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Annual review wrap up Photos by Peter Reid. Reviewed VSO education programmes impact of the last year Reviewed the modality of the last two years to increase.

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1 Annual review wrap up Photos by Peter Reid

2 Reviewed VSO education programmes impact of the last year Reviewed the modality of the last two years to increase impact in the coming two years Discussed the changes in the programme for the coming 2 years Reviewed challenges to reach our objectives on access, quality, inclusion, capacity strengthening What did we do?

3 Evidence and impact District review Volunteer reports Partner reports How did we do that? Annual analysis & review process

4 Health needs Livelihood needs Educational needs To further increase our impact a holistic child centered approach is needed, this should be a consideration in the joint planning process for the coming years Findings Hungry children cant focus in class! Sick children cant go to school! Child labor replaces homework!

5 The impact of the programme is increased when: Planning is done jointly Partners and volunteers feel open and easy about sharing challenges Expectations from each other and from the stakeholders are clear Reporting is done critically and shared with each other Activities of volunteers and partners are at all times aligned Joint approach

6 Awareness on the right to education; Large number of parents in catchment areas are aware and promoting childrens right to education More parents are regularly involved in the school Parents are made aware of opportunities to support girls/ Dalits and disabled children in education Impact Enrollment of marginalised children; Around 400 children were enrolled through bridge classes and enrollment campaigns Enrolled children were followed up and supported and retained in school Schools are accessible, providing a disabled-friendly and inclusive environment

7 Increased retention of marginalised children; Regular monitoring of attendance has improved, and absenteeism is followed up Child friendly and inclusive environment is introduced at all focus schools through training, coaching and follow up Impact Improved learning environment; Classroom environment, seating arrangements and resource management has overall improved Ability to create and use low/no cost materials Children have gained clarity and focus through the establishment of quality learning environment

8 Strengthening of teachers capacity; Introduced teaching strategies and lesson preparation have independently been continued by teachers Variety and (inter)active methods are introduced by teachers on a regular base Impact Gender equality; Schools observe an overall increase in gender equality amongst students and during the teaching Mixed seating arrangements are performed and effective Evidence to inform national strategies to support girls are strengthened Lobby for allocation of additional gender budget on district level has been succesful

9 Teacher – student relationship; Teachers are addressing students in respectful ways Students feel less hesitation to provide answers and share with teachers Overall relationship has changed from classroom manager to learning enabler Impact Improved learning outcomes; Understanding of topics has improved through (inter)active teaching Pronunciation and level of English has improved through introduction of Phonics methodology.

10 Strengthened planning of education; Increased understanding of SIP at a school level Shift of focus from infrastructure to overall school improvement (inclusion & quality) in planning process Overall better/more frequent use of personal/classroom level planning and improved implementation Impact Strengthening of educational management; Overall more interactions between teachers and school management to inform management direction Head teachers view themselves increasingly as school improvement coordinators Improved skills in co-ordinating, sharing and management of SMCs

11 Increased awareness of SSRP at all levels; Full involvement of all volunteers & counterparts in critical new focus school selection Jointly developed systems to make output sustainable Increased knowledge and use of CFSF on a school level Impact Strengthening the from policy to practice process; Strong cooperation between VSO and strategic partners in SSRP implementation strengthening Simplification of SSRP documentation to increase appropriate use and awareness Efficient use of scholarship provision has increased retention of Dalit- & girl students

12 Priorities Classroom environment Learning environment/ (inter)active learning Opportunities for CWD/ disadvantaged children & teacher-student relationship

13 Thats a lot! Please stand up, walk to a counterpart in this room, shake their hand and congratulate each other! Conclusion

14 We are not there yet. Some of the observed things we should focus on are: The last miles are the hardest, the children that are still out of school are the most needy and marginalized: how can we support them beyond education? The SSRP is halfway: how can we assure full awareness of its content and provisions at a district level? …..However…..

15 More focus on good practices at the school level Learning outcomes can only be achieved if the childs livelihood is supportive (for example no alcohol abuse at home and supportive parents) Child friendly classrooms and planning should be at the base of everything Some observations of today

16 Evidence and impact District review Volunteer input Partner input Next steps Analysis & validation Inform joint planning at district level Strengthening of effective joint implementation of VSO program Further improvement of quality and inclusive education for all!

17 You can give the world the best youve got, and it may not be enough….. …give it anyway! Mother Theresa Be inspired

18 ;Fu;Fu} sfd u/f}+ Thank you/ wGojfb

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