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Andrea Insley Ed.D. Carey Schroyer D.C.

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1 International Professional Development Opportunities: For: Faculty, Classified and Exempt Staff
Andrea Insley Ed.D. Carey Schroyer D.C. Executive Director, Global Initiatives District Faculty Coordinator Presentation By

2 Presentation Topics Fulbright Programs
Short Term Faculty Development Programs English Language Fellow Program Faculty Led Study Abroad: SCCD or WCCCSA programs International Professional Development Grant Application Global Impact and Teach in China for all faculty/staff Exchanges with Institutions Abroad Administrator short term programs Inbound faculty and staff– lectures, visits

3 Fulbright Program Flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government. Goal: “increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.” Nearly 300,000 participants to date—chosen for their academic merit and leadership potential — with the opportunity to study, teach and conduct research, exchange ideas and contribute to finding solutions to shared international concerns. 8,000 grants awarded among all FB programs. Note: ESL Faculty are encouraged to apply for the English Fellows Program through Georgetown University Learn More at: REMINDER: The term "Fulbright Program" encompasses a variety of exchange programs, including both individual and institutional grants.

4 Core Fulbright Scholar Program
800 U.S. faculty and professionals abroad each year to 155 countries Grantees lecture and conduct research in a wide variety of academic and professional fields Program Length: 2 months – 1 year Application Deadline: August 1, 2014 Learn More at

5 Core Fulbright Scholar Program: Eligibility Essentials
U.S. citizenship A Ph.D. or equivalent professional/terminal degree in your field (but not required for ALL programs or seminars) For professionals and artists outside academia, professional standing and accomplishments Teaching experience if required by award (see criteria described with specific award) Limits apply to prior Fulbright Scholar grantees

6 Core Fulbright Scholar Program
Application and Information

7 Application Tips Get the support from your college and division
Apply BEFORE the deadline (August 1) Listen to the webinars on various programs and the application process Read the job descriptions carefully Prepare a strong application and statement Three reference letters- strong ones Ask questions – contact person or former Fulbrighters

8 SCCD Fulbright Stipend
SCCD values the Fulbright experience $15K stipend in lieu of sabbatical to cover at home costs Eligible only to full year awardees Apply at same time as Fulbright

9 Short Term Faculty Development Programs
CIEE – Council on International Educational Exchange 1-2 week intensive overseas programs for U.S. faculty and administrators (Feb deadline). Learn more at: Fulbright-Hays Seminars

10 Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Program
Open to educators and administrators with responsibilities for curriculum development in fields related to humanities, languages, and area studies. Topics and host countries of the seminars vary but in non-Western European countries. Geared for educators inexperienced in target country but who demonstrate the need to develop curriculum through short-term study and travel abroad. Travel late May to mid-August for 4-6 weeks. LEARN more at:

11 English Language Fellow Program a Department of State program administered by Georgetown University MA in TEFL/TESOL or related field with substantial post MA teacher/curriculum development experience. Senior Fellows apply before March 31 for the following academic year. Serve as teacher trainers, curriculum and program developers, evaluations and needs analyses. Full living allowance, airfare and 25-35K stipend

12 Leading Study Abroad Trips
Faculty-led Programs SCCD faculty may organize study abroad trips to a variety of destinations. If you are a faculty member and would like to organize a study abroad trip for the SCCD, please contact Andrea Insley, Executive Director, SCCD Global Initiatives or the International Programs Executive Director on your campus for details and a proposal packet. Through our membership in the Washington Community College Consortium for Study Abroad (WCCCSA), faculty may apply to lead /teach in a quarter length study abroad program. Contact the International Programs office at your campus or watch for periodic s inviting these faculty proposals.

13 Benefits of travelling, volunteering and/or teaching abroad…
Professional Visibility: join a network of distinguished leaders/educators representing nearly every academic and professional field. Teaching: gain broad experience and perspectives of the field to work more effectively with students Professional Development: share information learned abroad with colleagues and get more colleagues to engage; greater relationship and understanding with global students Global Education: Advocate for global education programs/projects, ready to be more engaged world wide Networking: develop relationships with colleagues overseas Awareness/Life Experience: Living and working in a different region and culture enhances an understanding of the world, enriches life, and deepens awareness of own country and community.

