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Example Presentation Booklet Workplace Training. Redefined. Maximising Education Funding.

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1 Example Presentation Booklet Workplace Training. Redefined. Maximising Education Funding

2 Its all about dollars ACFI is a tool. So is Education Funding They both provide capital Allowing you to operate You either control it; or it controls you Mastering education funding means mastering education opportunities – and that will change your facility!

3 Why would you want to master education?

4 And that is how you hit 44 / 44 We take your facility from: 1.Disenfranchised staff 2.Toxic culture 1.High risk And work with you so that you get: 1.Engaged team 1.Outstanding customer experience 1.Low risk

5 But its complicated! There are so many RTOs; and so many types of education funding The amounts, eligibility criteria and funded courses changes regularly Each RTO will give you a different story You are flat-out running a facility – now you need to be an education expert as well?

6 KISS Principle for Education Funding 5 main types / most common 3 Eligibility criteria is 90% the same Useful tool 3 Takeaways

7 $ - Skills Victoria / Victorian Training Guarantee State based Pays RTO directly – unit by unit in arrears Most popular funding type in Victoria Cover you for: - Cert III HSS for your domestic staff - Aged Care/ L&H programs for carers - Cert III in English for all staff Usually not available for existing diploma/ degree holders Eligibility – Aust PR/ Citizen; Upskilling

8 $ - Federal Traineeships / Apprenticeships Administered by an AAC – eg Vecci, MEGT, Sarina Russo (the annoying letters) Federal Government Paid to Employer directly either in installments or lump sum at the successful completion of the course Eligibility criteria similar to Skills Vic. Additional 7 year rule

9 $ - DoHA - Aged Care Worker Incentive Incentive payment paid via Medicare directly to the worker Designed for direct care workers in aged care doing one of 8 courses Usually $1000 = $500 after 28 days & $500 upon completion Easy paperwork

10 $ - WELL – Workplace Eng Lang & Literacy Federal program Highly tailored course Usually 75% funded – $100K needs $25K co-contribution

11 $ - Workforce Development Fund Federal funding Wider scope available for funding –ie does not have to be accredited course or students upskilling Problems –time intensive business case to be submitted –takes around six months of work/ waiting

12 The best three at this stage 1.Skills Vic / Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG) 1.Federal Traineeships 1.DoHA Incentive for staff Should be able to: - cover cost of majority of courses 100% - create funding bucket in order to pay for some FFS - incentivise staff through new quals and incentives

13 Tools - Training Needs Analysis (TNA) SVTS Chisholm Courses SVTS EI Courses SVTS CA Courses TOTALStudentsSkills Vic $ Bonuses $ TOTAL $4,615.50 Cert III Aged Care0$0.00 Total Traineeship Revenue to facility $87,000.00 $11,431.00 Cert III Commercial Cookary 7$80,017.00$35,000 Total Cost of Training to facility $6,500.00 $9,250.00 Cert IV Aged Care38$351,500.00$38,000Balance AFTER training$80,500.00 $3,561.50 Cert III Health Support Services 11$39,176.50$0.00 Total Skills Victoria Funding Accessed $506,056.00 Diploma of Nursing & Diploma of Nursing Transition 3$30,000.00$7,500 Total DoHA Incentives to be paid to staff $81,500.00 $5,362.50 Certificate IV Leisure & Health 1$5,362.50$1,000 Total Funded Students 60$506,056$81,500 TOTAL FUNDING ACCESSED $674,556.00

14 3 Takeaways 1.Look across whole facility – not each course in a vacuum 2.Right now with funding you should be able to: -Pay for majority of courses -Receive a bit extra to cover unfunded, gap filling, etc -Be able to incentivise staff thru quals & bonuses 3.Changing all the time – act now Do not wait

15 Talk to us Office The Stables 502b Albert Street East Melbourne VIC 3002 Post PO Box 42 East Melbourne VIC 8002 Web Tel (03) 9999 8307 Fax (03) 8679 3616 Michael Maher

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