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State of College Report 2012-13 Office of the President.

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2 State of College Report 2012-13 Office of the President

3 Community Colleges are also the Ellis Islands of Higher Education Providing Hope, Opportunity, and Jobs For All Citizens of our Service Region

4 WE ARE A CATALYST FOR EDUCATIONAL CULTURAL ECONOMIC PROGRESS Our view: Halifax Community College is a gem of the Valley - We need to realize how fortunate we are to have a higher-learning facility of the caliber of Halifax Community College here in the Valley. Each of us needs to take a closer look at what this wonderful center of learning could do to personally enrich our lives. (Editorial by Titus Workman, Publisher RR Daily Herald on 9/1/10.

5 Community College Education High Quality, Accessible and Affordable Education and Services that will be competitive in a global marketplace. We believe that responding to our Community is paramount to carrying out our mission. We serve and must respond to our local citizens needs and concerns in a very timely fashion.

6 HCC Celebrations 2012 National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development Excellence Awards New Generations Grant of $100,000 PBI Department of Education Grant of $250,000 Success Financial Aid Audit by Dept. of Education Dental Hygiene Reaccreditation LPN Reaccreditation with NC Board of Nursing AHEC Grant of $10,000 – Clinical site Development

7 HCC Celebrations HCC New Mobile Training Laboratory $335,000 Student Support Services Grant renewal 2012 American Red Cross Collegiate Challenge PTK Award for increasing membership over 25% Foundation Net Assets as of June 30, 2012 over 1 million dollars NSF Grant in the STEM AREA ($4-5 million dollars) Dental Hygiene class of 2012 – 94% passing rate! HCC Childcare Center is Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children

8 Current Issues We are getting a raise of 1.2% effective July 1, 2012! We will also be receiving 5 days of the bonus leave! See the Personnel Office for Details!

9 Fall Enrollment Statistics

10 Spring Enrollment Statistics

11 Enrollment Statistics Fall 2007-Spring 2012

12 This worksheet is provided to help colleges estimate the impact of enrollment changes on 2013-14 Budget FTE. It is provided for planning and illustration purposes only. Insert College Number Here --------->840HALIFAX COMMUNITY COLLEGE A.What is the minimum number of FTE my college needs to serve for our BFTE to remain level? ActualMin. Needed3- yearAssociated 2012-13 BFTE2010-112011-122012-13*averageFTE Change** FTE SERVED Curriculum 1,481 1,545 1,395 1,481 1,474 86 Con Ed (OE) 261 234 261 252 - Basic Skills 115 114 115 1 Total 1,857 1,894 1,770 1,857 1,840 87 2013-14 Budget FTE if serve minimum needed. *Minimum number of actual 2012-13 FTE needed to ensure 2013-14 BFTE does not decline from 2012-13 BFTE level. **Minimum growth required/(maximum decline possible) to ensure 2013-14 BFTE does not decline from 2012-13 BFTE level. B.2012-13 Budget FTE Estimator: Insert the estimated number of FTE served by your college in 2012-13. Est. 2013-14Est. Actual BFTE 2012-13 BFTE2010-112011-122012-13 Est.averageBFTEChange FTE SERVED Curriculum 1,481 1,545 1,395 1,500 1,480 1,500 19 Con Ed (OE) 261 234 261 250 248 250 (11) Basic Skills 115 114 115 - Total 1,857 1,894 1,770 1,865 1,843 1,865 8 Insert estimated 2012-13 FTE here

13 Graduation Totals Graduation YearDegreesDiplomasCertificates 2011-201213641147 2010-201114072271 2009-201013746278 2008-200912036243 2007-200812846219

14 Graduation Totals

15 Continuing Education Certifications 2007-2012 ProgramNumber of Students Career Readiness Certificates652 Emergency Medical Services1065 Fire3080 CPR/First Aid2625 Certified Nurse Aides658 GED (Non-Correctional Institutions)424 GED (Correctional Institutions183

16 North Carolina Community College System 2011 Critical Success Factors Factor I: Core Indicators of Student Success (Performance Measures and Standards) MeasureNCCS Performance Standard2010 HCC2011 HCC 1. Process of Basic Skills(Adult Literacy) Performance Funding Measure 75% Process within a level, completion of a level, advancement 79% Met/NA 86% Met/N/A 2. Passing Rates on Licensure & Certification Exams (First –time Test Takers Only) Aggregate pass rate: 80% Any single reported exam: 70% Aggregate pass rate: 73.71% Not Met Aggregate pass rate:82% Met 3. Performance of College Transfer Students (NC Public Universities & Colleges) Performance after two semesters 83%* Equivalent to native UNC sophomores and juniors (87%* with GPA>=2.00 for report year 2006-07) 2007-08 transfer cohort 100% (UNCG) 2009-10 Transfer Cohort 77% -Not Met UNCG 4. Passing Rates of Students in Developmental Courses (English, Mathematics, Reading with C or above) 75% (In 2007, Std. was 70%) 69% Not Met 77% Met 5. Success Rate of Developmental Students in Subsequent College-Level Courses (Students who took developmental English, Mathematics and/or Reading) 80% (In 2007 Std. was 85%) 87% Met 90% Met 6. Satisfaction of Program Completers and Non-completers (Graduates and Non-returning Student Fall to Fall) 90%98% Met 98% Met 7. Curriculum Student Retention and Graduation (Graduated, Re-enrolled, Transferred) 65% (In 2007 Std. was 60% 72% Met 65% Met 8. Client Satisfaction with Customized Training (Survey of Business Receiving Services from College) 90%94% Met 96% Met

17 Community College Measures of Effectiveness 1.Metrics for Developmental Education progress, two-year progress measures, and six year outcomes measures. 2.Metrics for Career Technical Education, Non-Credit workforce measures, Adult Basic Education/ABE 3.Student Learning Outcomes – Assessment plans, assessment resources, current assessment activities, evidence of student learning, and use of student learning evidence. 4.Additional level of transparency, consistency, comparability and meeting SACS requirements for institutional Effectiveness!

18 Future Issues and Questions 1.Name the general education course that all students who graduate from our college must take? 2.I noted this summer most colleges have a freshman reading list for incoming freshman. Why dont we have that? 3.What can we do to increase the number of graduates in each area, certificate, diploma, associate degree programs? I would especially like for us to increase our associate degree graduates to 200 per year by Spring 2018. 4.We have a limited number of certifications that our students can earn in different areas of studies for my curriculum and continuing education. What can we do to increase the number of third party industry recognized certifications available for our students? 5.What can we do to increase retention and graduation rate at the institution. Our current retention rate is about 65% Fall to Fall and the latest IPEDS indicates that our 6 year graduation rate is 38%. How can we increase our retention rate to 75% and graduation rate to 52% by 2018?

19 State of College Report 2012-13 Office of the President Thank you for your dedication to our Students Success

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