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Finding the information you need Education Literature Searching.

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1 Finding the information you need Education Literature Searching

2 Where to search Durham Library Catalogue Journal databases Newspaper archives Other Internet resources

3 Conducting a search Purpose of search? Decide on your keywords Do your search Display and review your results Modify search if necessary Mark and save or email relevant records

4 Choosing keywords Decide which words describe your topic Synonyms eg. organisation OR structure Alternative spellings (and wildcards) Different endings (truncation) Eg. educ*

5 Effective searching Joining words: AND, OR & NOT Child development NOT Piaget Child development AND Piaget Child development OR Piaget

6 Modifying your results Broader and narrower terms Combining your terms Eg. (dyslexia OR dyspraxia) AND primary Limit your search by: Date of publication Type of material (eg. book, journal, report) Language

7 What to do with your results Display Mark relevant records Save your results By email Print Save to file

8 Library catalogue Search for: Books E-books Journal titles: Print E-journals Database titles

9 Journal databases Education Subject databases ERIC British Education Index Multi-disciplinary databases, eg. Web of Knowledge ArticleFirst ConneXions for full text options

10 Newspapers News archives Eg. Infotrac Custom Newspapers Library home page | Subject Information | Education | News monitoring services & archives

11 Internet resources Search engines Google is the fast food of the information world (David Tebbut in Information World Review, Issue 1999, February 2004, p13) Subject gateways Accessible via Library home page Subject information | Education| Internet gateways OR Databases | Other Online resources | Search engines & gateways

12 Book References Arnold, C. (2001). Child development and learning, 2-5 years: Georgias story. London: Paul Chapman. Siegler, R. (2002). The rebirth of childrens learning. In Desforges, C and Fox, R (ed.) Teaching and learning: the essential readings (pp. 63-83).Oxford: Blackwell.

13 Journal References White, J. (2004). Should religious education be a compulsory school subject? British Journal of Religious Education, 26(2) 151-164. Bright, M. (1985). The poetry of art, Journal of the history of Ideas, 46 (2): 259-277. Retrieved 30 September 2011 from JSTOR

14 Where to get help In person (at Queens Campus Library and libraries in Durham) Online enquiry services Library staff Christine Purcell Richard Holmes

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