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Housekeeping & Office Safety ©Consultnet Ltd.

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1 Housekeeping & Office Safety ©Consultnet Ltd

2 OFFICE HAZARDS Topics for discussion
Office housekeeping Office furniture Office equipment Hazardous conditions Emergencies & Fire protection ©Consultnet Ltd

3 Poor Housekeeping Don’t tolerate it !
Boxes stored on floors Posters, hand written signs taped to walls Build up of debris on furniture Obstructed aisles Unmarked chemical container(s) Inaccessible electrical boxes, trailing electrical cables ©Consultnet Ltd

4 OFFICE FURNITURE Anchor single file cabinets where possible
Lower drawers should bear the heaviest load Never open more than one drawer Always close drawers when finished Always use approved ladder or stool Never lean back in chair and put your feet on desk ©Consultnet Ltd

5 OFFICE SUPPLIES Use stapler, paper cutter, knife with care
Handle sharpened pencils carefully Do not store pointed objects upright on desk Keep cords off floors and out of aisles ©Consultnet Ltd

Remove spillages from floors immediately Open doors into office carefully Equip doors that are opened frequently with glass windows Cordon Off/Repair/Replace loose carpeting or flooring immediately Repair or replace torn/damaged floor coverings Unattended and open electrical boxes Do not block passageways or corridors Do not allow trailing leads to create a tripping hazard ©Consultnet Ltd

7 Electrical Safety Ensure sufficient socket outlets and avoid or minimise the use of adapters. Overloaded sockets can lead to fire hazards Do not use taped joints to connect cables, replace damaged cables, use proper connectors Carry out visual inspection of plugs and leads and repair/replace as necessary Switch off equipment before unplugging and cleaning Do not use and report electrical equipment not working correctly Know how to deal with an electrical shock incident ©Consultnet Ltd

8 FIRE PROTECTION Flammable items should not be stored in offices
If flammable, must be stored, approved containers are required Never block access to fire extinguishers or emergency exits Never use multiple plug outlets Beware of overheating portable heaters ©Consultnet Ltd

9 EMERGENCIES Know exact location of fire fighting equipment
Know procedures for reporting emergencies Know your escape routes ©Consultnet Ltd

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