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Indias Largest International Education Fair by: In association with:

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1 Indias Largest International Education Fair by: In association with:

2 INDEX Indian Education SECTION I: Prologue India – Some Statistics Trends And Analysis Current & New Ecosystems SECTION II: The Fair Whats In It For The Exhibitors Media Plan Floor Plan Of The Venue SECTION IV: FrontAhead Education Consulting About FrontAhead Education Consulting The Team E xp SECTION III: University Of Mumbai About The University Of Mumbai

3 Prologue

4 India – Some Statistics India is the 7 th largest & 2 nd most populated country, with over 1.2 billion people There are over 22million graduates each year Over 250,000 students take higher education overseas annually Prime destinations are USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada Upcoming destination includes Singapore, Russia, Germany & Dubai

5 Demographics (Country Specific) - 2011 In each of these destinations Indian students are 2 nd or 3 rd to migrate only after China USAUK Australia Canada Source : http://www.iie.org

6 Analysis The number of Indian students going overseas to study rose a stunning 256% Year 2000 - 53,266 Year 2009 - 189,629 Data Source : Association of Indian UniversitiesAssociation of Indian Universities Top 5 Destinations for Indian Students 2011 A study called Indian student mobility to selected European countries: An overview by researchers at one of Indias top business schools, the Indian Institute of Management– Bangalore Data Source : ICEF Monitor & Dutch EconomistICEF MonitorDutch Economist

7 The Current Ecosystem Some counselors charge the student up to INR 1,25,000 Commission Per-Student enrolled is charged Absence of accountability and consistent interface with students An Indian Student Commissions & Counseling Fees Foreign Universities Counselors Agents

8 The FrontAhead Ecosystem NO Per-Seat Commission Open Source Model No counseling fees from the students & free psychometric test No per student commission An Indian Student Foreign Universities

9 About The Fair

10 Whats In It For The Exhibitors Direct access to students No Per Student Commission Know Your Student Student Exchange Program Humungous walk-in We maintain a database of all prospective students, which are available to the participating foreign universities during the fair. The database of eligible and prospective students is shared with our foreign university partners free of cost. We want to remain focused on facilitating our students quest for higher learning abroad. We do not charge a per seat enrolment fee to our education partners. Enroll as many students from the fair as you can, at absolutely no additional cost. The counseling process starts with a thorough Psychometric analysis of all prospective students, which provides an in depth profiling of a students aptitude and personality. We aim to promote a cross border student exchange program between our foreign universities and local colleges. Our ecosystem consists of participating colleges in our city. We are present on campuses of local colleges and hold regular free counseling seminars. Students are thus informed and are eager to participate in the fair. First ever International Education Fair conducted by a Government Body (Indian University) 10,000+ Walk-in Two Day Fair (18 th & 19 th of Jan 2014)

11 Media Plan All focused at getting 10,000+ walk-ins PR campaign for pre & post event publicity including a press conference, interviews and press releases of senior University Of Mumbai officials along with news articles Students contact programmes in local schools and colleges in Mumbai, a month prior to the event Event notifications on college notice boards by the University Of Mumbai, 15 days prior to the event Pre-event publicity through Print, Outdoor, Radio & Social Media Hoardings & Banners all over the city University Of Mumbai On-Campus Branding

12 Floor Plan Of The Venue University Of Mumbai Ground Layout * Plans subject to change

13 The Best Value For Money ParametersCurrent Players The University Of Mumbai Per-Student Commission Students Psychometric Analysis Walk-in of 10,000+ Opportunity To Partner With Local Colleges Small investment: US $ 500 per table for 2 days. Big Returns: Students from multiple cities like Pune, Nashik, Surat, Vapi, etc.

14 University Of Mumbai

15 About The University Of Mumbai Established in 1857, University of Mumbai is one of the oldest and the most premier Universities in India Established in 1857 consequent upon "Wood's Education DispatchWood's Education Dispatch Amongst the first three Universities in India Sequel to the change in the name of the city from Bombay to Mumbai its now University of Mumbai Chancellor : Governor of Maharashtra: Kateekal Sankaranarayanan (2011-present) Vice – Cancellor : Rajan M. Welukar (2010-present) Team Leaders To transform the teachers into inspirational role models for the young and impressionable students, who in turn will create a just and equitable society that will be progressive and secular Vision Sports, Arts, Engineering / Technology etc. Faculty Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Father of the Nation) commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi B. R. Ambedkar (Architect of Modern India) Mukesh Ambani - Managing Director, Reliance Industries Our UGC Academic Staff College will be an institute that will strive continuously to achieve academic excellence through it programmes - an institution committed to preserving and enhancing the core values of the teaching profession. Through our programs we will equip the teachers with necessary skills to meet the ever mounting challenges of higher education and inculcate in them the pride of belonging to this noble profession and become role models for generations to come. Mission Alumini It was ranked 41 among the Top 50 Engineering Schools of the world by Business Insider in 2012 Noteworthy Achievement Brief History

16 FrontAhead Education Consulting

17 Involved in: Ethical and transparent counselling Precise, accurate & most reliable information Focused at: Simplified & fraud-free processes Handholding of students through out their journey Counselors & Advisors Universities Students FrontAhead We Are..

18 Visit us online… Website: Email: Phone: +91 - 9833 791 691 +91 - 9987 826 505 +91 - 9223 315 977

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