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The Delta College Advantage: Transfer to a 4-year University College Night 2011 Presenter: Debra Louie Counselor/Professor Career Transfer Center 209-954-5151.

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2 The Delta College Advantage: Transfer to a 4-year University College Night 2011 Presenter: Debra Louie Counselor/Professor Career Transfer Center 209-954-5151 ext. 6218 (counseling appt.) Email:

3 Californias Master Plan for Higher Education Since 1960, the California Master Plan for Higher Education has guided our public higher education system. The master plan states that students can complete the first two years of a bachelors degree program at a community college and if they meet certain requirements, they will be admitted to a UC or CSU campus. Today, more than ever, we are committed to helping students transfer to a 4-year university and realize their dreams to achieve a college degree.

4 CCC CSU UC California Public Higher Education Systems

5 Delta College is a California Community College Working For Your Students Future Open admission Lowest cost of any postsecondary institution Generous financial aid packages are awarded to assist with college costs. Support services such as EOPS, disability support, counseling, and tutoring are available. SJ Delta – EOPS. Services & SupportSJ Delta – EOPSServices & Support Wide range of academic programs to choose from.

6 Counseling & Special Services The Counseling Faculty provide a wide array of services, some of which include: Personal, academic, transfer, and career counseling. Transfer Admission Guarantees & Agreements (TAG-TAA). Student Education Plans (SEP), which outline the courses a student needs in order to graduate & transfer. Link to: SJ Delta CounselingSJ Delta Counseling

7 Degrees & Programs Associate in Arts (AA) Degree Associate in Sciences (AS) Degree Certificate Programs –Over 100 occupational programs Associate Degrees for Transfer (AA-T & AS-T) Degree and Program Requirements

8 Delta Instructional Divisions 1.Agriculture, Science, & Mathematics 2.Applied Science, Business & Technology 3.Arts & Communication 4.Health Sciences 5.Humanities, Social Science & Education 6.Languages, Library, & Learning Resources 7.Physical Education, Recreation, & Athletics 8.Counseling and Special Services Link to: San Joaquin Delta College Academics

9 Preparing in High School Apply for admission to Delta early and consider enrolling in courses while still in high school through the College Early Start Program. ar/admissions/k12college.html ar/admissions/k12college.html Prepare for the assessment test (COMPASS) which the college uses to place you in reading, math, and writing courses. assess/index.html assess/index.html Attend a New Student Group Advising session.

10 Consider attending Delta College if you: - Have not decided on an academic or career goal. Need more time to explore and prepare. Have not met requirements for freshman admission. Are not ready to leave home. Wish to pursue an Associates Degree. Want the affordability of a community college.

11 Interested in transferring? Then you should know… In Fall 2010, 92 percent of new undergraduate transfers to the CSU came from the California Community Colleges. CSU Stanislaus, CSU Sacramento, UC Davis, and U. of the Pacific receive the largest number of transfer students from Delta College. At UC Davis for the Fall 2010 term, 92.9% of admitted transfer students were from California community colleges. CCC transfers have the highest priority for admission than any other group. Lower division prep at a CCC is comparable to lower division prep at a CSU/UC Students who attend a community college can save a significant amount of money on tuition and housing. Community college transfer students who attain the Bachelors degree are employed at the same rate as students who enrolled in a 4-year college as freshman. Earnings of community college transfers and native 4-year students with a Bachelors degree are comparable.

12 Preparing for Delta College and beyond Develop a student education plan (SEP) with a counselor. Meet with a counselor at least once a semester to discuss your goals and to make any changes to your SEP. Take English and math courses as soon as you begin your college studies. Select a major and complete as many major preparation courses as possible.

13 4 Things to Remember When Planning to Transfer: 1.Admission Requirements to the University 2.Major Preparation 3.GE Requirements 4.Other campus requirements that can be completed at a community college

14 Basic CSU, UC, and Pacific transfer information Helping students to navigate the transfer path.

15 The California State University Humboldt State University (1913) S California State University, Chico (1887) S Sonoma State University (1960) S California Maritime Academy (1929) S California State University, Sacramento (1947) S San Francisco State University (1899) S California State University, Hayward (1957) Q San Jose State University (1857) S California State University, Stanislaus (1957) (4-1-4) California State University, Monterey Bay (1995) S California State University, Fresno (1911) S California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (1901) Q California State University, Bakersfield (1965) Q California State University, Northridge (1958) S California State University, Los Angeles (1947) Q California State University, Dominguez Hills (1960) Q California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (1938) Q California State University, San Bernardino (1960) Q California State University, Fullerton (1957) S California State University, Long Beach (1949) S California State University, San Marcos (1989) S San Diego State University (1897) S CSU 23 campuses 412,372 students 44,340 faculty/staff S - Semester system Q- Quarter system

16 Bachelor CSU Degree Programs Master Teaching Credential Pre-Professional

17 CSU TRANSFER ADMISSION: OPTION 3 @ JUNIOR LEVEL (also referred to as Upper Division Transfer) Achievement of a minimum 2.0 grade point average or better * Completion of 60 or more CSU transferable semester units ( preferably by spring before fall transfer ) of the 60 transferable semester units, you must complete 30 transferable semester units with a C or better in each course. These courses may be chosen from the CSU General Education Pattern or IGETC; AND

18 A.1. Communication Studies 1A A.2. English 1A A.3. Comm. Studies 5, English 1B or English 1D, or Philosophy 30 B.4. Mathematics 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 12, 13, 17A, 20, 22, 38A, 38B, 39, Psychology 2 The math course must have as its prerequisite intermediate algebra or above. You must complete with a C or better the Golden Four : CSU TRANSFER ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS (JUNIOR LEVEL)

19 CSU General Education Pattern Students who complete the CSU GE pattern will have only 9 units of upper division GE units remaining after transferring. California State University General Education Pattern

20 hhhh tttt tttt pppp :::: //// //// wwww wwww wwww.... aaaa ssss ssss iiii ssss tttt.... oooo rrrr gggg //// In addition to major prep info., ASSIST provides info. about CSU transferable courses, CSU general ed. courses, and course to course equivalencies.

