/TFT on and in use = 30 W Display (LCD/TFT or CRT) in energy saving mode = 5 W Display (LCD/TFT or CRT) switched off = 2 W Electricity consumption of a LCD/TFT- or CRT-display is about 2 W even if it swithed off

12 Switch off your display, when leaving your work center Switching off your display and using energy saving features reduces electricity consumption and increases life time of the display

13 Save millions - simply By simple means of electricity savings can be achieved top results in electricity consumption of work centers and peripherals: Potential energy savings in Finland, totally 600 GWh/a would be enough to warm up 30 000 electrically heated detached houses CO 2 -emissions could decrease even 180 000 t/a Represents economical savings of 50 million euro inflicted in public sector, corporations and households Purchase only energy efficient equipments Use effectively energy saving features Switch off your equipments when not in use Ensure that energy saving instructions are obeyed

14 Multi-purpose-equipments have many advantages One equipment – multiple properties Reduced purchase costs Reduced energy consumption Reduced space requirement Reduced amount of equipments to be maintained

15 Dont dissipate paper – its also dissipation of energy Paper is not obvious resource because it takes plenty of energy to produce, transport and dispose paper Reducing paper consumption in copying, sending documents and other purposes in offices is very important target

16 Practical lighting means convenience In a conventional office lightning takes a 30-50 % proportion of total electricity consumption Potential savings in lightning costs could be even 50-75 % if all the offices would be illuminated with the most energy efficient way Take advantage of natural light – keeps the windows clean Switch off unnecessary lightning, if there is no automatic control in illumination Luminescent lamps and energy saving lamps reduces energy consumption compared to incandescent and halogen lamps Dust and dirt will decrease the luminosity of the illuminator

17 Energy efficiency is our common interest Improving energy efficiency is our collective mission where are available simple means Energy efficiency reduces expenses but does not cause unwanted stress nor inconvenience in work places or households To save energy – just click We have energy saving week every week Stand by is good bye

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