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2 Outline Policy influencers Budget realities Current initiatives Perkins Next Steps

3 Policy Influencers

4 Policy influencers Focus on jobs Global competition Evidence of success Common core state standards – College and career readiness – Assessment Increased visibility for CTE

5 Budget Realities

6 FY12 Funding In FY 11, President recommended $264 million cut to Perkins, Congress accepted $141 million cut FY12, Perkins was essentially flat funded at FY11 levels

7 FY13 Presidents Budget Proposal –Flat funding for Perkins –$1 billion over 3 years for career academies –$8 billion over 3 years for community colleges Congress –House and Senate – Continuing resolution with flat funding –No new funding

8 FY13 Deficit Reduction Committee –Charged with cutting $1.2 trillion in spending Sequestration? –Automatic spending caps from 2014 to 2021 –Estimates of 8.2% across-the-board cuts

9 Career Academy Proposal New funding $1 billion over 3 years State to local by competition Clear definition of an academy –4 years –Requires work-based learning –Academic, technical and employability skills

10 Current Initiatives

11 Administration Views While we know that high-quality career and technical education strategies have the potential to prepare students for jobs in the knowledge economy, many career and technical programs havent lived up to their promise of preparing students for careers and college.

12 Administration Views The Obama administration says that overall, data about career and technical education is mixed. There are islands of excellence, said Brenda Dann-Messier, assistant secretary for vocational and adult education, but there is still uneven quality around the country. NY Times Article, July 9, 2011 by Motoko Rich

13 Career Ready Partner Council Achieve Alliance for Excellent Education American Association of Community Colleges American Federation of Teachers ASCD Aspen Institute ACTE Gates Foundation Broad Foundation Campaign for High School Equity Chief State School Officers ConnectEd Educational Policy Improvement Center Ford Motor Company Fund Harvard Graduate School of Education

14 Career Ready Partner Council National Academy Foundation National Association of State Boards of Education National Education Association National Governors Association National League of Cities PARCC SMARTER Balanced Consortium

15 What is the Common Career Technical Core initiative? State-led initiative to establish a shared set of high-quality Career Technical Education (CTE) standards Includes a set of standards for each of the 16 Career Clusters TM, as well as an overarching set of Career Ready Practices

16 Perkins

17 Trends in federal policy Competition Innovation Consolidation Cost-benefit analysis Connection to the economy Change through policy –ESEA waivers –Race to the Top Criteria

18 Perkins Blueprint Nine Reforms ThemeReforms AlignmentClear expectations for high quality programs More active role for states CollaborationConsortia Private-sector match AccountabilityCompetition Common definitions Incentives for high performance InnovationState conditions Innovative and Transformation Fund

19 Reactions to the Blueprint Make sure your voice is heard!

20 Next Steps

21 Whats Next? Federal budget Elections

22 Stay informed on/perkins/perkinsreauthorization. html


24 Kimberly Green

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