21 CSU Major Prep Articulation Agreement - sample Students who complete specified major prep courses are well prepared to enroll in upper division major courses after they transfer.


23 CSU Gives Priority Admission to Transfer Students in their Region CSU Stanislaus and Sacramento State University will give priority admission to students who live in our area.

24 CSU Application for Admission Priority Filing Period Oct. 1-Nov. 30 for Fall Aug. 1-31 for Spring Impacted programs and many campuses will close at the end of filing period The successful student today will be planned, intentional, and organized. PLEASE DO NOT MISS THESE DEADLINES!

25 CSU Campuses & Programs Impacted at the Upper Division Level 15 CSU Campuses are impacted at the Upper Division Transfer level for Fall 2012 admission. Supplementary Admission Criteria will be used to make admission decisions, i.e., gpa, major pre- reqs., geo. region, etc.


27 THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Davis San Francisco Berkeley Santa Cruz Santa Barbara Los Angeles Riverside Irvine San Diego Merced

28 Newest UC University http://www.ucmerced. edu/

29 UC Degrees & Programs Bachelor Master Doctorate Teaching Credential Professional Schools: Law, Dentistry, Medicine, Management, Pharmacy, etc.

30 UC TRANSFER ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS @ the JR. LEVEL A. Complete 60 semester units of transferable college credit with a grade point average of 2.40 ( The reality is all UC campuses select at 2.80 and higher), AND B. Complete a seven course pattern that includes: 1.Two transferable college courses in English Composition (Eng 1A & Eng 1B or Eng 1D); and 2. One transferable college course in Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning: Math 1, 2, 3, 4, 12, 13, 20, 38A, 39, Psychology 2

31 UC TRANSFER ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS @ the JR. LEVEL, cont. 3. Four transferable college courses chosen from at least two of the following subject areas: a. Arts and Humanities, AND/OR b. Social and Behavioral Sciences; AND/OR c. Physical and Biological Sciences

32 University of California Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) UC Davis UC Irvine UC Merced UC Riverside UC San Diego UC Santa Barbara UC Santa Cruz New Online Form: sfer/guarantee/index.html

33 hhhh tttt tttt pppp :::: //// //// wwww wwww wwww.... aaaa ssss ssss iiii ssss tttt.... oooo rrrr gggg ASSIST also includes information on UC transferable courses, general education & breadth requirements, major preparation agreements, and IGETC course lists for all CCCs.

34 UC Articulation Agreement by Major - sample- In general, UC encourages completion of major prep courses as a priority over completion of general ed courses.

35 IGETC IGETC is a GE pattern acceptable for meeting GE reqmts at all UCs IGETC is accepted at all CSUs and many private universities for meeting their GE reqmts. IGETC is not recommended for certain majors like engineering and the hard sciences. Check w/ your counselor or to be sure what to take. (IGETC) UC/CSU General Education Pattern

36 UC Application for Admission Priority Filing Period Nov. 1-30 for Fall Qtr./Sem. Deadlines: Impacted majors and most campuses will close at the end of filing period

37 hhhh tttt tttt pppp :::: //// //// wwww wwww wwww.... uuuu nnnn iiii vvvv eeee rrrr ssss iiii tttt yyyy oooo ffff cccc aaaa llll iiii ffff oooo rrrr nnnn iiii aaaa.... eeee dddd uuuu //// aaaa dddd mmmm iiii ssss ssss iiii oooo nnnn ssss

38 AVERAGE PERCENTAGES OF 120 TOTAL UNITS NEEDED TO FUFILL BA/BS DEGREE REQUIREMENTS @ UCB American Cultures Requirement 3% Upper Division in Major 27% College GE/Breadth Requirements 31% Prerequisites to a Major 16% Electives 20% University Requirement 3%

39 TTTT rrrr aaaa nnnn ssss ffff eeee rrrr A A A A pppp pppp llll iiii cccc aaaa tttt iiii oooo nnnn S S S S tttt eeee pppp ssss - - - - UUUU nnnn iiii vvvv eeee rrrr ssss iiii tttt yyyy o o o o ffff t t t t hhhh eeee P P P P aaaa cccc iiii ffff iiii cccc

40 PACIFIC Degrees & Programs Bachelor Master Doctorate Teaching Credential Professional Schools: Law, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Education Consistently ranked in the U.S. News & World Report as one of the Best Values among the Nations Universities.

41 The Wests Most Distinctive, Student-Centered, National University

42 University of the Pacific Transfer Admission Agreement (TAA) A TAA with Pacific will guarantee you admission in your choice of major and term. The TAA is not available in some majors. See your counselor to develop a TAA. Check out ROAR for transferable classes. For more info and forms: Pacific Transfer Admission Agreement (TAA) - University of the Pacific

43 Thanks for coming! Dont forget to visit us online @ CAREER TRANSFER CENTER - SJ Delta College CAREER TRANSFER CENTER - SJ Delta Colleg Or visit us @ our new home in the DeRicco Student Services Bldg., 2 nd Floor, Rm. 219

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