14 International Professional Development Grant
Application Deadline: March 1 Application available online at: Ideas for Classified and Administrators Visit another institution overseas for a week and see how your function in the SCCD is facilitated there. Attend a conference abroad Participate in a short term program abroad Fulbright seminars (Administrators) Fulbright Specialist Program Send apps: Global Initiatives 2BE 1113

15 Short Term Exchanges Review the list of SCCD institutional partners
Contact Global Initiatives to establish connection Design a visit, project proposal and get supervisor okay Apply for funding LEARN more at: Note: Staff should consider a visit of short length during quieter periods at work.

16 Fulbright Specialist Program
Two- to six-week consulting and/or teaching opportunities Must have terminal degree for your field Online application to Fulbright Specialist roster with rolling deadline Institutions overseas develop projects and request specialists from the roster Program does not support research Twenty-five eligible disciplines, including new STEM education fields LEARN more at:

17 Global Impact Note: This program is not operating in 2014 but will be back in Summer 2015.
Seattle Community College District students, faculty and staff partnering with Seattle-area medical, educational and service-oriented community organizations to deliver healthcare and volunteer service in developing countries. The Seattle Community College District sponsors global health service learning programs every summer. Sites have included Belize, India, Vietnam, Peru, Tanzania and Ghana. Visit the website to learn about the programs. Faculty, staff and students routinely participate in these programs. Faculty/staff leadership applications are due in mid November for the upcoming summer. Learn more at:

18 Teach In China Promoted primarily to students through a special SCCD linkage, faculty, exempt and classified can also consider a sabbatical or leave. Program attracts many people with teaching credentials, but not required. Semester-based (Sept-Dec and Feb-June) Teach conversation classes in public primary, secondary, and high schools throughout China. Contract Basics: 15 hrs week in class instruction. Pay varies from $550-$700/month, depending on training + furnished apartment and travel stipend. Learn More at:

19 Other Volunteer Programs
Global Citizens Network Focus: Cross Cultural Competence Description: GCN is a volunteer organization for people committed to sharing values of peace, justice, tolerance, cross-cultural understanding and global cooperation. Each team of six to 12 people works with local villagers on projects initiated by the local community, for the benefit of that community. Website: Habitat for Humanity Global Village Volunteer Program Focus: Construction and Service Learning Description: Volunteer internationally to build decent, affordable shelter alongside members of the community.  Learn about poverty housing, development challenges and Habitat’s ministry and mission to help eradicate them. Website:

20 More Fulbright Opportunities
Travelling to other countries to globalize our experience Fulbright Specialist Program Seminars for International Education Administrators Bringing international scholars here to globalize our campuses: Scholar in Residence Outreach Lecturing Fund

21 International Education Administrator Seminars
Example of typical dates. Check website. India: AUGUST 1 Korea: NOVEMBER 1 Japan: NOVEMBER 1 Germany: FEBRUARY 3 France: FEBRUARY 3 United Kingdom: FEBRUARY 3 Russia Community College Administrators: OCTOBER 15 German Studies Seminar: OCTOBER 15 Learn More at:

22 Outreach Lecturing Fund
Current Fulbright Scholars in the USA “on loan” to institutions for a few day Ideas for how to use the OLF program: Department or campus-wide lectures to students or faculty (or both); Lectures in classrooms where the scholar can make a contribution to the discipline; Faculty meetings that allow for an exchange of ideas; Informal gatherings of students and faculty; Home hospitality offered by faculty; Meetings with community organizations or religious groups that have a special interest in international relations. Note: if scholar is coming from out of town, school must take care of housing/food, local transportation

23 Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Program
Brings scholars and professionals from abroad to campus (or District) Colleges can use this resource to develop language or area studies Application is made by the interested U.S. institution Deadline is OCTOBER 15 Contact:

24 THANK YOU For Attending this Info Session
Thank you! Please direct questions or comments to: Carey Schroyer District Faculty Coordinator Andrea Insley Executive Director, Global Initiatives

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